Omorovicza Instant Perfection Serum…

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 I was lucky enough to receive the Omorovicza Instant Perfection Serum to trial and then review here on my blog. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now so I thought I would come and share with you just exactly what I think.

One thing I adore about Omorovicza is their wonderful packaging, everything that I have had sent to me has been in beautiful frosted glass jars and bottles, apart from my Moor Cream Cleanser which was is a huge tube! This is no exception, the serum is in the frosted glass with a pump dispenser, which again I love, it gives the amount you need and it’s  hygienic too.

The Instant Perfection Serum is free from parabens, synthetic fragrance and colours. There is Narcissus stem cells within the serum to help brighten the skin, even out the skin tone and helps to sort out any sun damage too. There’s Hyaluronic acid which helps to plump up the skin and helps to retain moisture. All of the ingredients within the serum are made more potent by the Hungarian thermal water that is rich in minerals. It’s oil free so perfect for oily and combination skin types, but I need hydration for my skin and it gives me that too.

A lovely lightweight serum that takes care of my lines and even my large pores appear lessened after using. I always “press” a serum into my skin rather than massage it in, I find it works best that way. After applying, my skin does look very smooth hydrated and glowing, ready for the application of a moisturiser and makeup. I have however just used only a BB cream on top of the serum and it still keeps my skin hydrated during the day. A really lovely serum from Omorovicza HERE.

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Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum.

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I’m back to share with you my thoughts on the Heaven Skincare LIA Oil that was sent to me for review here on my blog.

As you can see the bottle is pretty special looking isn’t it? Inside the oil is pretty special too! The base oil ingredients are Organic Soya Bean, Carrot Oil, Jojoba, Rosehip, Grapeseed oils. Essential Oils packing a punch in the oil serum are Organic Rose Absolute, Neroli, Lavender and  Patchouli. It’s the fragrance of Lavender oil that hits me in the nose, my favourite floral smell ever, it’s just gorgeous. There is also Vitamins A and E within the oil serum too.

This intense oil serum is great for reducing redness and helps to calm Rosacea. I suffer from redness on my chin and cheeks, not too much but enough to make me want to conceal it when I go out, and since using the oil serum it has calmed down considerably. I’ve been using my oil mainly at night massaged into cleansed skin, then add my night cream or my Heaven Bee Venom mask on top. The following morning my skin is looking so radiant and glowing, and it’s not from hot flushes either! I have used my LIA oil serum during the day mixed into a moisturiser that’s from the high street to give the budget product more of a boost, and does it? Well yes it does. I have a high street Vitamin E day cream which I found to be unsuitable for my dry skin, it wasn’t moisturising enough, so I added some of the LIA oil Serum to it and now I can use it up because it’s working beautifully. There is absolutely no greasiness or slippery sticky skin from using the LIA oil, it sinks into the skin leaving it rejuvenated, nourished and pampered and very soft and smooth looking.

I’ve used the LIA oil serum in other ways too, massaged into my nails after removing polish to nourish them, and I also found it fantastic to smooth a little through the mid lengths of my hair! A gorgeous luxurious multi tasking oil serum! You can find the Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum on the website HERE.

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Coming Soon… Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum Review…

Hiya my loves, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty..

The gorgeous Deborah Mitchell, genius and creator of Heaven Skincare has very kindly sent me another one of her products to try, and then review here on Elegant Ageless Beauty. This lady always makes me feel so special when she sends me amazing treats like this, and I was very lucky to receive this on my birthday which was Thursday.  This is the beautiful LIA Oil Serum..

Thank you to Mark for my beautiful photo! Ok so I shall be using the oil for a little time before I write my review and I hope you will come back for that soon. I’m going to be trying it during the day time to see if it will work with makeup and of course I shall be using it in my night time routine, and I’m very much looking forward to using it! If you would like to check out this and other facial oils from Heaven Skincare follow the link HERE.

See you back here soon for a full review of the Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum.


HollyBerry Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum…

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I do love me some Vitamin C. I love it to drink, lemon squeezed into a mug of hot water with a sliver of fresh ginger first thing in the morning is so refreshing and gives me just the perk up I need. I love lime juice squeezed over my salad and I definitely love Vitamin C in my skincare too! So when HollyBerry Cosmetics asked me if I would like to try their Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Serum I immediately said yes please! I was actually on the look out for a new serum to include in my skincare so it came at just the right time.


A lovely natural and organic serum to fight the signs of premature aging. It comes in a bottle with a pipette dispenser, no parabens, no perfume or sulphates or alcohol and it’s not tested on animals. I used a couple of drops on my fingers at first and pressed it into my skin, including my under eye area, I noticed that it sank in right away, to take it down my neck I added a couple more drops. The combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C did give my skin a fresher brighter and smoother appearance. The “number 11’s” between my eyebrows were plumped out and less noticeable. My under eye area was also a lot more smooth too, although I did feel I need more hydration, after a few moments my cheeks were feeling a little dry. I applied my usual day cream which helped give me back the moisture I needed.

This is a really lovely serum to use under your usual moisturiser/day cream, and if you use eye creams, use it under the eyes before applying that too. If you would like to check out HollyBerry Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Serum yourself  go HERE.

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B. Skincare Advanced Serum; PR sample*

Hello again Lovelies, welcome back to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I’ve been using a serum every day for the last two weeks, and I love what it’s doing to my skin! The serum in question is the Advanced Serum from B. Skincare, which is exclusive to Superdrug on the High Street or online.


There are 4 phases to B. Skincare, each one is skincare targeted for specific ages. Phase 1 20s-30s, Phase 2 is 30s-40s, Phase 3 is 40s-50s and Phase 4 is 50s onwards. My Advanced Serum is Phase 4. As I’m now smack bang in my middle 50s, I can use both Phase 3 and 4.


The delivery system for the serum is a pump-action bottle, which gives the exact amount each use. One pump is usually all I need, personally, a little goes a long way. I’ve only been using the B. Skincare range for 2 weeks, they state that women who use it noticed a difference in their skin after only 4 weeks of use. I have noticed a difference after just the first two weeks! Even Mark has noticed my skin is “glowing” and he’s right it is. So, let’s talk ingredients, Palmitoyl Tripeptide38 which stimulates Collagen helping to smooth wrinkles from within, Spanish Needle Extract, a retinol like botanical which will help to improve radiance and restore firmness to mature skin. Plantain Stem Cells, helps to fade the effects of  ageing skin (age spots etc) Hyaluronic Acid, for long-lasting moisturisation, Vitamin B3 which helps to brighten the skin. For your information all B. Skincare is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and of course it’s not tested on animals.

I have really enjoyed using this product, applying it after cleansing and before moisturising. I means I don’t need to use as much day cream as I used too as this helps with moisturising for up to 24 hours! I don’t use it in my nighttime routine, I have another product that I use which you will see in a later post. The Advanced Serum by B. Skincare comes in a good sized 30ml bottle, and at present you can get for £11.99 (usual price is £17.99) from your local high street Superdrug or online HERE.

*This product was sent to me for review purposes, I was not paid to write it and all thoughts are my own.*

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B. Skincare…. First Thoughts….PR samples.

Hello again lovelies!

I have had some very lovely skincare by B. sent to me from Jenny Hill PR, for which I am so grateful for, it’s the first time a PR company has noticed my work and sent me products for review so I’m really excited to get these products. I’ve had many brands send me products to trial and review but never a PR company, until now.


B. is for Beautiful. It’s a gorgeous premium skincare and makeup brand exclusive to Superdrug. With 4 phases of skincare, Phase 1 created for those in their 20s/30s Phase 2 is 30s/40s Phase 3 is 40s/50s and Phase 4 is 50s onwards. My products are a mix of phases 3 and 4.

In my gorgeous skincare package I have a Day Cream with SPF 20, a Night Cream, a Serum, a Facial Oil and an Eye Cream. I’m a serum and facial oil virgin so I’m very excited to be trying those two products! I haven’t started using all the skincare together yet as I want to take some nice photos for my blog first, but I have started using the Serum under another day cream and the Facial Oil under another night cream. The Serum is dispensed via a pump-action, while the Facial Oil is a dropper/pipette type.

Of the two products I’ve tried so far, my first thoughts are the facial oil is my favourite. After cleansing at night I applied 3 drops of the oil in the palm of my hand (the instructions say 2 but it wasn’t enough for me) and massaged for a couple of minutes over my face. I then applied my night cream and my skin felt amazing!

So far I’m loving what I’ve tried, I shall be trialling everything for a couple of weeks and get back to you with the results then, so I hope you will come back to see what I thought. In the meantime if you go to the Superdrug website you will find there is a better than half price offer on selected B. products HERE




Hello and welcome back lovelies!

Last night I had tried an amazing fabric face mask which was sent to me for review from Angela at Timeless Truth. I had the EGF Bio Cellulose Mask.


This face mask is from the Timeless Truth luxury range, using high quality materials such as elastic cotton, bio cellulose and silk fibres in their fabric face masks. Using these luxurious materials in the masks allows it to fit perfectly to the face whilst letting the amazing ingredients in the serum get to work on the skin. So what is EGF? It stands for Epidermal Growth Factor, important for cell growth. Another of the ingredients in this anti – ageing mask is Hyaluronic Acid which keeps the skin looking plump by holding on to the water in collagen making the skin look younger and fine lines and wrinkles plumped out.



EEKK! So sorry to have to put you through this!

When I opened the packet and took out the mask it was encased in between two pieces of protective material which I removed. It was a bit fiddely as it was slippery with all the gorgeous serum that would soon be on my face, but once I put my glasses on so I could actually see what I was doing it was a lot easier to peel off. I had already cleansed my face with a face wash, so I applied the mask as instructed on the packet, which are very easy to read and understand with a pictorial. The mask was very easy to apply, I started at the forehead and smoothed it down as I was going along, smoothing over my cheeks and my nose and chin. I wasn’t too sure what to do when it came to my eyes as there were “flaps” I knew I shouldn’t cover my eyes (although if I had laid down while wearing the mask I think I would have covered my eyes with the flaps) so I just tucked it as close under my lower lash line as I could. I think I could have stretched the mask a bit more to cover more of my skin, but I was so afraid I would break/rip it. When I did eventually leave the mask to do its job I could feel that it was so very cooling on my skin, after about 5 minutes I could feel a tightening, I sat back in my armchair and closed my eyes and relaxed, which was when Mark got out his camera and took this photo!! I left the mask on for 30 minutes until I removed it. You don’t rinse your face afterwards, just massage the wonderful rich serum into the skin. After I removed the mask I had a good look at my face. I noticed the lines around my eyes had plumped out, my pores appeared reduced in size, my skin was brighter and smoother looking it also felt very soft and moisturised too. I have a small horizontal line just above my left eye and after this mask I could hardly see it! My “number 11s” were less noticeable. The EGF Bio Cellulose mask really has revitalized my skin and it will be another recommendation from me. To purchase a single mask is £7.70 HERE

I don’t think you are supposed to use the mask more than once, but there is a lot of serum left in the packet, so I’ve put it into a seal up bag and popped it into the fridge and I shall be using it later! There’s the thrifty in me!

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Hi there lovely people.

We all know that Makeup Revolution have taken the cosmetics world by storm, now they have added some skin-care and brush cleaner to their range too! I’ve taken these pictures from their website just to show you all. If you want to check the new products out, click on product images and it will take you to Makeup Revolution‘s website. What would I purchase myself? Definitely the brush cleaners. I won’t be trying the face wash because I don’t think it will be suitable for mature skin-type.  







Let me know what your thoughts are of these new Makeup Revolution products, either in the comments below or on my Facebook page or my Twitter page.

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Rajeunir Moisture Serum.

Hello lovely people!

I am really excited about this post today because I was contacted by Nichola from a company called Rajeunir a skin care brand, who asked me if I would like to have a sample of their Moisture Serum to review. This was sent to me free of charge and I am giving my honest opinion about the product.


First of all here is what Rajeunir says:

“The word ‘Rajeunir’ comes from the French language and means ‘to rejuvenate’. The Rajeunir Beauty Range came about as a result of frustration with the media and society’s view of age. Women over the age of 40 are portrayed and judged as ‘over the hill’ or ‘past it’. Picking up a tabloid paper will show a photo of a celebrity of a certain age with the phrases “she’s still got it” or “she looks good for her age”. These phrases are degrading and frustrating. Why can a woman not just look good full stop.

We want to show people that age is not something to be scared of. It is not something that can or should be fought. It should be celebrated and embraced. We do not call our products anti-ageing because they will not remove the years that you have enjoyed on this earth. Age is just a number.

We want you to enjoy using our products and help us spread the message that we are all beautiful irrespective of age. All of our products have been developed by an award winning scientist with over 40 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry. None of the products in our range have been tested on animals and we will never conduct any animal testing on any future products.”

I love that Rajeunir don’t test on animals and never will do. I adore the packaging of the serum, it’s so clean and streamlined and has a super pump dispenser, so you can get out just the right amount of product. I was pleased to see that this serum will protect from the damage of UVA/UVB and free radicals. But it doesn’t actually state to what degree of  SPF level is in the product. This serum is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Okay, so when I use the serum I apply 2-3 pumps of the white creamy  product onto my fingers and smooth over my face and neck. It sinks in so easily, and immediately I can feel my skin is soft and smooth with no stickiness whatsoever, and I’m able to apply foundation over the top straight away which is great for me because I get so impatient waiting for moisturiser to sink in! I’ve been using the serum day and night for about 4 days now, and I am loving how my skin is feeling. Unlike most serums, you don’t need to use a moisturiser on top of this serum, this has everything you need for completely smooth, moisturised, hydrated skin.

At £42 for 30ml this is quite a bit of an investment for some, but a little really does go a long way. It has a 12 month shelf life once the bottle is opened too, and there are other products in the Rajeunir range including Lip Serum, shampoo and conditioner. 

Thank you again to Rajeunir for sending me this gorgeous product, and if you would like to try their products yourself just click HERE  

Thank you for dropping in on my little piece of the blogesphere today, have a great week lovely people!