Hollyberry Cosmetics…..Organic Argan and Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin and Nails..

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This incredible oil is a genuine multi tasker! Hollyberry Cosmetics sent me their gorgeous Organic Argan and Coconut Oil to try and then review here on EAB.

Oh how I love me an oil! I love me an oil that’s multi tasking like this one. Firstly this Coconut and Argan Oil is organic, exactly like it says on the bottle, and it smells amazing, if you love the smell of coconut you will love this! If you love a multi tasking oil that is rich, you will love this! This really is all of those things. The 100% organic Argan oil is ethically sourced from Morocco, it’s absolutely amazing for all parts of the body it’s especially good for my dry dehydrated mature skin. I have a huge scar on my shin which gets so dry and flakey and quite itchy, I have found that this Coconut and Argan oil is so soothing and moisturising for that. It’s also so good on my nails and cuticles, I just massage a drop into them and use a wooden orange stick to gently put back the cuticles I then wash my hands apply polish let it dry and then apply more oil to my nails to keep them soft and moisturised. Hair? I just applied a dropperfull to my hands then smooth into the ends of my hair after drying, it just smooths the dry fluffy ends between hair cuts, smoothing some oil through wet hair will keep it looking soft and smooth and free of flyaways.

I’m getting my feet flip flop and sandals ready with the Coconut and Argan Oil. After using my micro-pedi to remove any hard skin from my feet I massaged the oil into them and into my toe nails, paying particular attention to the tops of my feet with a bit of extra oil, I then wear socks to let the oil sink right in, if it wasn’t for over-heating at night time I would wear the socks to bed, so I just stick to treating my feet during the day and still get amazing soft feet with this fantastic oil. Love, Love, Love! You can check out this and other lovely products from Hollyberry Cosmetics HERE.

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EpiSpa Organic Lighter Brighter Illuminating Moisturiser with spf 25

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I have been sent another beautiful product from the fabulous people at epiSpa who are situated on Harley Street, world-famous as the private health care area of London. They have created a range of organic beauty products made from nutrient-rich natural organic ingredients, all are natural plant extracts which are proven to be great for our skins. The product I have to share with you today is the Organic Lighter Brighter Illuminating Moisturiser, which has an spf 25.

With its gorgeous metallic packaging it keeps all the gorgeousness of the product within, cool. What is the gorgeousness within? They are the most beautiful organic ingredients that can be found in a moisturiser! Manuka Honey, it’s in there to help the skin with regeneration, because honey is a humectant it also holds onto moisture in the skin without making it oily. Coconut oil, one of my favourite ingredients is in there because it will help to restore dry skin, helps to strengthen the skins tissue as it absorbs quickly. Pomegranate seed oil helps to restore the brightness and luminosity of the skin. Then there is a plant based natural skin whitening agent, Tyrostat which can help with the reduction of age spots and pigmentation in three weeks.

As with the eye cream that I reviewed a while back, I’ll leave a link to that at the end of this post, the Lighter Brighter Illuminating Moisturiser smells amazing, it’s got a refreshing cucumber fragrance to it, and it feels just as refreshing to use too! It glides onto the skin easily and sinks in almost straight away, there’s no stickiness or residue left behind on the skin it’s just soft moisturised and ready for makeup. My skin is glowing after using this moisturiser for the last few weeks, and I’ve been using it day and night. Some illuminating skincare has so much glitter particles in, but there are no such thing in this gorgeous product. If you like your day cream/moisturisers with SPF then you will find a 25 spf within this. I LOVE the epiSpa Organic Lighter Brighter Illuminating moisturiser and it’s one that I would recommend to my friends and family. You can find it HERE.

My review of the epiSpa Illuminating Eye Cream is HERE.

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Organic and Botanic Enhancing Night Moisturiser….

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Today I’m sharing with you a lovely night cream from a brand that is new to me. I was contacted by the brand Organic & Botanic to ask me if I would like to try a couple of their products. As regular readers will know I love natural skincare, so how could I say no to this opportunity. This the Mandarin Orange Enhancing Night Moisturiser.


Firstly the packaging is fantastic, it’s not over the top in any way at all, it’s all completely recyclable. The box that the product is in, is a very thin plain-looking cardboard, the jar is a brown glass, everything can be thrown into your recycling bin after giving the jar a quick rinse. Wonderful!

This night cream smells amazing! It really does smell of mandarin orange, and not fake fragrance either it’s all completely natural, organic. The base of the product is Shea Butter with Coconut Oil, Aloe Leaf juice, Neroli flower oil, Damask Rose flower oil, it literally made my mouth water when I first opened the jar. The ingredients within the night moisturiser are in there to help with the overnight repair of the skin, helping it to be more rejuvenated, and everything about the product is suitable for vegans too.

So how did I use my Mandarin Orange Night Moisturiser? I double cleansed my face with a high street store own brand hot cloth cleanser first and toned with my glycolic glow tonic, also a budget brand and then applied my night moisturiser. The cream is light, almost gel like but very creamy and my skin just drank it up as I was massaging it in. It doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the skin either, it just felt soft and moisturised. The next morning my skin down my T-zone felt a little oily, I don’t usually feel oily on my skin at all, the rest of my face however felt very soft and smooth, and it looked a lot brighter for first thing in the morning. All in all, this is a very lovely night time moisturiser and you can check it out HERE.

I’ll be back soon with another lovely product from Organic & Botanic.



Heaven Skincare for Men: Cooling and Soothing Hydrogel

Hello lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

Today I’m sharing with you the last of a Heaven for Men product that was sent to Mark to try. This is the Cooling and Soothing Hydrogel. Firstly I’ll just say that I have used this product too! As with all Heaven for men products, we women can use it. The same for the Heaven Skincare for women, our fellas can use them as well.


The packaging for Mens Heaven is matte black with the branding in white. It looks masculine yet elegant. The Cooling & Soothing Hydrogel has the pump-action delivery system to give you the amount you need to use. This contains organic peppermint oil and eucalyptus in a gorgeous lightweight gel formula. It will help to calm redness and irritation from shaving, and when used around the eyes it not only helps to get that wide awake feeling, it soothes and firms too.

Mark really enjoys using this as an after shave balm, he enjoys the fragrance of the eucalyptus as he uses it. He says it wakes him up in the mornings because it feels so cooling on the skin, he said he feels refreshed.

I used the Cooling and Soothing Hydrogel myself after cleansing, replacing my usual toner. I applied two pumps worth with a cotton wool pad and used it in the same way I would a toner. Yes, I have to agree with Mark it’s so refreshing and cooling on the skin. It does smell fabulous of eucalyptus, although the scent is very subtle not at all overpowering, so using it around the eye area was gorgeous and awakening to the senses, but it didn’t sting my eyes whatsoever. As the gel was drying on my skin I noticed how smooth it felt, the pores on my cheeks were less noticeable and after a while I could have left off using a moisturiser because my face felt soft and hydrated, however I did go on to apply my Heaven Skincare Silk Skin Bee Bee Cream ( review HERE) and afterwards my skin looked flawless. I think that although this is a mens product it’s fantastic to use as a primer under makeup, it helps reduce shine and just gives the skin an overall prepared look. You can find the Cooling and Soothing Hydrogel from Heaven Skincare NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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epiSpa Organic Illuminating Eye Cream…The Review

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I love eye creams! I especially love eye creams that will bring light and luminosity to my eye area, and now thanks to epiSpa who very kindly sent me this product to use and review, I think I may have found “the one” This is the Organic Illuminating Eye Cream. I also especially love products that come in pretty pink packaging too!


epiSpa are situated on Harley Street, world-famous as the private health care area of London. They have created a range of organic beauty products made from nutrient-rich natural organic ingredients, all are natural plant extracts which are proven to be great for our skins. Regular readers of Elegant Ageless Beauty will know that this is right up my street, I just love natural skin care products.


With such beautiful silver metal packaging, it looks sleek and classy, the branding is in black lowercase font with a pink uppercase “S” in the central position. It’s got my favourite pump-action delivery system, which gives the correct amount of product to use on both eyes. When I first started to use the eye cream I did feel it was giving me too much product, I wasn’t using all the cream some was going to waste. But after a time I decided to apply all of the delivered amount to both my eyes, and it turned out to be a perfect product for me.

Let’s talk about the beautiful ingredients in the Illuminating Eye Cream. Starting with Manuka Honey, this helps with the repairing of skin cells, holds onto moisture without making the skin oily. Aloe Vera, is especially good for adding moisture to the skin, Apricot kernel Oil, has a light texture which makes it great for moisturising even oily skin without leaving that greasy feel. Cranberry Extract Oil, absorbs really well making it fantastic for hydrating the skin. I’ve used products with Cranberry in before, and it made my skin look so  much brighter. Lastly we have Silk protein, to give yet more hydration and also helps to improve elasticity under the eyes. The epiSpa Organic Illuminating Eye Cream also has SPF 25.

So I started using this eye cream the evening I received it from EpiSpa almost 3 weeks ago and I’ve been using it every morning and evening in my skincare routine. The first time I pumped the cream onto the back of my hand I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous fragrance, it’s a lovely refreshing cucumber fragrance. Using my ring finger I patted the cream all around the orbital bone and upwards to under the lower lashes, I also took it lightly over my eyelids and up to the eyebrows, I then popped some onto those horrid number 11s between my eyes that always make me look like I’m frowning. The cream is light and absorbs easily into the skin. I also noticed how refreshing it is, almost like applying a cooling eye gel. Unlike a lot of illuminating eye creams which have glittery particles to lighten the eye area, this cream doesn’t have any so there was nothing to sink into fine lines and wrinkles.

Over the last 3 weeks my eye area is looking more smoothed out, the darkness that I get has lightened considerably, and where my eyelids were starting to resemble crepe paper, they are also looking a lot smoother which makes my eye makeup look so much nicer, application of concealer under my eyes is easier, I don’t have to use as much product. I am so happy with the way my eyes are looking since using the epiSpa Organic Illuminating Eye Cream, and you know me I rarely recommend a product on EAB, but I would recommend this one. You can take a look HERE.

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