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Over the next few weeks I shall be using some nail products by Micro Cell, specialists in hand and nail care. I have been sent a gorgeous set of Nail Repair to review here on EAB, which I’m so happy about because I can’t get hold of my usual nail treatment and my nails are really suffering right now.

This is a super little try me kit that I shall be using over the next 2-3 weeks and then I shall be back with some “before” and “after” photos and a full review of the products. I’m looking forward to trying something new on my nails, the treatment that I’ve been using for over 10 years has been discontinued which was disappointing, so hopefully fingers crossed this will do the job for me.

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My Most Repurchased Product……

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I have been writing product reviews on my blog for nearly 3 years now, and even before I started I have been using this product that I’m going to share with you today.


 I think it must be 7 years maybe more that I gave up wearing acrylic nails, I used to do them myself at home. Then one day I just decided to remove them for good. My natural nails underneath were in a heck of a state! They had length but they were very weak dry and peeling, and paper thin. I cut them right down, filed them into my perfect shape and gave them a good soak and massage with the nail oil that came with my acrylics kit. They grew pretty quickly but they were still breaking and peeling. So I went into our local  chemist shop and picked up the Rimmel Nail Nurse Nail Rescue, and the rest, as they say is history. I’ve never looked back, 7 years later I still buy it over and over.

The Nail Nurse Nail Rescue is a treatment to be used over 14 days to begin with. Just paint onto clean unpolished nails every day for the first seven days. You now have 7 coats of the treatment on the nails. On the 8th day remove the product from the nails, and repeat the process for another 7 days. Even during the first week of using I noticed my nails beginning to look pinker and the tips whiter, and they were definitely growing stronger too. By the end of the 14 days I had the best nails I’d had for years! You do have to be strong and not be tempted to put on colour while using the treatment, but it’s worth it. I do still have myself a weekly treatment every now and then with the Nail Rescue, I apply it every day for 7 days without colour and it’s keeping my nails strong and long with no peeling at all, AND I always use it as a base coat to my manicure when I add colour. 

I rarely recommend products that I review on EAB, because everyone is different. But this is one product that I would recommend, highly. It has worked on my once paper thin and peeling nails, it’s my hero product for the last 7 years or so AND it’s my MOST repurchased product. If you want to try it for yourself you can get it from Superdrug online HERE for just £4.49 or any High Street shop. 

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Hello again lovelies, thank you for stopping by to my little corner of the internet!

So you might have seen in my last post that I’ve been trying out a new brand (to me) of nail polish, it’s from Binky London. For those of you who don’t know, Binky is a gorgeous young lady who stars in a reality TV show in the UK called “Made in Chelsea” and who has recently brought out her own range of nail polish, and now lipstick and mascara too.


Mark picked me up three beautiful nail polishes from Binky London last weekend, two are glitter and one is a gel effect nail polish. Regular readers know how I love a glitter nail polish and I certainly love these! So from left to right we have “Purple Shimmer” and for me it’s the colour of a beautiful Amethyst gem stone, next we have “Gold Rush” very bright gold, like you have dipped your finger in gold dust and finally there’s quite simply “Pink” and it’s a very pretty pink nothing simple about it at all.


The two glitter nail polishes are so easy to use with what appears to be a fabulous flat brush making application simple in just one stroke! I applied just the one coat of “Purple Shimmer” and “Gold Rush” to my nails and they were completely covered in dense glitter. It didn’t separate like a lot of glitter polishes can do, as you can see from the photo none of my natural nail can be seen at all. After application though the tips of my nails felt slightly rough from the glitter but I just patted the tips with my finger and got a smooth finish. I love my two Binky London glitter nail polishes, I’m not sure how much they were when Mark picked them up for me as they were in a shop closing down sale but they retail on Binky London website for £3.95 HERE

The last of my nail polishes from Binky London is a gorgeous pink gel effect one. I adore the colour of this pink, and although I am a huge pink nail polish fan I very rarely wear it because I think it ages my hands somewhat. I have many pink shades of nail polish in my collection and tend to stay away from them most of the time, but for some reason this “Pink” really does suit my 54-year-old hands. The texture is not as thick as I was expecting for a gel nail polish, even so it does apply like a dream, its opaque with two coats. (sorry about the bad paint job, I was in too much of a rush) I did think that for a gel effect it would take ages to dry but it didn’t, it was touch dry in a couple of minutes. As for the wear of all three of the nail polishes, I’m impressed, I applied them on Monday morning and today is Thursday and not a chipped or peeling nail colour in sight. I’ve bathed, washed my hair gone about my usual household chores, typed on my laptop ect ect ect and my manicure is still looking really good. I would love some more Binky London gel effect polish and there are some beautiful colours to choose from , and at such a great price too at just £2.95 from HERE.

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Hello again lovely people!

I thought for a change I would share with you my simple nail care routine instead of a nail polish for day 22. There are no expensive items, and my routine might not be for everybody but it works for me and I’m happy with my nails.


My essentials are Coconut oil, nail strengthener, nail clippers, glass nail file, emery board, a buffing block, a nail polish remover and a brush, and of course cotton wool pads which I forgot to add to the photo. I start by removing my old nail polish (obvs) then if I think my nails need a trim I’ll do so with the clippers. I shall be trimming my nails right down after the month in nail polish series is ended. I then file them into shape with my glass nail file, I like a squoval (a square oval?) shape to my nails. The black emery board is just in case the nail edges need smoothing. I then take  my gorgeous coconut oil and massage a load of it into my nails, the nail bed, cuticles and don’t forget underneath the tips too if nails are long enough! I try to let it soak in for about 15 minutes. I then take the buffing block and give my nails a bit of a buff over to smooth out any ridges I sometimes get. At this point I will wash my hands, and as I’m drying them I use the towel to push back my cuticles. When my hands are dried properly I apply one coat of my MUA nail strengthener and let it dry.  Then at this point I apply my nail colour, which brings me to the brush. I use the brush dipped into nail polish remover to clean up around the edges of my nails I find it easier than cotton buds. Lastly, when my nail colour is completely dry I slather my hands in hand cream massaging into the cuticles.

I hope you enjoyed reading my manicure routine, as I said it might not be for everyone but I’ve been doing it this way for a few years and I love how my nails are looking. I never have any problems with peeling or broken nails and they are so strong and I believe it’s down to keeping them hydrated with either coconut oil or hand cream.

If you have any nail care tips that you rely on I would love to know what they are, leave me a comment below or go to my Facebook page HERE

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