Feeling the Heat with MUA Makeup Academy… Fire Vixen Eyeshadow Palette

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A lot of bloggers have been getting hot under the collar over the new eye shadow palette to be released by Urban Decay, Naked Heat. I am not able to purchase a palette with  that price tag at the moment, so I decided to treat myself to one of the newest palettes that MUA Makeup Academy have released, and it’s just as “hot” this is the Fire Vixen Palette.

This palette is going to take me through the rest of Summer through to Autumn, Winter and all over the Christmas holidays with these 15 buttery soft glorious eye shadow shades!

Aren’t these colours just fabulous? From pretty nude shades, to bronze, copper, burnt orange and a gorgeous cranberry red, with grey’s and silver and different shades of pink, and 8 of the colours are Matte! The colours that I used on myself (and to be honest I think I will use them more than others in the palette) are the first one on the top row, the cream all over my lid and up to the brow, the fourth one along also top row I applied to the mobile lid, and the last matte shade on the top row I blended into the crease and slightly above to actually give myself the look of a lesser hooded eye. They blend out so beautifully too, this is a gorgeous palette and one I feel I shall be using rather a lot.

You can check this and other such gorgeousness from MUA Makeup Academy HERE.





Matte Soft Focus Eyeshadow Palette from MUA Makeup Academy…

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I thought today I would share with you a pretty eyeshadow palette from the fabulous MUA Makeup Academy. This is the Matte Soft Focus Palette.

Please just feast your eyes on the prettiness of the colours in this palette! It’s perfect for Spring/Summer I think, soft matte pastel and neutral shades will suit all skin tones, and they are all encased in the MUA standard black packaging, with the double ended sponge applicator.

The 12 powder eyeshadows are all so creamy soft and blendable,   I didn’t find them chalky at all. Although I can see why the palette is called “Soft Focus” the eyeshadows are muted when applied to the eyelids, but then they can be built up to the intensity you want. When I tried these out for reviewing here on my blog, I did one eye with an eye primer and one without. I did find the colours applied more intensely to the primed eye lid, more of the pigment showed through. For last-ability? I wore the eyeshadows all day, it did fade but some colour did remain behind.

On the reverse of the palette you will find the names of all the shades, which is what I love about MUA, they don’t give you a silly sheet of acetate with names of shades printed on, that inevitably always gets misplaced. So from the top left is Delicate, next Balmy, Faint, Gentle, Dainty, lastly Misty. On the bottom row from left is Subdued, Tender, Muted, Tinted, Mellow, and lastly is Whisper. A really lovely eyeshadow palette and only £4.00 Here.

MUA have recently launched some beautiful new lipsticks, I’m off for a peruse, hopefully I can find something to suit me and I can bring you that soon as poss. Thank you for stopping by today.



January Favourites!

Hello lovelies! Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty..

So the first month of a new year has gone and we’re into February, I for one cannot wait for Spring, my favourite season. Just to have some bright light coming in through the windows would be oh so good! Not just for my sense of well-being but it would make the taking of photos for my blog so much easier too. Anyhow, I thought as it’s a new month I would share with you what I’ve loved through January. Let me start with some skincare.


I am still enjoying my Heaven Skincare Bee Peel. I use it twice a week at night-time after cleansing, just leaving on my face for ten minutes before rinsing off, leaves my skin feeling fresher and softer, looking plumper and more radiant and enlarged pores appear lessened. AND, I have used the Bee Peel on my hands too! I shall tell you more about that in a later blog post. I have a review of Heaven Skincare Bee Peel HERE 


An oldie but a goodie! The wonderful MUA Makeup Academy Undressed palette has been my go to eyeshadow during January. When this palette was launched it was dubbed the perfect dupe for the Urban Decay original Naked palette. Many dupes have come after this one, but for me this MUA one is my favourite, and the best. If you would like to see my review you can find it HERE. You can purchase from HERE.


MUA Makeup Academy’s Metallic Liquid Lips in the shade Bedazzle has been a big favourite over the last month. It’s moisturising and glossy for the colder months of Winter, and it’s super pigmented too. You can find more shades of Metallic Liquid Lips HERE,  and I also have a review HERE.


This Wonder Balm from Beauty Kitchen has been a saviour of my nails and lips throughout the whole of the last year, not just the last month. I use it all the time, keeping it to hand everywhere I go. I use it as a lip balm to keep my lips from becoming dry and it’s fantastic to massage into my cuticles between manicures too. Find Beauty Kitchen HERE. And I have a review HERE.

The absolute highlight of January for me was becoming a winner! I won Heaven Skincare Best Blogger award at their annual awards event last Sunday 22nd January. Unfortunately Mark and I couldn’t attend the event in Birmingham, but when I found out I had won I was absolutely gobsmacked, shocked, humbled, and every positive emotion you can think of I felt it. I will be writing a blog post about winning my award because there are a few people I need to thank properly, and a separate post is needed for that.

Thank you for stopping by today my loves.



MUA Makeup Academy Luxe Palette – Paradise….

Hello my lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty

I’m sharing with you today a beautiful eyeshadow palette from MUA Makeup Academy Luxe range that was very kindly gifted to me by MUA. This palette is fairly new to the range and it’s the second of two that’s available, this is the Paradise Palette.


It has a pretty cardboard outer sleeve in black and gold, which can be recycled if you don’t want to keep it.


The palette itself is the classic shiny piano black, with the branding in gold very cute but also very sturdy too.


The powder eyeshadows inside are of the brick kind, there are no dividers between each shade. I love these colours of copper, bronze, brown, lilac and plum in various tones. They are again buttery soft and silky, easily blended to the intensity you want whether you have just a simple wash of colour or go for a strong party look.They are all metallic and give a lovely sheen to the eyes whichever look you go for.



I think that this is going to be beautiful for the Christmas party season in particular, although when Spring and Summer are here it’s going to be rather pretty for then too. The wearability is great,  I wore the purple/plum shade all day and it didn’t fade or crease or run down my eyes.

If you want a more neutral palette try the “Utopia” palette also new in the MUA Luxe range, you can read my review HERE  Both palettes really are gorgeous and I couldn’t tell you which is my favourite, I love them both.

You can find the Paradise Palette HERE and it’s just £8.00

Thank you for reading today lovelies.



MUA Makeup Academy Eye and Face Multi Formula Palette in Amour…..

Welcome back to Elegant Ageless Beauty lovelies.

I’ve had this palette from MUA for a few weeks and only just got around to actually using it. For the first time I am a little disappointed in a product from the brand that I love. Please keep reading and I’ll tell you more.


This is the Amour Palette. It holds 10 eyeshadows and 2 creamy metallic shadows. They are ALL multi formula meaning they can be used on all areas of the face, they can all do the same job.


The colours in this palette remind me a little of the MUA Elysium Palette. It’s got a mixture of matte, shimmer and iridescent textures. The two large cream shades are metallic and very creamy and they can be used as a base for the eyeshadows or use them  on top of a colour to add shine, you can also use them as highlighters to accent the features on the face. I don’t know if I have a dodgy palette but I found the powder eyeshadows chalky, some wouldn’t show in photographs (which is why there are no swatches this time) The darker shades and the larger pink shade are lovely, they blend beautifully and are easy to work with. The two creamy metallic formula, not so. They are soft and blend nicely but it’s barely there when used as highlight on the face, although it does add sheen when placed over eye shadow. This time rather than the usual double ended sponge applicator, the palette has an angled brush which is perfect for eyebrows. Although I am a bit disappointed with my new palette I will of course still use it

There are two palettes in the range with this one being called Amour and the other is called Rhapsody, they are £5.00 each HERE

Thank you for stopping by today lovelies.



Some More Beauty Booty!!

Hello my loves, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

Well another shopping trip just had to be done at Superdrug, this time it was an online purchase. Three items were in the sale so might not be available at the time of posting this, if they are I’ll leave links for you at the end.


The first product I picked was something I’ve wanted to try for a while, and that’s the Superdrug own brand of Vitamin E Cleansing Oil. I’ll use it for a wee while and get back to you with my thoughts. It’s just £2.99 for 150 ml HERE To go with the cleansing oil I picked up the Vitamin E Toning Mist, again I’ll get back to you with my thoughts soon. The Toning Mist is also £2.99 HERE

The next 3 items are the ones I picked out of the sale section on the superdrug website. Theres two Dove Purely Pampering body washes with my favourite Shea Butter. They aren’t in the sale now, but the Dove Purely Pampering Hand Cream with Shea Butter is in the sale at just 40p for goodness sake! HERE

Lastly, I picked one of the newest eyeshadow palettes from MUA Makeup Academy, it’s from their Luxe range of cosmetics and I can tell you right now that I’m very excited by this little palette. After dipping my fingers and a brush into it all I shall tell you is that it is just A MAZE ING!! There are two new palettes just launched, I have Utopia and the other is Paradise, both are £8.00 HERE (Superdrug appear to have made a boob in their descriptions, calling both palettes Paradise)

So that’s my little Superdrug online beauty booty. I’ll be back soon with some reviews for you, thank you for stopping by today.



MUA Makeup Academy 5th Birthday Limited Edition Palette…Review

Welcome back beauties!

As regular readers will know, on 20th April MUA Makeup Academy celebrated their 5th Birthday, and to commemorate they have brought out what I believe to be their prettiest eyeshadow palette to date. This is the 5th Birthday Limited Edition palette.


I was so lucky to receive the 5th Birthday palette from MUA themselves, it was a complete surprise especially because I was celebrating my own Birthday too! I’m not even a blogger for MUA, I’m just blog about their products that myself or Mark buys. They sent me some other NEW products too which I shall talk about another time. I first want to share with you my thoughts on this beauty.

The lovely slim black packaging holds 12 beautiful eyeshadows, a really good mix of shimmer/metallic shades and matte shades too, and I love how 6 of the eyeshadows have the number 5 embossed in them which will of course disappear as the palette is used. (Almost makes me sad to use it!)  They are all so buttery soft and creamy, there was a little fall-out but not too much to worry me. They all blend beautifully and each one is buildable to however intense you want your colour.


On the top row the matte eyeshadows are PENNY and SIREN. On the bottom row the matte eyeshadows are SHELL, CHINO and SMOKE. All the matte shades are perfect to use in the crease area. The Shell shade for me is ideal to lay down all over my eye area as a base.


I can honestly say from my heart that this is the prettiest palette MUA have brought to us, the colours are I think, trans-seasonal making it ideal to use for your pretty light Spring makeup to your more smokey sexy Christmas party looks too. This palette was gifted to me and I really shouldn’t talk money, but because it’s you I can tell you it’s £4.00 from MUA online HERE

Thank You for stopping by and reading today.






5th Birthday Limited Edition Palette….A Gift from MUA Makeup Academy….

Hello again beauties.

As regular visitors to Elegant Ageless Beauty will know I had a huge surprise last week when I opened a package, MUA Makeup Academy sent me a gift for my birthday. I was totally overwhelmed and so grateful. Me and MUA share the same birthday month April, theirs is 20th and mine is 27th. I’m 55 and they are 5. One of the gifts they sent me is the very beautiful 5th Birthday Limited Edition Palette. 


I’m not telling you my thoughts at the moment, I just want to show you how pretty it is. However I do think that this is one of the prettiest palettes MUA have brought to us to date. It looks like it will be very trans-seasonal taking you from Spring through to Christmas. I’m going to be using this over the next couple of days and I shall come back to you with my thoughts and of course, swatches too. I hope you will come back for that. I can’t wait to start using this palette, I think I know what it’s going to be like, I’ve never been disappointed with anything that MUA release.

I’ll be back soon with a complete review and some swatches, click HERE to go to MUA website.

Twelfth Night Palette from MUA Makeup Academy…..

Hello again lovelies!

Yes I know Christmas is way behind us now but I really must have a word or two about the very pretty Twelfth Night palette from MUA Makeup Academy, it’s another of my Christmas presents from Mark and it’s a limited edition palette so when it’s gone it’s gone!


The Twelfth Night eyeshadow palette holds 12 lovely buttery soft shades in the recognisable black and clear plastic packaging. I love that you can see all the different colours through the “window” of all MUA palettes.


The shades in this palette are perfect for these cold Winter months, you can easily create lovely natural daytime looks and then go for sexy dark smokey look for your nights out!


I love that there are some super purple tones in this palette, the grey’s have a purple tones to them too, which are actually anti – aging and perfect for my green eyes. The mix of matte and shimmer is great because it means I can use the more shimmery eyeshadows on the mobile lid and use the darker matte colours in the crease area.

If you like the look of the Twelfth Night palette grab it quick, it’s ONLY £2.00 from HERE. What a bargain!





Romantic Efflorescence Palette from MUA Makeup Academy…Review

Hello again lovelies!

I’ve finally got around to giving you my thoughts and swatches of the gorgeous “Romantic Efflorescence” palette from MUA Makeup Academy. Sorry it’s taken so long but the light here in the UK hasn’t been playing ball for us to take some good photos.


This is an eyeshadow palette holding 12 eyeshadows and the double ended sponge applicator. This time MUA have used the clean-looking white packaging for this one. It’s a gorgeous naturals eye shadow palette that’s great for any look you want to create. The colour theme is plum, grey and brown which is perfect for all skin tones. There are 4 matte shades, with the rest of the palette having shimmery/metallic shades too. As usual with MUA eye shadows they have super pigmentation that is just so easy to blend out and build up to the intensity you want for the look you are creating, even though they are powder eye shadows they feel so creamy and very rarely is there any fallout while applying.


I do like that MUA are now putting the names of the colours on the bottom of the palette, so from left I can tell you that the matte shades are Mesmeric, Corrupt, Magnet and Siren.


As you can see from the swatches, some of the shimmer eye shadows are more shimmery than others and these swatches are from just one swipe of the sponge applicator from pan to arm. The gorgeous copper colour (last on the top row) is called Fiery and I can see why. The four matte eye shadows aren’t chalky and they blend into the crease of the eye perfectly. The Romantic Efflorescence palette is just £4.00 take a look HERE





Hello lovelies, welcome back.

I thought that I would put some tennis on the TV and settle down and give you my thoughts on the Elysium Palette from MUA Makeup Academy.


As with all the MUA palettes I purchase I can’t find anything wrong with the Elysium Palette. All the colours are completely wearable for me, different shades of pink and rose gold  and dark smokey brown/pinks and a black, with a mixture of matte and shimmer powder eyeshadows. There are 10 gorgeous shades in all to create many looks with, from natural daytime looks for work to a sexy smudgy smokey eyes for night-time and parties. I love the double ended eye pencil in the palette, the cream is called a highlighter but I used it on the inside of my lower lashes to brighten up the eyes, it’s perfect! as is the black eyeliner too both are so creamy and they didn’t make my eyes water either. The black pencil also smudges out with a brush to line the top lashes too. I’m liking that MUA have started to put names to their various eye shadow colours  from top left we have Air, Cherub, Charm, Refine, Entrance, Adore on the bottom row we have Astral, Grace, Smoke, Seraphic. The matte shades are Air, Charm, Refine and the gorgeous black shade Smoke. Every one of these eye shadows are so pigmented as is usual with this brand all so buttery and blendable and they stay on until you take your make up off.


I always put a little foundation and powder on my arm before I swatch anything, I think it helps bring out the colour more in the photo’s. It took just one swipe of each eye shadow to get these swatches and you can clearly see which are the matte eye shadows and which are the shimmer eye shadows. I wish I could get really neat swatches though, I can’t seem to ever get them in a straight line, sorry lovelies.

The gorgeous Elysium Palette is just £6.00 from HERE

Have a great day lovelies, thanks for reading!