Optimum PhytoEnergise….3 in 1 Moisture Balm, Primer and Mask

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My skin sometimes looks like it could do with a bit of a pick me up because it can look a bit dull and grey, and regular readers will know that I’m a huge fan of Superdrug own brand products and I have been trying out the newest of their Optimum range of skincare, PhytoEnergise. Containing Early Boost, an active ingredient, Taurine which is extracted from Seaweed and is said to help revive and pep up the complexion, reducing the signs of tired looking skin. This is Optimum PhytoEnergise 3 in 1 Moisture Balm, Primer and Mask.

This is a 30ml size tube, when I squeezed out some product to apply to my skin I discovered that a little really does go a long way. It smells gorgeous, very fresh fragrance and it’s said that this will give you instant radiance which to be honest I didn’t notice. What I did notice though was the instant hydration and smoothness of my skin. I wanted to give it a go as a primer, so I patted a little extra onto my cheeks where I have large pores, on my chin where I have some old acne scars from my teens, I always hate those. My pores and scars didn’t disappear fully but the two areas looked smoother, and it holds onto my foundation too, rather nicely. I have used it as a mask by just applying it thickly to my skin and leaving it for about 10 minutes then wiped off the excess. I could feel that it’s quite cooling and tingly on my face, and I just loved how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards too. If I was to criticize this balm in any way I would just say that it needs to be a bigger tube, and I shall be using it only when I wear makeup, for me personally it’s perfect as a hydrating primer.

Right now in Superdrug this is half price, HERE. And also on selected products in the Optimum range of skincare.

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Bio Essence 24K Gold Miracle Finisher

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

There’s a bright golden skincare range on the shelves in Superdrug right now, and I’ve been sent a product from Bio – Essence, which contains 24k GOLD! This is the 24k Gold Miracle Finisher.

The packaging itself is just a beauty to behold, all golden and bright! The product is delivered by a pump-action so that you can get the correct amount needed for your application. If you don’t like silicon-y feels on your skin, then this isn’t for you. But I don’t dislike that feeling so I have carried on using the Miracle Finisher.

It’s exactly what it says on the bottle it’s a “finisher” for your skin, the final step in your skincare routine before you apply your makeup. It’s enriched with 24K Bio-Gold, Bio Mineral Amino Acid and Bio Energy Fluid for a healthy glow, and protection for your skin from harmful pollutants. It’s a lovely base for makeup as it minimises the look of my large pores and seems to  mattify the skin making it feel soft and smooth, but due to the 24k gold it still gives my skin a slight glowy appearance. I’m not a huge fan of a glittery face, I like a matte finish, then add some glow later, so this has the right amount of glow for me. My lines and wrinkles did have a slight smoothed out appearance but not greatly. The only thing that I do have to find out though, is about applying SPF, do I apply it underneath the Finisher, if so is it going to inhibit the protection of my SPF? I’ll find out and get back to you.

I am enjoying using the Bio- Essence Miracle Finisher, which is available at Superdrug on the High Street or online, where right now you can save 1/3rd on selected Bio-Essence products HERE. I’d like to try a cleanser, toner and a moisturiser in a couple of weeks when I’m able to shop again, at the moment I’m on a “no buy” for a while.

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PoutPrime Smoothing Lip Primer from MUA

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I’ve never used a lip primer under my lipstick before, so I was very intrigued to test this one from MUA Makeup Academy that they very kindly gifted me for my birthday last month. I had a family “day” to attend where it would have been completely inappropriate to re-apply my lipstick, so I chose the day to try out the PoutPrime Smoothing Lip Primer in the hope that my lipstick would last longer than usual. I knew there would be a lot of hugging and kissing, there would also be eating of cake and drinking of coffee too.


I had a lip scrub when doing my skincare that morning, it’s one from MUA and will be coming to the blog soon. After I had finished applying my face makeup and before applying my eye makeup I applied the lip primer to my lips with my finger so that it would dry a little. It’s a lip balm type consistency and doesn’t feel greasy when applied, it’s colourless and it doesn’t add anything to the lips other than softness and smooth looking lips. After I applied my eye makeup I applied my lipstick on top of the primer. I wore a coral pink lipstick from MUA, and I thought perhaps the lip primer would diffuse the colour but it didn’t, it went on perfectly. My lips felt soft and smooth after lipstick was applied, they didn’t feel sticky and I couldn’t feel as though I was wearing an extra layer on my lips. I hardly ever wear a gloss on top of my lipstick, I prefer the gloss that comes from the product, and I didn’t put a gloss on top of this. During the afternoon I had eaten a few sandwiches and a piece of cake, and drank a couple of big cups of coffee and a glass of wine. There was a lipstick mark left on the coffee cup and on the wine glass, but I still had colour left on my lips, although the sheen of the lipstick has disappeared. At the end of the day when I removed my makeup my lips were a bit dry, although I can’t be sure if it was due to the lip primer or because I had been standing out in the cold and rain earlier that day. I do like the PoutPrime Smoothing Lip Primer, it did give give my lipstick more longevity when I needed it and my 56 year old lips looked smoother too. Check it out HERE.

I’ve a couple of MUA lip products coming up soon, I hope you will come back for those.




MUA Makeup Academy Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer…

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I just love the days when my post lady delivers me parcels of gorgeousness, and I was so excited a few days ago to open a lovely surprise parcel from my favourite makeup brand MUA Makeup Academy. They recently launched three new face products adding to their Skin Define range. I’m really excited about this new collection, it’s Matte Perfect! Although I have a dry skin, I do love a matte product, and then add the glow afterwards so I was looking forward to trying them. I’m starting off with the Matte Perfect Primer.


This is a primer with ingredients to look after the skin, containing Vitamin E and Jojoba. I found firstly that it’s best to give the tube a bit of a shake before dispensing, to amalgamate the product inside, it just seemed a bit “watery” I squeezed a pea sized amount of the clear gel onto the back of my hand, it’s a thicker consistency than I thought it would be, and that pea size amount was plenty to cover my big face! As I applied to my face I noticed the feel of it, it feels more like I’m applying  an oil based product than a primer. There is nothing silicon-y about this primer, although it does contain a silicon derived ingredient, it didn’t leave that dry feel to my skin like other primers have done, it didn’t make my pores feel “choked”. My skin looked smooth and the tone evened out with a mattified look to it. The Matte Perfect Primer is specifically for oily skin, to help eradicate that shine that can emerge during the day, but it wasn’t drying on my skin type. This is a lovely primer, and it works hand in hand with the other Matte Perfect products that I’ll be sharing with you soon. Does it work with other foundations? I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll come back to you with the answer soon. The Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer is available from Superdrug on the High Street and online HERE and also from MUA website HERE for just £5.00.

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October Favourites….

Hello loves, Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

It’s been a while since I did a monthly favourites post, so I thought as I’ve purchased a few things over the last month or so, I’ll do one to share with you what I’ve been loving in October. Let’s begin with skincare.


My gorgeous B. Skincare  Enriched Restorative Facial Oil! I have loved using this beautiful product every night in my skincare regime, and it’s made a huge difference to the way my skin looks when I wake in the morning. You can see my review HERE 

My next product that I’ve loved this month is very new to my makeup collection, and it’s also new from MUA Makeup Academy too. 


The Skin Define Hydro Primer is like no other primer I’ve used, ever. I do like a primer under foundation but I find some can “roll” or “ball up” while applying to my face. This one doesn’t do that at all. I’ve read that this is very much like the Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer. (A dupe?) You can read my full review HERE 


I have a new BFF! It’s a gorgeous eyeshadow palette from who else but MUA again. It’s new for Autumn/Winter. The cute little Utopia palette from the MUA Luxe range is full of high pigmented powder eyeshadows, the shades are perfect for this season and through Christmas and beyond. You can see a full review HERE 

I’ve a blusher that I’ve been reaching for the most this month, and I bought it from Beauty Crowd. It’s beautiful to look at and to use too!


The Milani Rose Powder Blush in the shade Tea Rose. It’s a huge size, very pigmented and I just love how it’s moulded into a rose, so pretty! You can read my full review HERE 

My new makeup brushes! Oh how I love these beauties. I bought them from the Beauty Crowd website and they’re by Barbara Hoffman. 


These are all face brushes for foundation, powder and blusher/bronzer. The soft synthetic bristles make blending easy peasy, and they clean easily too. Read my full review HERE 

I do have many more “faves” from this last month but it would make for a long read, so I’ll leave it there for now.

B. Skincare at Superdrug

Utopia Palette and Primer at MUA

Milani Rose Blusher and Barbara Hoffman brushes at Beauty Crowd

Have a great November!