Up For Review….Microcell Nail Repair..

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Over the next few weeks I shall be using some nail products by Micro Cell, specialists in hand and nail care. I have been sent a gorgeous set of Nail Repair to review here on EAB, which I’m so happy about because I can’t get hold of my usual nail treatment and my nails are really suffering right now.

This is a super little try me kit that I shall be using over the next 2-3 weeks and then I shall be back with some “before” and “after” photos and a full review of the products. I’m looking forward to trying something new on my nails, the treatment that I’ve been using for over 10 years has been discontinued which was disappointing, so hopefully fingers crossed this will do the job for me.

See you back here soon.


*This post contains pr sample*


My Christmas Hero….

So apart from my OH (Other Half) being my hero, I do have another hero in my life, A hero product that is! This product has saved my nails from a fate worse than death in the past.

I used to wear acrylic nail tips a few years ago which I used to do at home myself. I got fed up with them after a year or so,  having to regularly do in fills as the natural nail grew underneath the acrylic nail. I had the white french tips and I couldn’t wear a colour on top as the underneath of the nails glared white! I got bored with them. I decided to remove them completely but my natural nails looked a mess! They were rough, so I filed them with my glass nail file. They were paper-thin almost tissue paper-thin, and they were so very dry.

I filed them right back to very very short and soaked them in olive oil for a while. That got moisture back into them alright, but they were still growing back really very weak and were peeling as soon as I got any length to them, I almost relented and got my acrylic nail kit back out again. Then my other half popped along to our local pharmacy and picked me up this AMAZING product.


Rimmel Nail Nurse Nail Rescue

This super-duper product really has rescued my nails from the terrible ravishes from wearing acrylic nail tips. It truly is my “Hero” and I will be forever grateful to Rimmel for it. (Sorry, a bit OTT there)

Once I had this in my grasp, I started using it straight away. Here’s  how I did it.

I filed my nails with my glass file right back. I washed my hands then pushed back the cuticle. I then applied one coat of the Nail Nurse to each of my nails. After application my nails did look instantly healthier, so shiny and pink I was so pleased. I followed the instructions of this treatment to the letter. I had to apply a new coat (without removing the first coat) every day for 7 days ( so you basically have 7 coats of the treatment on your nails by the end of the week) After the 3rd day I noticed that my nails were starting to grow back without the horrid rough edge to them, I could feel that they were growing stronger too. I never put colour on my nails at all while I was doing the treatment. On the 8th day I removed the Nail Nurse, washed my hands and was able to file my nails to the shape I wanted. I then applied another coat of the treatment, and continued all week with 1 application each day for another 7 days. Patience is a virtue when undergoing this treatment, and I had plenty because I wanted beautiful nails, now I am as happy as  larry with them.

Every couple of months I do the same 14 day treatment, and I also use Nail Nurse as my base coat for colour too. If you are having nail problems give this a try, I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you are in the UK you will find this amazing product HERE. There are also other nail treatments in this range too.

So, what’s your Hero product? What product do you re- purchase?

I hope you are having a great week, Bye for now.

A Lovely Avon Haul….

Hi again friends and fellow beauty lovers!

I have always been a fan of AVON and when my fiance tried to find our local rep I was disappointed for a while. He applied online for a Representative to call and leave me a brochure but I never ever received one. So who ever is my local Avon rep lost out on commission. It was only later on in the week when I went for my monthly trip to my hairdresser, that my disappointment turned  to delight when I found out that  she was now an Avon Representative. I walked out of the hairdressers with a nice new hair cut and an Avon brochure!  Oh, how much did I enjoy sitting down with a nice cuppa and my Avon brochure. Bliss. I bet you are wondering why is this woman getting so excited by such a thing? It’s because I haven’t seen Avon brochures in years I’ve only seen it online, which is just not the same really, is it?  I didn’t buy any make up, just a couple of skin care products, a few hair care and some lush shower gels. I was absolutely delighted with most of the items I got, although there is two items I don’t think I would re-purchase.

Here is the list of my Avon haul first, I’ll go through them one by one in a bit to let you know how I got on with each product.

Nail Experts Gold Strength 12ml.

Avon Care Protecting Lip Balm with spf 15

Avon Care 3 in 1 Cleansing Lotion

Avon Care  Youth Restore Firming Face Cream

Naturals Apricot and Shea 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Naturals Apricot and Shea Leave in Treatment

Naturals Cherry Blossom Daily Hair Refresher

Naturals Cherry Blossom Daily Hair Mask

Senses Shower Gel in Citrus Burst, Lagoon, Mystique, and Tropics.

This all came to just under £18.


prod_1066904When I gave up wearing acrylic nails and decided to go “au naturale” I thought it would take forever to grow my nails back to anything half decent without paying out a load of  cash on nail treatments. My fiance was in our local pharmacy/drugstore and clapped his eyes on a Rimmel product. 14 day nail rescue. I used it in the way the instructions recommended and within that 14 days my nails were looking fab! I used it in that way for about 3 months until I was really happy with my nails altogether. Then I was using it just as a base coat for my nail polish. I was getting on great with it. It was working for me, I never thought I would change. But then when I saw the AVON NAIL EXPERTS 24K GOLD STRENGTH I thought I would give it a try, as it was a bit cheaper than my Rimmel one. You know the saying ” If it aint broke don’t fix it” well I wish I has taken heed of it, because I just don’t need this product in my life. It has real gold particles in to give your nails a nice glow. It is meant to strengthen your nails and fill in any ridges. Yes it does make my nails smooth, ready for colour, and it does actually make the tips of my nails look whiter. But as a strengthener, I don’t like it. I have been using it for about a month and my “Peter pointer” on my right had is in a terrible state. I actually don’t know if I used the product correctly! There were no clear instructions on how to use it. I just put on two coats, then applied my nail colour. I think what I shall do with this one is apply it in the same way as I used my beloved Rimmel product. I will get back to you on this……But I don’t think I will be buying this again!


prod_1152816I love this! It glides on so super smooth, and it’s so moisturising. I have used this alone and under a lipstick, and it is great both times. I have also used it as an exfoliator! I just apply the lip balm, then using a cotton bud/Q tip, I rolled it over my lips and it helped to remove the dry flakey skin. The fragrance of the product is that of typical lip balm, it is unflavoured but it certainly isn’t a horrid taste. I always have this beside me to apply throughout the day. I use it at night too along with my other night-time skin care.


prod_1121624Very happy with this facial cleanser. It’s a gel like lotion that you massage onto wet skin, then use a flannel, muslin cloth or damp cotton pad to remove. It is a cleanser, toner and moisturiser all in one, as the name suggests. But I have found that  although my skin didn’t feel exceedingly dry or tight. I just felt that I should use a separate moisturiser afterwards. Right after rinsing off and drying my face, it felt deep down clean and fresh, and very soft and smooth. This lovely cleanser contains aloe and ginger, and smells gorgeous! I know that Aloe is a good skin moisturiser, and I believe the Ginger within will help towards skin radiance. Yes I shall re-purchase this, I love it!


prod_1156581Yes a lovely face cream. It actually looks like a mousse rather than a cream. It feels very light and a little goes a long way. I made a mistake the first time I used it, and took way to much out of the pot to massage onto my skin!  My face looked white with the cream, but it soon sank in.  The actual product contains Collagen and Elastin to help smooth and plump up the skin, I have only been using it for about a week since I had to finish another face cream first. After using it, my skin feels taut not tight and I have noticed a difference with softer looking lines. I use it right up to my eyes, but not over the eyes. Yes, this is a “hit” for me.


prod_1157142Love Love Love this! I love the consistency, the way it makes my hair squeaky clean and it also smells GORGEOUS! Our shower doesn’t work at the moment, so I have to run water in the bath or sink and use a jug to wash my hair. I thought I would have trouble rinsing this out as it is so creamy, but it rinsed away like a dream. I dried my hair as normal after washing, and the only problem I have with this 2in 1 shampoo and conditioner is that it left my hair with a lot of static. Although the condition of my hair was fab, very soft and shiny. I have even used this right after colouring my hair, and it hasn’t made it look dull at all.  I have over come the static problem with the next product.


prod_1152743This is also a gorgeous creamy consistency. You just wash your hair as usual, then squeeze a 50 pence size “blob” of product onto your hands and work through to the ends of your hair. No need to rinse at all. As you will have seen above after using the 2in1 shampoo I had trouble with static in my hair, but after using this I have had no problems at all.  As with the shampoo, this leave in treatment leaves my hair feeling soft and conditioned and smelling gorgeous, and NO static!


prod_1124746I think this is more the consistency of a conditioner rather than a mask. It does smell nice and leaves my hair very soft and conditioned. It says it is a daily hair mask, but I have only used it if I felt that my hair needed a bit of extra oomph!  After drying, my hair did feel thicker and more luscious and silky too. For me the fragrance isn’t too much of cherry blossom, but that of a tasty piece of candy. the jury is out with this one for the moment.


prod_1124747There is not a lot to be said about this hair refreshing spray, apart from that it smells nice. I shall carry on using it because I don’t like waste. Yes it does make my hair smell nice, but it leaves it feeling and looking quite greasy, and I have normal/dry hair! This is another product I won’t re-purchase from Avon.


prod_1159949We bought 4 altogether, and have 2 on the go at the moment. My fiance is using LAGOON and I am using CITRUS BURST. We use them as a body wash rather than in the shower as our shower is broken at the moment. I use mine squeezed on to a body puff/scrunchie. You don’t need a lot as it lathers so well and it does what the name suggests, it stimulates the senses. The lagoon shower gel is for REFRESHING fragranced with waterfruits and pear!  My fiance does a very manual job, and uses it in the bath after work, and yes he does find it very refreshing, and cooling. The one I am using, citrus burst is for AWAKENING fragranced with mandarin and grapefruit. I use this in my bath in the mornings and it smelled so delicious the first time I opened it i didn’t know if I should drink it or wash with it!! But it really does wake you up in the morning. I am a big fan of these shower gels, and I can’t wait until these two are finished and I can start to use the un- opened ones.

So that is it friends, just a few opinions of the products from my Avon haul. I think that this is the first time that I have given any negative thoughts on anything, sorry Avon. Next time I have a little MUA Make up Academy and FashionistA haul to share with you. Hopefully all positive reviews, I’m sure it will be eh!

Take care till next time. Bye for now……