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I have not use a bar of soap to wash with for quite a while, the last soap I did use was one by Dove, I loved it for being gentle on my skin and not drying, although I never used it on my face! I have since been lucky enough to try some stunning soap from Ancienne Ambiance, who have a beautiful boutique in Chelsea Green, London. Selling not just luxury bath and body products, but candles and room fragrance, and exclusive Niche Perfume. I have reviewed a candle from Ancienne Ambiance just about Christmas time last, year the review is HERE if you would like to check it out. I’ll leave a link to the boutique website at the end of this post.

The Ancienne Ambiance luxury soaps are just that! They are free from  parabens, and they are full of all the skin kind ingredients including Shea Butter and natural fine quality fragrance. These soaps did not strip my skin. The lather is really creamy and after using one for simple hand washing I found that my hands didn’t feel dry or crepey. I have been using the Lavender fragranced soap for bathing, although I shall bring you more on that soap in another post. The three I have for you today are Damask, Jasminum and Amandula.

Let me tell you about Damask. This is a very Rose fragranced soap although not a heady scent it’s quite subtle.

All bars are 100g in weight and this one being a Rose scented is a pretty pink colour. After I used it for the first time and left it on a soap dish, when I went back into my bathroom I could smell the fragrance later on.

This is my favourite of all the three soap bars I’m sharing with you today, this is Amandula, quite simply Almond milk in it’s most luxurious form.

The Almond milk in this soap bar is great for nourishing the skin as well as smelling amazing! The soap is white with an Almond colour running through the middle. It’s really delightful. Again my skin didn’t feel dry and tight after using.

Now Jasminum, obviously it’s fragranced with uplifting Jasmine, said to be the “Queen of Flowers” As with all these gorgeous soaps it’s packaged in signature packaging with the black and gold branding.  All Ancienne Ambiance packaging can be put into household recycling or taken to your local recycling centre.

This Jasmine fragranced soap is pure white and will compliment any colour scheme of bathroom. This is another soap that when it’s laying down in the bathroom it just scents the room. All of the Ancienne Ambiance soaps are suitable for the face as well as the body. I have used the Lavender one on my face which I will tell you more about in another post, so I hope you will come back for that.  Ancienne Ambiance does not test any products or ingredients on animals and won’t work with suppliers who do, which is a big YAY from me!

If you would like to check out these beautiful soaps and more, you will find them HERE.

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Bomb Cosmetics Birthday Gift…

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It was my birthday last week and one of the presents that Mark gave me was a gift set from Bomb Cosmetics, a box of wonderful fragranced bath goodies. This is the Love Cloud Gift Pack.

I haven’t used any of the products yet I’ve been waiting for Mark to take photo for me, but having used Bomb Cosmetics in my bath before I know they are all worth waiting for! I’ll do a more in-depth review as I use them, so for now here’s what I shall be luxuriating in when I have my baths. Let me start with top left the cute little Twinkle Star Bath Creamer, next is the Flight of the Frangipani Bath Blaster, next is another bath blaster the Pink Lady Bath Blaster, in the center there, looking like a cute little cupcake is the Button Moon Bath Mallow, finally there is the fabulous Jack the Rippler Soap! Bomb Cosmetics soaps are actually my favourite out of all the products I’ve tried from the brand, the fragrance lasts such a long time on the skin, and not at all drying either.

The whole of this Love Cloud gift set I believe is fruit based fragrances, and some of the products do have “bits” in them which to be honest with you kind of freaked, me out as woman, if you get what I mean (*wink*) but what I actually do so that I don’t sit in these bits is use an old plastic sieve. I pop the bath bomb into the sieve then swish that around in the water so that the bath bomb dissolves but the bits remain in the sieve and I’m still getting a beautifully fragranced and luxurious bath.

Okay I’m off to run a bath! You can check out this gift set and loads of other beautiful Bomb Cosmetics products HERE. Thank you for stopping by today.