Crowd Colour Matte Liquid Lip…

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Ok so Crowd Colour are a brand that gives! Not only great quality make up but everything you buy from them they give 10% back to your local schools and community! Click the link HERE. To learn more.

Gareth from Crowd Colour very kindly sent me three of their Matte Liquid Lip colours, this one is RUBY.

This next shade is another red with more pink undertones, this is CHLOE.

But my favourite shade and the one that I wear most of is a coral/nude shade called IZZY.

I do like the way the liquid lipsticks apply, they have a doe foot applicator and they go on to the lips so smoothly, the three shades are very highly pigmented and they dry to a silky matte finish. When I tried the RUBY lip colour I wasn’t sure I would like any of them, I’ve always been wary of matte lip products, due to my ageing thinning lips! On first applying I noticed how flakey my lips were! So I removed the colour and used a lip scrub to get rid of the dryness. That’s better, the dark red lip colour looked a whole lot better. It dried down in about 5 minutes, and I did notice that my lips felt slightly dry and tight, but I guess that’s just the nature of a lot of matte lip products, they aren’t very moisturising, are they?

I applied my matte lip colour after breakfast, and the colour was still on at lunchtime. I drink a lot of coffee and water throughout the day AND I’m a lip licker and the colour stayed on my lips without me needing to re-apply. It did however start to break down and disappear after I had eaten a salad sandwich with mayonnaise. I decided to remove the rest of the lip colour, and I used a normal micellar water which took it off completely, so there’s no need to scrub it off your lips, it will come off in a normal skin care routine.

There are 6 pretty shades available, check them out HERE.

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MUA Makeup Academy Lipstick in “Classic Rouge”

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Since becoming Twitter chums with  gorgeous beauty blogger Becky over at Rougepout Beauty HERE who adores red lipstick, I’ve become a bit more adventurous with my own lipstick colour choices. I’ve never been one to entertain a red lipstick I always thought it didn’t suit me. But as Becky always says there’s a red lipstick out there to suit everyone. So, I was really grateful when MUA Makeup Academy sent me a beautiful red lipstick to try. This is the utterly gorgeous ” Classic Rouge”


It’s the first red lipstick that I’ve found that actually suits me, and that makes me so happy, especially with Christmas just a matter of weeks away. This shade of red is very “warm” I can’t use a red that has blue undertones or too cool  and this shade is just perfect for me. 


MUA lipsticks are really moisturising on the lips, they have a lightweight feel which I prefer, I hate to feel that I have a product on my lips. This one has a pretty gloss to it which makes me very happy, a matte lippy doesn’t suit me either (yes, I’m rather fussy with lip products) it isn’t really a long lasting lipstick, although it would last longer with a lip primer or even applying a lip liner underneath it. Who cares if it doesn’t last too long and has to be reapplied? I certainly don’t, it’s a mere £1.oo from HERE  A perfect lipstick for  Christmas time.

Are you a red lipstick fan? I’d love to know your favourite.