Microcell Nail Repair….Try Me Kit

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I adore anything to do with nails! So surprisingly this is the first nail product review I’ve done on EAB for a long time. I was recently sent a lovely “Try Me” kit from KLM Beauty to try and then review here on my blog. This is the Microcell Nail Repair Try Me Kit.

From the right hand side of the picture is the “hero” product in the whole kit the Nail Repair itself. It’s a 4.5ml of product which is designed to repair and treat the nails. It’s amazing for dry brittle nails, helps to prevent splitting and peeling, and peeling is the problem that I’ve always had with my nails. But since using Microcell Nail Repair my nails are beautiful, I am so happy with them. Nail Repair is also designed to accelerate growth, and guess what? It truly has helped me get my nails looking fabulous in ONE MONTH! This how Microcell suggest to use the treatment.

Application of Nail Repair: Apply one layer of NAIL REPAIR on two consecutive days. On the third treatment day remove all varnish layers with NAIL REMOVER REPAIR and repeat the treatment as on the first and second day. The treatment should be carried out for 2 – 3 weeks. Then it is recommended to use NAIL REPAIR weekly as a base coat.

This is a picture of my nails on the first day of using my Microcell Nail Repair Try Me Kit.

The bottle of pretty nail polish in the shade Raspberry Kiss, is not just any old nail polish, this is the Colour and Repair, a quick drying varnish which will also strengthen the nails. Colour and Repair is enriched with silicon and also has  calcium, green algae and a unique Diamond-Gloss in there too. I applied one coat of the Colour and Repair to my nails during the second week of using the treatment. I applied it to bare nails without Nail Repair on. It does apply beautifully and quite opaque that I only needed the one coat.

This is my nails with Raspberry Kiss Colour and Repair after one week. It didn’t chip at all, in fact I saw regrowth of my nail, as you can see in the picture. I do want some more colours of the Colour and Repair varnishes, there are some really pretty shades in the range too. The third cute little try me is a 4.5ml bottle of Nail Wonder, which is a 5 in 1 “wonder product” as a quick drying top coat, a colour refresher, a smoothing ridge filler, protects against peeling and/or chipping and also protects against dehydration. Yes it works as a quick drying top coat, I was touch dry within 5 minutes and it gave a very shiny finish to my nail polish. During the week I added a coat of Nail Wonder just to refresh may manicure, it works for that too! A wonderous product, for me.

Lastly in my try me kit is the bottle of remover. “The NAIL REPAIR REMOVER 50ml – An acetone-free polish remover which works in synergy with NAIL REPAIR and is suitable for all nail types but is especially effective on weak, fragile nails” I LOVED this! It leaves my nails “squeaky” clean when I removed my polish, without leaving them dry.

This is my nails today! I have been using my Microcell  Nail Repair Try Me Kit for a whole month, and this is the result that I have. I am loving my nails again, for me this is going to be my new holy grail nail treatment. I shall be using the Nail Repair as a treatment once a month for a week, then as a base coat for my colour.

Purchase Microcell Nail Repair Try Me Kit HERE. I shall be purchasing the Nail Repair Beauty Kit myself, which is the Nail Repair treatment in full size and the remover in full size, and right now they are on sale until end of September, while stocks last.

Thank you to KLM Beauty for letting me try these fabulous products. Click to see more HERE.





Up For Review….Microcell Nail Repair..

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Over the next few weeks I shall be using some nail products by Micro Cell, specialists in hand and nail care. I have been sent a gorgeous set of Nail Repair to review here on EAB, which I’m so happy about because I can’t get hold of my usual nail treatment and my nails are really suffering right now.

This is a super little try me kit that I shall be using over the next 2-3 weeks and then I shall be back with some “before” and “after” photos and a full review of the products. I’m looking forward to trying something new on my nails, the treatment that I’ve been using for over 10 years has been discontinued which was disappointing, so hopefully fingers crossed this will do the job for me.

See you back here soon.


*This post contains pr sample*

My Most Repurchased Product……

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I have been writing product reviews on my blog for nearly 3 years now, and even before I started I have been using this product that I’m going to share with you today.


 I think it must be 7 years maybe more that I gave up wearing acrylic nails, I used to do them myself at home. Then one day I just decided to remove them for good. My natural nails underneath were in a heck of a state! They had length but they were very weak dry and peeling, and paper thin. I cut them right down, filed them into my perfect shape and gave them a good soak and massage with the nail oil that came with my acrylics kit. They grew pretty quickly but they were still breaking and peeling. So I went into our local  chemist shop and picked up the Rimmel Nail Nurse Nail Rescue, and the rest, as they say is history. I’ve never looked back, 7 years later I still buy it over and over.

The Nail Nurse Nail Rescue is a treatment to be used over 14 days to begin with. Just paint onto clean unpolished nails every day for the first seven days. You now have 7 coats of the treatment on the nails. On the 8th day remove the product from the nails, and repeat the process for another 7 days. Even during the first week of using I noticed my nails beginning to look pinker and the tips whiter, and they were definitely growing stronger too. By the end of the 14 days I had the best nails I’d had for years! You do have to be strong and not be tempted to put on colour while using the treatment, but it’s worth it. I do still have myself a weekly treatment every now and then with the Nail Rescue, I apply it every day for 7 days without colour and it’s keeping my nails strong and long with no peeling at all, AND I always use it as a base coat to my manicure when I add colour. 

I rarely recommend products that I review on EAB, because everyone is different. But this is one product that I would recommend, highly. It has worked on my once paper thin and peeling nails, it’s my hero product for the last 7 years or so AND it’s my MOST repurchased product. If you want to try it for yourself you can get it from Superdrug online HERE for just £4.49 or any High Street shop. 

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Nicka K Nail Polish

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Nicka K are a brand I’ve never heard of before, and I was really excited to get these through the post.

IMG_5705 (3)

I was sent 3 pretty nail polishes by the brand Nicka K to try and then to tell you my thoughts here on Elegant Ageless Beauty.


The colours I’ve had sent to me are from left: NY121 Lilac, NY140 Golden Globe, NY118 Very Berry. The Lilac shade and the Golden Globe shade are a fairly sheer “metallic” nail polish and it took 3 coats to get it to look how I wanted it to look. My favourite is the Very Berry shade a gorgeous  bright pink. It took just 2 coats to be opaque. All of the nail polishes are lovely to apply with a long brush that holds the colour without dripping and flooding on the nail. They dry super quick to a lovely shiny finish. If you want to try some Nicka K for yourself, try Amazon HERE.

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Spring Time Nails from MUA Makeup Academy……

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I recently ordered  3 gorgeous nail polishes and a palette for the Spring season from MUA Makeup Academy, I thought that I’d just share the nail polish with you first, they are so pretty, I love them.


Lavender, Spearmint, Posy

These 3 pretty pastel shades are perfect for Spring don’t you think? Lavender is my favourite to be honest as it has that grey undertone that I love, I think it has a very anti – aging effect on my hands. I applied 2 coats for it to become opaque,  the shine is lovely and it was touch dry in a matter of 5 minutes, a really gorgeous nail polish. The next shade, Spearmint is a pretty shade of mint green, this too is opaque in 2 coats and takes no time to dry to a lovely sheen. Now Posy, oh what a pretty pink nail polish this is! It’s a gorgeous colour it will be perfect if you have a Spring wedding to attend. The application is the same as the other 2 polishes, beautiful. If you need to paint your nails and then rush out the door, you couldn’t go far wrong with these beauties.

Because these nail polishes are light, pastel shades I thought they would be rather chalky and difficult to apply, maybe go streaky but no, they apply like a dream. Believe it or not these nail polishes are a bargain at just £1.00. You can check these and many more beautiful shades HERE.

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So you might have seen in my last post that I’ve been trying out a new brand (to me) of nail polish, it’s from Binky London. For those of you who don’t know, Binky is a gorgeous young lady who stars in a reality TV show in the UK called “Made in Chelsea” and who has recently brought out her own range of nail polish, and now lipstick and mascara too.


Mark picked me up three beautiful nail polishes from Binky London last weekend, two are glitter and one is a gel effect nail polish. Regular readers know how I love a glitter nail polish and I certainly love these! So from left to right we have “Purple Shimmer” and for me it’s the colour of a beautiful Amethyst gem stone, next we have “Gold Rush” very bright gold, like you have dipped your finger in gold dust and finally there’s quite simply “Pink” and it’s a very pretty pink nothing simple about it at all.


The two glitter nail polishes are so easy to use with what appears to be a fabulous flat brush making application simple in just one stroke! I applied just the one coat of “Purple Shimmer” and “Gold Rush” to my nails and they were completely covered in dense glitter. It didn’t separate like a lot of glitter polishes can do, as you can see from the photo none of my natural nail can be seen at all. After application though the tips of my nails felt slightly rough from the glitter but I just patted the tips with my finger and got a smooth finish. I love my two Binky London glitter nail polishes, I’m not sure how much they were when Mark picked them up for me as they were in a shop closing down sale but they retail on Binky London website for £3.95 HERE

The last of my nail polishes from Binky London is a gorgeous pink gel effect one. I adore the colour of this pink, and although I am a huge pink nail polish fan I very rarely wear it because I think it ages my hands somewhat. I have many pink shades of nail polish in my collection and tend to stay away from them most of the time, but for some reason this “Pink” really does suit my 54-year-old hands. The texture is not as thick as I was expecting for a gel nail polish, even so it does apply like a dream, its opaque with two coats. (sorry about the bad paint job, I was in too much of a rush) I did think that for a gel effect it would take ages to dry but it didn’t, it was touch dry in a couple of minutes. As for the wear of all three of the nail polishes, I’m impressed, I applied them on Monday morning and today is Thursday and not a chipped or peeling nail colour in sight. I’ve bathed, washed my hair gone about my usual household chores, typed on my laptop ect ect ect and my manicure is still looking really good. I would love some more Binky London gel effect polish and there are some beautiful colours to choose from , and at such a great price too at just £2.95 from HERE.

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Our local Co-Op supermarket is closing down and it’s becoming an Aldi, so they have been having some brilliant sales lately including a lot of beauty and body care products. Mark picked me up quite a few Organic Surge products and also these 3 gorgeous nail polishes by Binky London!


There’s a pretty amethyst coloured glitter a bright gold glitter and a pretty pale pink gel effect nail polish too. I loved all the colours when I first saw them. I’m trying them out for a day or so to see how they wear then I’ll get back to you with my thoughts later. In the meantime check out the Binky London website, click HERE.

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Hello lovelies

Well here we are the last day of the month, it’s Halloween and it’s also the last day of  A Month in Nail Polish too. I’ve picked one from Bourjois again.


This another 10 day wear, no chips nail polish in the shade number 25, once again it doesn’t have a name for such a pretty nail polish. It’s a gorgeous creamy textured coral colour. It applies opaque in one coat, and unfortunately I flooded the cuticle with this one. They take no time at all to dry and has a super shine when it has dried. I purchased this nail polish from Fragrance Direct HERE.

Well, that’s the month in nail polish all done, I hope you enjoyed it. I’m off now to give my nails a little TLC they really need it after using so much nail polish remover this month.

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Hello again lovely people!

Sorry no nail polish post yesterday, we had to go and give my Grandsons rabbit a manicure instead, she needed her claws clipping but here I am today with a super “nail art” effect polish from MUA Makeup Academy.


This is a gorgeous grey glitter magnetic nail polish from MUA in the shade Kings Road. These polishes are easy to do but you wouldn’t want to do them in a hurry you will need to take your time. You simply paint one coat of polish then let it dry, apply another coat and while it’s still wet turn the brush over and hold the magnet over the nail for about 30 seconds when you take the magnet away you are left with a super pattern on your nails. It’s such an easy way to get super nail art on your nails. There are 6 shades in the Magentic Nails range from MUA and they are in the sale for only £1.25 HERE.

Only one more nail polish to bring you now, I think it might be a bit on the pink side not sure yet! I hope you will keep a look out for that.

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Today’s pretty nail polish is from ELF again, this is the second of just three polishes I have from the brand and I really love them. The quality of the formula is super I love the thickness of it making it a dream to apply. This is Mint Cream.


Once again I took this “nailfie” so the quality isn’t as good as when Mark takes my photos. Mint Cream is just one of three gorgeous nail polishes from the ELF trio of mini’s called Vacation. These nail polishes are so creamy and are opaque with one coat, but I did apply two coats. I love how they don’t flood the cuticle when applying to the nails like some budget brand nail polish can do. It has a super smooth finish and dries in about five minutes with a gorgeous shine too. My set of three mini nail polishes are just £4.50 from ELF and you can get them HERE

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Sorry there was no nail polish yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too great so I just decided to have a day of watching tennis on TV. I’m back today with this little pretty though.


This is Fairy Dust Nails from MUA in the shade Purple Mist. It applies beautifully in one coat and just so incredibly shiny, especially when the light catches it due to the fine, dense glitter particles. The colour itself is more lilac than purple though, it’s a pretty, girly nail polish colour suitable for any occasion. Fairy Dust glitter nail polish is on sale for £2.00 HERE

Only four more days left for A Month in Nail Polish, I hope you have enjoyed reading.