Essence 2 in 1 Makeup and Concealer

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So a while ago I did a small shop in Wilko and purchased some products from the wonderful Essence brand. There are a couple of products that I got that have really stood out for me and one of them being the Camouflage 2 in 1 foundation and concealer.

At just £3.80 for 30ml of product it’s a bargain. It’s a squeezy tube too which I love. I’ve not used a foundation-concealer product before so I was looking forward to using this when I got it home, but it has been sitting on my dressing table waiting for the less sunny and warm weather to arrive so that I could put away the lightweight foundations and BB Creams. I actually got around to wearing this last weekend and I found it to be fantastic! I applied it using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush then used a damp sponge to press over my skin once I applied the foundation. I took the product over my eyes paying more attention to the inner corners where I’m a bit dark. For me I think that this is a medium to full coverage, and it covered all the issues I have with my skin. I get redness on my left cheek, it was covered, I get redness around my nose, it was covered, I get redness on my chin, it’s covered by this foundation, and I also don’t need to use powder to set it. If you prefer a lighter application then apply using a damp sponge rather than a brush, and that’s just my opinion of course. I also noticed after wearing for a while that it doesn’t settle into lines or cake under my eyes. It’s long-lasting and it doesn’t transfer to the collar of  my clothes or my baby Granddaughters clothes when I’m squishing her! For me, this is a fabulous face base product, one that I shall be using a lot and will be a definite re-purchase.

If you don’t have a Wilko near you, you can purchase this and all Essence products online HERE.







Hey there lovelies!

I have found a lovely new mascara from those amazing Rimmel peeps, it really is a Wonder’full mascara! This is the Wonder’full mascara with Argan oil in 001 Black.


Oh how pretty is this mascara! The bronze packaging is just so classy looking, and it’s huge too. The mascara contains Argan oil which helps to condition and nourish the lashes. It’s quite a wet formula which I like and it doesn’t go clumpy when applied, it dries quickly too, and with two coats my lashes looked thicker and longer. It is also good to know that not only is this mascara making my eyelashes look good it’s also doing them some good too. I love the brush, it’s a lovely flexible brush which looks like a plastic/silicon, it really separates the lashes like a dream for me.

I used my wonder’full mascara in the exact same way as other mascaras in that I apply one coat then use my eyelash curlers while it’s still wet, this helps my lashes to curl better. I then apply another coat of mascara and I’m left with great looking lashes!

You can buy Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara from Superdrug for £7.99 HERE. or Boots HERE but I actually purchased mine from Wilko’s for £4.98 HERE. Total bargain for a fabulous mascara.

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BB Cream from Essence Cosmetics…..

Hi lovely people!

I have found a super BB cream and it’s from a brand that has been available in Europe for a while but not here in the UK, Essence Cosmetics and you can find it in Wilko  and online.


I love BB creams and I have a couple from different brands in my make up collection and this one is just as good as the one I use most of all from MUA. The Essence BB cream smooths and moisturises the skin and it has an SPF 30 which I always love in a foundation and BB cream, so even though I thought that the Essence brand was for the younger make up lover, this is great for me as a 50 plus too. When I first squeezed some of the product onto the back of my hand I thought that it would be quite heavy and maybe clog my large pores as it felt quite thick, but as I was applying it to my face it went on smoothly and covered everything I need it to, the redness I have on my chin and cheeks and around my nose. I also applied it up to my eyes and over my eyelids and I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t emphasise my lines. The BB cream leaves your skin with a lovely dewy finish which is great if like me you have dry skin.


I think there is only one shade available which I personally think is not good for lighter or darker skinned ladies. This is shade 02 Natural which happens to be perfect for my colouring and after application it looked like my skin but better. I paid £4.00 for the Essence All in one BB Cream from Wilko in-store but you can purchase from Wilko online HERE. or Essence online HERE.

I hope you have a great week lovely people.




Hello gorgeous people!

Okay, so another Amazon UK order arrived and me and Mark popped into our local Wilko where a little purchase was made. Capture07Another palette to add to my collection, this time from the brand W7 and it’s lovely. I’ve not played with it yet and I can’t wait too, so keep a look out for swatches and review coming soon. I also got a W7  camouflage kit, obviously a palette of various shades of concealer, again I haven’t used it but will be trying it out and getting back with a review post soon. Lastly, still yet another product from Real Techniques this time the Miracle Complexion sponge and I’m looking forward to trying it out later. These three products were purchased from Amazon UK and I shall find out the prices and leave links in my review post. In the meantime if you want to check out what Amazon UK have to offer at the moment click HERE


It’s been ages since I went into a Wilko store and I really wanted to take a look at the Essence stand, isn’t it pretty and bright? I did only get two items from Essence though, a BB Cream and a Glow in the dark nail varnish top coat. I also bought a facial wash from Skin Therapy which was actually a mistake on my part, I really wanted the face scrub!  I went to the back of the shelf for my product, because you don’t actually know if anyone has opened the products at the front. (If the store has rotated their stock correctly then newer products should be at the back) I picked up the facial wash by mistake and I didn’t notice until I got home. I will of course still use it. I also picked up some face wipes. No I will not be using them to cleanse my face, I shall be using them when I do my make up for clean ups ect and for when I do swatches. I needed a new hairband to pull my hair away from my face when I do my make up so I got a pack of 5, the backcomb brush will be better for my hair than keep using a comb and I found a pack of rather large oval cotton wool pads, much better than the fiddely little round ones that I currently use. Lastly I picked up the new Rimmel Wonderful Mascara with Argan oil, it’s huge! and it looks like it might be a great product too. I’ll get the review up as soon as possible. Wilko do have an online store if you don’t have a shop local to you, just click HERE.

Just to let you lovelies know, In October I am going to do “A Month In Nail Polish” series where I shall be showing you a different nail polish every day during the month. I hope you will enjoy that.

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