My 2016 Beauty Highlights!

Hello lovelies, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Welcome to the first Elegant Ageless Beauty of 2017..

I hope that those of you who celebrate it, all had a fabulous Christmas. For my first post of 2017 I thought that I would share with you what products I have really loved during 2016, and there are many to be honest, more skincare than makeup I reckon so here goes and I shall start with some makeup brushes.


These absolutely stunning brushes are full of Swarovski crystals. By Leon Hardy and sent to me from Thomas Dittas to review, they are by far my favourite brushes. I love the way they look, the weight is perfect and because they aren’t too long means I can use my little magnifying mirror in my hand for close up application. If you would like to read my full review of these stunning brushes you can find it HERE.


Winning Heaven Skincare Gold Bee Venom Mask in their 21st birthday competition was one of the best things that happened to me and my blog last year! I’ve used it many times since I’ve had it and my skin always looks fantastic afterwards and for a few days thereafter too. I think I’m the luckiest blogger to have won such a prestigious product. If you want to see my full, honest review, go HERE.


Now this product, the Heaven Skincare Bee Peel was sent to me as a complete surprise. It arrived right out of the blue. It’s the newest of Heaven Skincare’s products, to exfoliate and resurface the look of the skin. It really is FABULOUS! Just look at the beautiful packaging too! If you would like to see my full review of the Bee Peel you can see it HERE.


So last April for my birthday, Jackie from Tam Beauty/Makeup Revolution very kindly gifted me the fantastic Fortune Favours The Brave eye shadow palette, which was created in collaboration with Jane Cunningham, British Beauty Blogger. I’ve used it such a lot over the year, and really enjoy it still. My full review is HERE.


I dipped my toes into the cleansing balm water last year, thanks to my friend Kim who is Global Director of Spa Development at Omorovicza Cosmetics, and also beauty blogger at thefabcompany. Kim very kindly sent me a couple of wonderful products to try, one being this amazing Thermal Cleansing Balm from Hungarian brand Omorovicza. I absolutely adored using it and I’m hoping to be able to treat myself to another one. If you would like to read my review, which includes links to Kim’s blog too, click HERE.


Ahh, Timeless Truth sheet facial masks! A true obsession over the last year. With thanks to my friend Angela, I got to try out a lot of Timeless Truth masks, including the newest one. Snow Algae & Hyalauronic Bio Cellulose mask. I’ve tried a couple of sheet masks from another brand, but they just don’t match up to these, in my opinion. There’s a link HERE if you would like to see some reviews of all Timeless Truth masks I’ve tried.

Well, that’s some of my 2016 highlights in a nutshell, and I would just like to say a big thank you to all these amazing companies who have sent me such gorgeous products to try, and then to review them here on Elegant Ageless Beauty. I also want to say a massive thank you to all of you, if it wasn’t for you all reading my blog there would be no Elegant Ageless Beauty. THANK YOU!




Timeless Truth Glacial Snow Algae and Hyaluronic Bio Cellulose Mask

Hello loves, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

Today I am sharing with you another award winning mask from Timeless Truth. This is the Snow Algae & Hyaluronic Bio Cellulose Mask.


I think regular readers of Elegant Ageless Beauty will know how much I love the Timeless Truth sheet mask experience, so after this mask won Silver at the Pure Beauty Awards in November, Angela from Timeless Truth asked me if I would like to try it and of course I jumped at the chance, and I’m so glad I did!

So what’s Snow Algae? It’s a very hardy plant found on the glaciers of Switzerland, and because of the conditions it lives in, as an ingredient for this mask can provide protection for the skin and therefore keeping it plump and young-looking by boosting collagen. There is Hyaluronic Acid in the mask which is in there to provide moisture to collagen to help keep skin youthful and supple.

This really is a beautifully cooling mask, it even felt very cool to the touch before I opened it so I knew it was going to be good for me! It’s a Bio cellulose mask which fits the contours of the face to allow the serum to sink right into the skin, it’s easy to apply too. The mask is encased between two pieces of gauze which you remove. I always remove one side first, apply the mask in place on my face then remove the second layer of gauze. Because the mask is so full of creamy serum it can be quite slippy when applying so leaving the gauze on one side gives more grip to get the perfect application.


When applied to the skin you will find it to be so incredibly cooling, which is fantastic if you suffer from those hot flushes by the way. There are flaps to place over the eyes so you can lay back and relax for at least ten minutes if you want too. I leave my mask on for about 30 minutes for a really intense treatment. When I removed the mask I massaged the serum into my face and massaged down my neck too. I noticed how plump and smooth looking my skin was. My number 11s between my eyes have diminished, the slight lines on my top lip are faded too. Overall my skin is soft and moisturised and feeling in great condition. I didn’t apply a moisturiser after my mask treatment, and at the end of the day my skin was still feeling moisturised, I had no dryness at all. This really is another gorgeous sheet face mask from Timeless Truth. If you would like to try this or any Timeless Truth mask you can find them HERE.

Thank you for stopping by and reading today.




Face Mask Friday! Timeless Travel Pack….

Welcome to another Face Mask Friday on Elegant Ageless Beauty.

With the Easter and Spring holiday just around the corner, some of us maybe travelling to a far and distant land, and if you are flying long haul you will know how dry the skin can become. The Timeless Travel Pack from Timeless Truth can help solve that for you. Of course you have to be prepared for the public to see you in all your sheet face mask glory, but for the sake of having beautifully hydrated and glowing skin when you arrive at your destination, let them have it! Sadly this is the last of the Timeless Truth facial masks reviews, but if you missed one I shall leave a link at the end of this post.


The Timeless Travel Pack is divided into 3 sections. Section 1 is an oil based makeup remover, there are two saturated sheets in here. Section 2 is water-based deep cleansing, two saturated sheets in here. The deep cleansing sheets have a hint of citrus fragrance, for a very refreshing cleanse. In the main part of the pack is the mask. It’s an express mask to hydrate and refresh the skin, the Hyaluronic Acid helps to retain water and plumps up the collagen which in turn plumps out fine lines and wrinkles.

Although I’m not travelling anywhere I did of course try out the travel pack at home. I used the two oil based makeup remover sheets to remove my eye makeup, with 2 coats of mascara. I used them as I would eye makeup remover on a cotton wool pad holding them on each eye for a couple of minutes then swiping gently away. They removed my eyeshadow immediately, but I needed a couple of goes to take off the mascara completely. I then took the water based deep cleansing sheets and wiped them over my face. They feel like a facial wipe, which I have always hated using on my face to cleanse with. I have only been wearing powder on my face today, I have worn serum and moisturiser all day too so I need to “take the day off” I wiped one cleansing sheet over my face, it felt pretty gentle and didn’t make my face sore, it removed some grime too, I then used the second sheet to complete the cleansing. On to the last step, the sheet mask. This is a smaller mask than other TT masks but it still covers the whole of my big old face. It is absolutely saturated with the wonderful serum that is going to add hydration to the skin. The sheet itself is very light and once on the skin it’s barely visible actually, so maybe you won’t scare your fellow travellers! I left the mask on for 20 minutes, removed it and massaged the serum into my skin. This little mask really does pack a hydration punch, my skin felt so soft and smooth to the touch. Under my eyes look smoother and feel more hydrated. This super Timeless Travel Pack is ideal to pop into your hand luggage, it’s just £8.90 HERE

In case you have missed other Timeless Truth reviews click the link below.

Timeless Truth Reviews

So that’s it, that’s the last of my Timeless Truth UK facial masks  that I can bring you. I hope you have enjoyed reading, I’ve really enjoyed sharing them with you, and I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Angela at Timeless Truth UK for sending me all the lovely face masks, my favourite is without a doubt the Bee Venom and Royal Jelly Miracle mask. If you try a TT mask, I’d love to know how you get on.



Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Sheet Mask from Timeless Truth…

Hello lovelies, Welcome to another Face Mask Friday on Elegant Ageless Beauty!

I’ve another gorgeous one from my favourite sheet mask brand Timeless Truth. This is the Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask. It’s ideal for ageing/mature or dehydrated skin, helping to smooth and moisturise, which at the moment my skin really needs!


This mask uses the patented Functionality Cloth in this mask, with an infusion of herbs and Immortelle Extract. All the gorgeous ingredients are impregnated within that yellow part of the mask. Immortelle is a flower grown in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean and is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Although Immortelle oil is used in healing treatments for muscle pain and arthritis, it also helps in the production of new skin cells, making it the ideal ingredient to use in anti aging skincare. Vitamin E is also in this mask, helping to protect the skin from free radicals. Essences of herbs are in there to help with the detoxifying and circulation, helping to achieve a better tone to the skin. High mineral content of the herbs helps with softening and nourishing the skin, it also helps to protect the skin from becoming dry from day-to-day stresses of our lives, and also from ultra-violet light.

There’s no scary photo today you will be pleased to see. This mask looks pretty much like last Face Mask Friday, but this one is yellow. So as usual I peeled the backing from the mask and applied the serum soaked mask to my cleansed face. It does have a light fresh herbal fragrance to it, it’s so lovely. Oh that coolness on my skin is delicious, so refreshing! I left this one on for half an hour, I needed a good treatment this week. I think that where I’ve been trialling a fair few products both skincare and makeup recently it’s taken toll on my skin. After I removed the mask I massaged the residue into my face, and the serum that was left in the sachet I applied down my neck and onto the decollatage. This is a very moisturising facial mask! My skin looks so smooth and hydrated, above my lips where I remove facial hair and  which can get slightly dry, is now hydrated, the soreness  is calmer too. I get a horizontal line above my left eye which has now diminished. The look of my skin is a lot brighter and more pink, rather than grey looking. Another beautiful sheet facial mask from Timeless Truth, I just love it! If you would like to give this beauty a go too, you will find it HERE.



Green Tea Phenol Soothing Facial Mask from Timeless Truth..

Welcome to  Elegant Ageless Beauty…

We all know that drinking Green Tea is good  for us when it comes to its anti-ageing properties, and cooled green tea bags placed over the eyes help with reducing fine lines and puffiness. So when I saw that Timeless Truth have a Green Tea Soothing Mask I just had to give it a try.


Using the patented Timeless Truth Functionality Cloth, it’s impregnated with Green Tea Extract, which is the green colour within the mask to prevent the early signs of ageing, and also refines the texture of the skin, helping to minimise enlarged pores, while it will also help to reduce Acne too. This mask is particularly beneficial to those prone to spots, Acne and oily skin. A great treatment to help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and improve skin tone and pigmentation. It also helps to regulate oil secretions and in turn makes the skin brighter and more radiant. There is also Chamomile within the mask, which is known to be very healing and soothing, helps to reduce puffiness and gives the pores a clean of impurities.


Although I don’t have an oily skin, I’ve just lately been getting a few spots on my chin and slight redness which I can only put down to hormone changes, this Green Tea Soothing Mask should help these issues. I took the mask out of the sachet and removed the backing, I could immediately smell the slight fragrance of green tea, which I love. It’s very cooling to the touch and full of beautiful serum. I placed the mask on my face darkest green side touching the skin. It feels so soothing, so enjoyable to wear, all the time I could get the green tea fragrance hitting me and it’s very calming, relaxing. After 20 minutes or so I removed the mask and the serum that was left on my face I just massaged in. I was surprised to find that my skin felt so soft and smooth and not at all dry or tight, like I was expecting it to be due to the mask being for an oily skin type. The spots on my chin looked less red as did the redness on my cheek. Pores look less huge, which I’ve actually found to be the case after every Timeless Truth Mask I’ve used, and my skin also looks less grey and tired too, in fact it’s considerably brighter. Another truly wonderful face mask.

Want to try Timeless Truth Facial Masks for yourself? just click HERE