Ellora Beauty…… Intensive Eye Contour Serum

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I’ve another lovely natural skincare product from Ellora Beauty to share with you. This is the Intensive Eye Contour Serum. I love eye creams, especially those that say they are brightening like this one claims to do, but did it? Please read on….

Yet another incredibly lovely Ellora Beauty product that I’ve enjoyed trialling. At first I wasn’t so sure but the more I’ve used it the more I grew to love it. It’s a great size 15ml with a pump-action delivery system which I love, you get the correct amount of product to use, well normally anyway. I’ll explain more in just a moment. The ingredients within this eye serum are all in there to create a powerful treatment for the eye area. There’s  Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Vitamins, Mountain Tea, Damask Rose and Oat Extracts, Almond, Olive, Avocado and Borage Oils, and also an ingredient called BEAUTIFYE which I did have to research as I have never heard of it, and it’s basically  “the first active ingredient in the cosmetics industry that demonstrates a lifting action on sagging upper eyelids” says google. So there you go. The Ellora Intensive Eye Contour Serum is more like a cream in consistency and it’s white in colour, rather than a clear product.

I used the eye serum morning and night to trial it and used one full pump worth between both eyes. I used it all around the contour of each eye, and as I suffer from hooded eyelids that have occurred naturally through the aging process, I worked the serum upwards and outwards over the sagging part of my upper eyes, the brow bone area in effect. It feels so rich when applying, very cooling, very hydrating and made my eyes feel very awake (that’s a lot of very’s) After a few days and nights use I noticed that I was “breaking out” just under my eyebrows where I had place the serum to help lift the area. Not a problem, I figured that it was a little too rich for me so I just used less of the serum, after a day or so, the spots went and carried on using the serum but applied less of the product.

The Ellora Beauty Intensive Eye Contour Serum is a lovely product, I’ve enjoyed using it over the past few weeks and yes I have noticed the effectiveness of it. It does give a slight lift to my sagging eyebrow area, I can see a little more of my eyelid when looking in a mirror, but mainly it has given me intense hydration, smoothed out my lines and my eye area is looking a lot brighter and more awake. The little bit of darkness and puffiness that I have is diminished.

 Sounds good doesn’t it? If you would like to give it a go yourself, you can find it HERE.

Ellora Beauty has given me a 10% discount code to share with you, just use ELEGANTAGELESSBEAUTY  at the checkout.

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Ellora Beauty….. Intensive Repair Night Cream…

Hiya! Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I’m sharing with you today another beautiful product that was sent to me to review here on Elegant Ageless Beauty from Ellora Beauty. Regular readers will know that I’ve really taken to this new skincare brand, and the product I’m sharing with you today is the Intensive Repair Night Cream.

This is one of the richest scrummiest night creams I have ever used! End of review. Ha ha, no seriously the Ellora Intensive Repair Night Cream is fantastic yes, it is a superb night time moisturiser for me, after using in my night time routine the following morning my skin looks glowing, instead of grey looking, it’s soft and supple instead of sticky and clammy, I have rosy cheeks too! And it’s all down to the wonderful science and ingredients that goes into all of Ellora Beauty’s products.

With Swiss Apple Stem Cell, Damask Rose and Mountain Tea to help keep the skin nourished, smooth and plumped. Then there’s Vitamin A, E and D to help the skins natural moisture to be maintained, it’s what helps give my skin that gorgeous glow that I wake up with. Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin and  with absolutely no animal testing, no parabens, no mineral oils, and no synthetic colouring are to be found in any of Ellora’s skincare.

If you would like to try this or any of  Ellora Beauty’s products there is a 10% discount if  you use the code  ELEGANTAGELESSBEAUTY at the checkout  HERE.

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Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Skincare…Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel

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Regular readers will know I’ve been reviewing products from a most divine skincare brand, Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. The lovely lady herself sent me the most beautiful gift set at Christmas and I’ve been enjoying myself with them ever since! Just in case you missed my previous Heaven Skincare reviews I’ll leave links to them at the end of this review if you would like to check them out…

This is the Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel a toner to be used after cleansing.  It comes in a pump type dispensary which gives you the exact amount you require. The ingredients within the product are amazing! It has organic Chamomile and Rose oils, organic Witch Hazel and Coconut and if you think I bet that smells good, you’d be right! It’s a lovely fresh fragrance, not too heavy on the Rose which can sometimes be a bit “heady” in skincare products, in my humble opinion. If your skin is dry and sensitive this is fantastic, it will help the skin to become “less thirsty” it’s great if you suffer from rosacea and acne rosacea or spots with its healing properties, it helps calm down redness. It will also help de-puff the eye area too and fine lines are minimised. This is such an amazing “multi tasking” product you can even use it as a primer before your foundation or as a treatment around the eyes for extra moisturisation.

I used this hydrogel after cleansing all over my face and around my eyes. It is alcohol free so there is absolutely no stinging, it’s very refreshing as I applied it on cotton wool over my face. Immediately afterwards my skin felt smooth and soft, pores were less noticeable which is a BIG bonus for me, and it certainly didn’t leave my skin dry and tight, it felt perfect and ready for a product that I shall be bringing you next time which is the Heaven Skincare BeeBee Cream, a beautiful tinted moisturiser. If you would like to check out the Heaven-ly Hydrogels, and there are 3 to choose from, pop over to the website HERE

The beautiful Deborah Mitchell has also made videos to show you the way with her products, over on You Tube HERE.

My other reviews of Heaven Skincare products are below, just click on the links and they will take you there. Thank you for stopping by today.

New Edition Cream Cleanser.

Divine Cream.

Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex.





Hello again lovelies!

The second part of my gifts ideas posts are all from Thea Skincare. As regular readers of my blog will know I was sent some beautiful products for review and I have fallen in love with the brand. It has everything I love in skincare, it’s natural, organic, not tested on animals and products that work. Thea Skincare has put together some rather beautiful gift sets for Christmas, and I’ve chosen just some that I would love to receive myself as ideas for you to give your friends and loved ones.


The oh so luxurious Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme 4 piece gift set contains Creme Cleanser, Rejuvenating Toner, Creme Moisturiser and Exfoliator. It’s everything  needed for smooth radiant skin in a beautiful presentation gift box. It’s just £32.95 HERE

thea-manicure-starter-gift-set-550x550 (1)

I always love to receive gifts like hand creams, this beautiful Luxury Manicure gift set is so much more than hand cream. It has a Chamomile & Rosehip Hand Soak, Nourishing Coconut & Jojoba Hand Creme, Fruit & Spice Hand Scrub and Jojoba Conditioning Cuticle Treatment, all presented in a beautiful gift box and just £24.95 HERE


This lovely gift basket is perfect for the “yummy mummy” it holds baby bath wash, baby lotion, baby shampoo, nappy cream, and for Mum theres hip, thigh, tummy beauty butter and soothing foot lotion, it’s a perfect gift at £44.95 for gorgeous natural organic baby products HERE


Here’s one for the man in your life! The Men’s Shaving Gift Set containing 2 x 25ml shaving balm and a 50ml Soothing Aftershave Detox Balm all presented in a beautiful gift box. It’s £24.95 HERE and there are many more beautiful mens products there too.

So that is just a few natural skincare products that are available from Thea Skincare for Christmas and I think anyone with the love of natural skincare would be very happy to open these on Christmas morning, I know I would.

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Hello again lovely people!

I’ve yet another beauty to share with you that was very kindly sent to me by Thea from Thea Skincare. This time it’s the very lovely eye make up remover, I have been a regular user of high street brands of eye make up removers and recently came across a miscellar water gel which is fantastic but when I tried this for the first time I was converted. This is the Cranberry & Cucumber eye make up remover from Thea Skincare.


This eye make up remover comes in a 100 ml (3.51 fl oz) pump dispenser bottle which gets an A star right from the start for me! It’s a gorgeous cooling and soothing gel formula with cucumber, cranberry and aloe, it smells amazing! All ingredients are natural and organic and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. So what’s in this gorgeous eye make up remover? Firstly there is Organic Aloe Juice which helps to seal in moisture and stimulates circulation. Cucumber Distillate which soothes and cools the eye area it also has a mild astringent to help with the removal of dead skin cells. Witch Hazel which is an antioxidant to help to soothe and hydrate and help reduce puffiness. Cranberry Seed Oil which is rich in vitamin C and is an anti – inflammatory. This is a perfect eye make up remover if you have sensitive eyes, and is suitable for all skin types too.

I had on a good bit of eye make – up over the weekend including 3 coats of mascara! But it was so easy to remove when I used this eye make up remover. I took two cotton pads and put two pumps of the gel on to each pad and spread it out a tad. I placed a pad on each eye and just let them rest there for a few moments, I could immediately feel the cooling, soothing sensation on my eyes. I pressed the pads onto my eyes and gently wiped them across and I could see where the remover had “melted” my mascara. I wiped the cotton pads all over and around my eyes and it took off every trace of my eye make up without any tugging or pulling, and I had no stinging what so ever. My eyes felt so refreshed and soothed. I can’t say what it would be like with removing waterproof mascara however, as I don’t use it. This really is a beautiful eye make up remover, and I can also say that this is perfect as a soothing eye mask. After cleansing apply all over the eye area and just let it sink into the skin. I went to bed with it on and next morning my eyes felt amazing, so hydrated. Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Make Up Remover from TheaSkincare is £14.95 from HERE

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Hell again lovely people!

Today I’m bringing to a close my reviews of the Thea Skincare range of anti-aging products, and I have really enjoyed using them and totally in love with everything that Thea sent me to try. Here I’m giving you my thoughts of the Antioxidant Face Cleanser and the Dream Creme Exfoliator.


This is a beautiful rich face cleanser full of natural and organic anti-aging ingredients, you don’t need to use lot of product to get a deep down cleansing, it just melts into the skin. Organic Aloe juice seals in moisture and encourages new cells to form, Organic Olive Oil provides hydration and moisturises the skin, Organic White Tea helps protect from free radicals, anti-bacterial Cedar wood Oil to purify. Juniper Berry Essential Oil to cleanse the skin and Vitamin E anti-aging vitamin to protect the skin with a natural SPF 6. You can use the cleanser on damp cotton wool and wiped over the skin or apply it straight to the skin and massage in circular motion (this is my preferred method of cleansing) and then wipe away with a muslin cloth or face cloth which is what I use. After using this face cleanser my skin didn’t feel dry or tight, it was just so clean and smooth and looked so much brighter and I also thought that my enlarged pores weren’t quite as noticeable, which made me very happy as that’s one of the things that gets me down as regards aging, it’s my enlarged pores. Antioxidant Face Cleanser from Thea Skincare is £32.95 for a 200ml pump dispenser bottle from the online store HERE


The name of this facial exfoliator is exactly what it says it is, it’s a Dream Cream! I have never used such a gentle exfoliator on my face, I love using it. Once again as with every one of Thea’s skincare products it’s full of natural and organic goodies. Organic Aloe Juice for that moisture saving and helping new skin cells to grow, Organic Coconut, Jojoba, Olive & Avocado Oils, to provide moisture and hydration, Organic Rooibos Tea an antioxidant to protect from free radicals, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil to rejuvenate mature skin and lastly Organic Jojoba Beads for the gentle exfoliation, so gentle that you can use this exfoliator every day! I use this after cleansing and it has really made a difference to the way my skin looks and feels, I was getting dry patches on my cheeks with a bit of flaking itchy skin, but upon using the exfoliator it hasn’t been occurring. It’s now 3pm and I used the cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser at 8am and my skin is still feeling soft and smooth and not at all itchy, it just looks so much brighter too! I’ve used it twice since Thea sent me the products to try, and because it’s so gentle I’m going to mix some in with my cleanser every morning. This wonderful Dream Creme Exfoliator 50ml is £24.95 and you can find it HERE.

Wow, I have been so lucky to have been asked to review such beautiful skincare products, and I am being honest when I tell you that my skin is looking so much better. I’m loving how my eyes appear to be wider from using the amazing eye cream, my lines are less noticeable, and my skin is looking brighter, softer and pores less noticeable. I’m a very happy beauty blogger today!

Thank you for reading lovelies!





Welcome back lovelies!

I was very lucky to be contacted by a lovely lady called Thea who asked me if I would like to try some products from her Anti – Aging range of skincare products. Of course I jumped at the chance and received my product samples on Saturday and started using them on Sunday. I do like to trial skincare for a week and sometimes longer before I do a review and post it on my blog. But I really had to tell you my thoughts about Thea Skincare Anti-Aging Uplifting Eye Cream. 


“All  Thea Skincare products are: 100% Paraben Free, 100% Phthalate & Sulphate Free, 100% Fragrance Free, Free from petroleum based ingredients, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly and Not tested on animals.”

The first thing I did when I opened this little pot was sniff it! I always sniff new products be it skin care, body care or make up, does anyone else do that? It passed the “sniff” test with flying colours, the fragrance (and there are no nasty artificial fragrance’s added to any of the Thea Skincare products) this eye cream has a clean fresh fruity fragrance, it’s a rich consistency yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It delivers nourishment and hydration for the delicate eye area and a little really does go a long way too. There are natural active anti-aging ingredients within the eye cream, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Blue Green Algae  to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles provide hydration and help to re-texture and lift the skin. Organic Aloe Juice to add moisture and encourages new skin cells, Organic Olive oil and Organic Jojoba oil to moisturise and hydrate, Organic Lavender & Pomegranate Extract two anti-aging essential oils to help reduce puffiness.

The first time I used this YES I did notice a difference in my eye area, and so did Mark! Although I don’t have deep-set wrinkles, I do have lines (obvs) I sometimes have some puffiness and my eyes are hooded due to aging, but I applied my eye cream (and I applied it ALL around the eye area up to the lash line and over the eyelid too) After a few minutes of staring into the mirror I noticed that my under eyes looked smoothed and I had less of a hood covering my eyelid, and my eyelids were less crepey looking too. When I write my reviews I NEVER say that I would recommend a certain product, but I DO recommend this gorgeous eye cream as part of your anti-aging skincare routine. You get 15ml of product for £19.95, yes it may be an investment for some but a little goes a long way. Click HERE to find out more about Thea Skincare Anti Aging Eye Cream.

**I was sent this eye cream to review, but all my thoughts are honest and my own**

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Hello again lovely people!

I was contacted last week by a lovely lady who asked me if I would like to trial some of her skincare products, and as I am always on the look out for the perfect skincare regime and products, especially if the word “uplifting” comes in to play, of course I said Yes please! This is a brand that is new to me, and if it’s new to you too let me introduce Thea Skincare. 


This is what Thea says:

“All Thea Skincare organic enriched skin care products are pH balanced and 100% paraben and sulphate-free, as well as being free of any artificial fragrances. Our products are enriched formulations all skin types including sensitive skin. Our natural beauty products are vegan-friendly, with clinically certified bases that have not been tested on animals”

I have been sent a selection of skincare from the Thea anti-aging range, but there are more ranges to suit you. A men’s range, a mother and baby range and a spa range too. I shall be using my products over the next few days and will post a full review on Friday. Already I can tell you that I am impressed. The creams are so rich and creamy and my favourite so far since I began using the products on Sunday morning is the eye cream.

If you can’t wait for my review and would like to take a look at the Thea Skincare please click HERE.

Thank you for stopping and reading today.