MUA Makeup Academy Unique Lip Gloss…

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I have something Unique to share with you today. Unique to MUA Makeup Academy anyway. This is a pretty Unique Lip Gloss.

It’s from the MUA Luxe range of their gorgeous products and it is said to adapt itself using the pH in your body to give you your perfect pink shade on your lips. Although this is a clear pink lipgloss it applies clear to the lips. Then after a while it should take on your own shade of Pink. Below is what MUA says:

“Apply this pH reactive lip gloss to your lips for your personalised shade. Upon application the formula adapts to your natural pH to create a bespoke subtle pink shade.”

Before I started trialing this lipgloss, which I did purchase myself by the way. I used my MUA Lip scrub to get rid of any dryness that I’ve been getting in the hot weather. I applied it to clean dry lips, and it applies beautifully, there is no stickiness to this lipgloss, it doesn’t feel in any way gloopy and it’s so glossy on the lips too! Did it change colour on my lips though? Did I get my own bespoke shade of pink? Well, my lips did appear to be darker looking in appearance but they weren’t pink at all. Maybe the darker my lips were looking IS my bespoke shade of pink? I must say they did look glossy and hydrated, and I do enjoy wearing the Unique Lip Gloss, and it’s only £4.00 HERE.

Have you tried the Unique Lip Gloss from MUA? If you have I’d love to know what you think to it. Did you get your bespoke shade of pink?





MUA Luxe Velvet Matte Lipstick

Hello, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

Today I’m coming to you to share  a lovely new lipstick that I purchased myself from MUA Makeup Academy. This is relatively new to their Luxe range of cosmetics, it’s the Velvet Matte Lipstick, I have shade number 12.

Really gorgeous packaging for this lipstick in black and gold matte. The cap and bullet are a really strong “snap” open/closure, absolutely no chance of this opening in your makeup bag! The lipstick itself is faceted with clean  sharp edges for a really neat and precise application to the lips. It applies like a dream too. I was never really a fan of matte lip products, thinking that they just made my lips look dry and thin and more aged, but for a matte lipstick I found this one quite moisturising and my lips didn’t look thin and “old” either. But what is it about matte lip products, why do they all smell like a painters workshop? The weird smell isn’t as strong with this lipstick, but it is there, although it doesn’t taste horrid. Once you have got by the smell and the lipstick had dried down there is no transference to my coffee cup and it didn’t disappear when I ate food either. In fact I had the colour on my lips for about 4 hours, without it fading and leaving me with that horrid dry lip line, even with me always licking my lips too. A highly pigmented full coverage matte lipstick that I really am enjoying at the moment, and I never thought I would. I am actually going to purchase another couple of shades right after I’ve posted this, from the MUA website HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.



A Trio of MUA Makeup Academy Pretties!

Hello lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty..

A couple of weeks ago I had a trip to our local Superdrug and treated my self to a few goodies, three of which are from MUA Makeup Academy, my favourite budget makeup brand.

I will be writing separate reviews on each of the products, but for now I’m just sharing with you the products I purchased. If you have these, I’d love to know your thoughts too. I’m nosy like that.

At the top there you can see that I have a really pretty eye shadow palette from MUA. Really lovely shades that are perfect for the Summer months, and they are ALL matte eyeshadows too, that’s a result. This is the Matte Soft Focus Eyeshadow Palette. I’ll have a review of the palette soon on EAB.

Next is a product that I have been after for ages, it’s the Custom Colour Foundation Mixer, in the shade Lightening, Cool. I’ve got a few foundations that I can’t use as they are too dark for me, so when I saw MUA had launched this product into their range I was so happy. I will have a review of the foundation mixer coming up soon.

Lastly, this lip gloss intrigued me. It’s from the MUA Luxe range and it’s called Unique Lip Gloss. This is what MUA says “Apply this pH reactive lip gloss to your lips for your personalised shade. Upon application the formula adapts to your natural pH to create a bespoke subtle pink shade.” I will of course get back to you when I’ve used it a few times and let you know if it does work. There might even be a pic of my lips! yes I’m getting daring aren’t I? But I feel that with a product like this I have to do it.

Okay beauties, I’ll be back soon with reviews on these three products. In the meantime if you would like to check them out for yourself the link to MUA Makeup Academy is HERE. Also Superdrug too is HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.


MUA Makeup Academy Luxe Palette…..”Enchanted”…

Hi welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

As regular readers of EAB know my favourite makeup brand from the High Street is MUA Makeup Academy. Just lately they have introduced many new products to their LUXE range, and they have really excelled themselves, everything I’ve seen is just stunning. I picked up one of the new luxe eyeshadow palettes from Superdrug last week, this is “Enchanted


Encased in the shiny slimline little black palette are 5 silky and shimmery eyeshadows merged in waves of pure prettiness! The pink/lilac toned shades are gorgeous and right up my street. The first shade in the palette is a very pale pink, which I had to apply a couple of times to get a good colour payoff, the next one is my favourite, it’s a gorgeous rose gold shade and this one felt so creamy and blended beautifully. Next we have a slightly darker pink with a warmer tone to it, again it’s soft and creamy and easy to blend. The fourth shade in the palette is deep pink that has a copper tone to it when blended on the eye, and lastly there is a deep rose bronze shade. The Enchanted palette is perfect for the Autumn, I shall be using it a lot, probably with my Elysium palette from MUA which has some great matte shades to use along with this one. I’ve a review of the Elysium palette HERE.

The Enchanted palette from MUA Makeup Academy is just £6.00, I got mine from Superdrug on the High Street, but you can get it from MUA website HERE.


MUA Makeup Academy Luxe Palette – Paradise….

Hello my lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty

I’m sharing with you today a beautiful eyeshadow palette from MUA Makeup Academy Luxe range that was very kindly gifted to me by MUA. This palette is fairly new to the range and it’s the second of two that’s available, this is the Paradise Palette.


It has a pretty cardboard outer sleeve in black and gold, which can be recycled if you don’t want to keep it.


The palette itself is the classic shiny piano black, with the branding in gold very cute but also very sturdy too.


The powder eyeshadows inside are of the brick kind, there are no dividers between each shade. I love these colours of copper, bronze, brown, lilac and plum in various tones. They are again buttery soft and silky, easily blended to the intensity you want whether you have just a simple wash of colour or go for a strong party look.They are all metallic and give a lovely sheen to the eyes whichever look you go for.



I think that this is going to be beautiful for the Christmas party season in particular, although when Spring and Summer are here it’s going to be rather pretty for then too. The wearability is great,  I wore the purple/plum shade all day and it didn’t fade or crease or run down my eyes.

If you want a more neutral palette try the “Utopia” palette also new in the MUA Luxe range, you can read my review HERE  Both palettes really are gorgeous and I couldn’t tell you which is my favourite, I love them both.

You can find the Paradise Palette HERE and it’s just £8.00

Thank you for reading today lovelies.



MUA Makeup Academy Metallic Liquid Lipstick….

Hello loves. Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty

I’ve a couple of MUA Makeup Academy Metallic Liquid Lipsticks I’m sharing with you today, they very kindly put a couple in for me to try along with the gorgeous goodies for my MUA Giveaway which is over on Twitter HERE  The packaging is like that of a lip gloss with a sponge doe foot applicator, and I do love the pretty metal looking bronze coloured top with the branding in black.


 shade BLAZE



They do look very similar, but believe me when they are on the lips they are different colours. The liquid lipsticks are from the Luxe range from MUA, and to be honest I was wary about trying these two colours. I don’t do berry colours on my lips at all, I always thought that they didn’t suit me at the age I am now. But, because of the sheen or gloss, they did suit me and will be my go to lipsticks this Autumn and Winter season. They apply like a dream and are very pigmented and creamy. I could feel the tiny glitter particles slightly but it’s not uncomfortable, and after a while it’s not noticeable anyway. It’s the glitter particles that’s giving the liquid lipstick it’s metallic sheen which is very pretty, and I find it quite flattering for me personally. They also smell rather delicious too, of vanilla. How long is the wearability? Pretty good actually, it lasted on my lips for quite a few hours even with the copious amount of coffee I drink during the day. 


The beautiful opaque liquid lipsticks come in 7 glorious shades, and there are a few more I want to get myself. They are a beautiful bargain at just £4.00 HERE or your local High Street Superdrug, and Superdrug online HERE 

My Giveaway has now ended.



October Favourites….

Hello loves, Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

It’s been a while since I did a monthly favourites post, so I thought as I’ve purchased a few things over the last month or so, I’ll do one to share with you what I’ve been loving in October. Let’s begin with skincare.


My gorgeous B. Skincare  Enriched Restorative Facial Oil! I have loved using this beautiful product every night in my skincare regime, and it’s made a huge difference to the way my skin looks when I wake in the morning. You can see my review HERE 

My next product that I’ve loved this month is very new to my makeup collection, and it’s also new from MUA Makeup Academy too. 


The Skin Define Hydro Primer is like no other primer I’ve used, ever. I do like a primer under foundation but I find some can “roll” or “ball up” while applying to my face. This one doesn’t do that at all. I’ve read that this is very much like the Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer. (A dupe?) You can read my full review HERE 


I have a new BFF! It’s a gorgeous eyeshadow palette from who else but MUA again. It’s new for Autumn/Winter. The cute little Utopia palette from the MUA Luxe range is full of high pigmented powder eyeshadows, the shades are perfect for this season and through Christmas and beyond. You can see a full review HERE 

I’ve a blusher that I’ve been reaching for the most this month, and I bought it from Beauty Crowd. It’s beautiful to look at and to use too!


The Milani Rose Powder Blush in the shade Tea Rose. It’s a huge size, very pigmented and I just love how it’s moulded into a rose, so pretty! You can read my full review HERE 

My new makeup brushes! Oh how I love these beauties. I bought them from the Beauty Crowd website and they’re by Barbara Hoffman. 


These are all face brushes for foundation, powder and blusher/bronzer. The soft synthetic bristles make blending easy peasy, and they clean easily too. Read my full review HERE 

I do have many more “faves” from this last month but it would make for a long read, so I’ll leave it there for now.

B. Skincare at Superdrug

Utopia Palette and Primer at MUA

Milani Rose Blusher and Barbara Hoffman brushes at Beauty Crowd

Have a great November!



MUA Makeup Academy Luxe Palette in “Utopia”

Hello and welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty my loves, thank you for stopping by.

Regular visitors to EAB will know that I’m a huge fan of MUA Makeup Academy, I just love their palettes! Today I am sharing with you a new one that the brand have added to their range for Autumn/Winter, and its a big WOW for me, its beautiful! There are two new eyeshadow palettes in the MUA Luxe range, the one I am sharing with you is called “Utopia” with the other called “Paradise”


The palette comes in lovely black and gold cardboard packaging. Other palettes that I have from another brand that have come inside a cardboard sleeve I’ve thrown the packaging into the recycling bin, but this one I think I will keep in its box. It’s rather pretty.


The palette is black with gold branding as is usual with MUA Luxe, BUT this is considerably smaller than any other MUA palette. All good things come in small packages, isn’t that what they say?


Although this is a 10 shade eyeshadow palette it is at least half the size of other MUA palettes, BUT you still get a lot of product within. As you can see from the photo, each eyeshadow is not separated by single pans, they are as one and almost merged, I think that this makes the palette look really classy and more in keeping with a high-end eyeshadow palette. The “Utopia” is a palette full of utter gorgeousness, the eyeshadows are all metallic silky eyeshadows. Buttery soft and so easy to blend, the pigmentation is better than anything else I have from MUA Luxe, now there’s a statement!


These are first 5 swatches in the palette, you have a beautiful champagne for highlighting, with gorgeous coppers and golds too.


The next 5 shades there are some brown shades, a dark brown is in there, along with bronze, rose gold, taupe and a light brown.

 I think that this palette is a “must have” for Autumn and Winter and also for Christmas time too, it is just so beautiful! The MUA Luxe Palette in Utopia is only £8.00 HERE

Mark bought me this palette, it was in no way sent to me for review. Thank you for reading today.



Whipped Velvet Blush and Whipped Velvet Lip Lacquer by MUA Makeup Academy!!

Hello again my beauties!

I’m back again with my thoughts of 2 lovely MUA products that Mark bought me for my birthday back in April. They are the Whipped Velvet Blush & Lip Lacquer in the shade Rococo from the Luxe range at MUA.

1 - Copy

Let’s begin with the Whipped Velvet Blush. I must say first that this is now my go to blusher each time I do my makeup. It’s a cream product, but actually feels more like a mousse, because it’s whipped. It’s applies very sheer, almost to nothing when blended. But you can build it up until you get the intensity you want. It feels so silky and smooth when it’s on the skin too. I use my Pro-Base Prime & Conceal powder to set my foundation and blusher, and the blusher lasts until I remove my makeup. The Whipped Velvet Blush is perfect for the Spring/Summer when we want a lighter makeup, and you can get it HERE for just £3.00 where there are 5 pretty shades to choose from.


Left is the Whipped Velvet Lip Lacquer, Right is the Whipped Velvet Blush. Both in the shade ROCOCO.


The Whipped Velvet Lip Lacquer is also light and airy with a smooth and silky application. It applies very sheer and again can be built up to get the actual intensity you want. It has a sponge tipped applicator but you could use a lip brush if you prefer. It’s a lightweight formula, so it’s not sticky. I can feel that it’s on my lips when I’m wearing it though. I normally hate the feeling of a lip product on my lips, but with this being so light it doesn’t bother me, it just feels very creamy and smooth. Because it fairly matte, you will need to make sure your lips are smooth, so exfoliate before applying any matte lip product. The lip lacquers come in 5 pretty shades HERE for £3.00

Have you tried any of the MUA Luxe Whipped products? I’d love to know what you think.





Hello lovelies, and welcome back.

So we are nearly at the end of April, it’s gone so fast hasn’t it? I thought I would show you what I have been loving in April. Of course my highlight of the last month has to be going to the launch of new brand Makeup Revolution, yes it was at the end of March when this happened but I’ve included it in my April favourites as it was too late to include it in my March favourites.


So my first favourite of the month was going to the launch of Makeup Revolution. Mark and I both went, he decided we were going to travel by train rather than drive all the way to London from Cambridgeshire, so he could have a nice relaxing day too. We met Adam Minto, creator of Makeup Revolution, unfortunately I never got a picture of him he was just so busy. I was given a gorgeous bag of goodies to bring home to use and review, and I just hope my reviews have done the products and the brand justice!


Makeup Artist, Claire Ray

I had my makeup done by make up artist Claire Ray, who has made up the faces of Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller to name but a few, and she has toured with Take That too! So she is definitely one of my favourites from this last month. In all, being invited as a beauty blogger to an event such as this has made my year so far, fingers crossed it wont be my last. Thank you Makeup Revolution! If you would like to check out the new brand just click on the link in the side-bar, it will take you straight to their online store. For all my overseas from England readers, they ship worldwide too!



One of the products given to me was this little beauty, it’s the now very popular Iconic 3 palette from Makeup Revolution,  by now everyone knows it’s a “dupe” for Naked 3 by Urban Decay. I have loved using this gorgeous palette and now I have this I don’t want the higher end product I am very happy with my £4.00 one, thank you very much. One of my favourite palettes from this last month for sure!



My other favourite eyeshadow palette from the last month has been the Pretty Edgy Luxe Palette for MUA Makeup Academy. 


This is a gorgeous palette too, each shadow is HUGE, a mix of shimmer and matte textures in varying shades of pinks grey and brown/taupe. The mirror in the lid is massive, I can see my whole face in it. Not that I use the mirror at all, I need a magnifying one now! The palette looks beautiful when closed, too. Very sleek shiny black with gold studding, it looks like a very pretty clutch purse. The eyeshadows are so creamy and buttery soft, you wouldn’t think you are applying a powder eyeshadow. Click HERE to check out MUA Makeup Academy. They ship worldwide by the way!


VO5 Dry Backcoming Spray

My favourite hair product from the last month is the Dry Backcoming Spray from VO5. It’s just so pretty darn good! I have always liked “big” hair on myself right from being a teenager. I had the Farah Fawcett Majors style from the “Charlies Angels” tv show (Yes I really am that old!) I’ve had a Bonnie Tyler big hair perm too. I have never liked my hair in a sleek style, I need my hair to be “full-bodied” just like my red wine 🙂 so when I discovered this wonderful hair spray I was over the moon, it means I can jujj up my hair without all the damaging backcombing. Give it a go if you like big hair, it’s also a huge help in creating gorgeous up-do’s too. Get it from Superdrug HERE. Incidentally you can also shop for MUA and Makeup Revolution at Superdrug too!


I shall make this the last of my favourites for April, I could just go on and on because I have much more to share with you. This nail polish from MUA Makeup Academy is perfect for Spring/Summer. It’s shade “Sweet Peach” and it’s so vibrant and bright, will look fabulous with a tan too. I love MUA nail polish, for only £1.00 the coverage is not bad at all. I put two coats on for the picture above, but if you add a 3rd it is even more fabulous. It means that you would get through your bottle pretty quick but it won’t break the bank for only a quid will it? It also lasts well on the nails too, I’ve had MUA polish on my nails for 5 days straight without a chip. Check out the £1.00 nail polish HERE

So that’s just a few of my April Favourites lovely people. If you have tried any of them too I would love to know because I’m nosey like that.

Thank you for reading.




Hello lovely people!

Well Spring has sprung here in England but it’s a bit blustery today. It has just dawned on me that we are a week into April and I haven’t done my March favourites Doh. Please keep reading to find out what I have loved during the month of March!



I have started to love this gorgeous face wash all over again. Not only does it smell amazing, it cleanses my skin beautifully and leaves it feeling so soft and fresh. My skin doesn’t feel dry and tight afterwards either which is a bonus! I got this from our local supermarket but you can buy Organic Surge online from HERE


My MUA Make Up Academy matte palette has become a huge favourite over the last month. It has shades within it for Spring and for the rest of the year too, I use this palette alongside another MUA palette. (see below)


MUA Luxe “Pretty Edgy” Palette. A mix of matte and frosted shimmery eyeshadows, works so well with the matte palette (above) I have been enjoying using both of them. Check out MUA palettes and more HERE


My gorgeous Calvin Klein “Euphoria” prize that I won from “re-tweeting” a tweet on twitter. I am loving Calvin Klein fragrance at the moment, Mark bought me “Downtown” for Valentines day, but I don’t have pics to show you. I have really enjoyed my CK perfumes through March.


And I just had to include our electronic cigarettes that both me and Mark started using to help us quit smoking. I would like to be at the stage when I don’t need to use this at all. The beginning of May would be ideal, it’s when my new granddaughter is due to arrive! We bought our Ecig Wizzard cigarettes from HERE.

So that was just a few beauty related things I have loved in March. What have you been loving? I’d love to know ‘cos I’m nosy like that!

Have a great week lovely people!