Matte Soft Focus Eyeshadow Palette from MUA Makeup Academy…

Hello beauty lovers, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty Blog.

I thought today I would share with you a pretty eyeshadow palette from the fabulous MUA Makeup Academy. This is the Matte Soft Focus Palette.

Please just feast your eyes on the prettiness of the colours in this palette! It’s perfect for Spring/Summer I think, soft matte pastel and neutral shades will suit all skin tones, and they are all encased in the MUA standard black packaging, with the double ended sponge applicator.

The 12 powder eyeshadows are all so creamy soft and blendable,   I didn’t find them chalky at all. Although I can see why the palette is called “Soft Focus” the eyeshadows are muted when applied to the eyelids, but then they can be built up to the intensity you want. When I tried these out for reviewing here on my blog, I did one eye with an eye primer and one without. I did find the colours applied more intensely to the primed eye lid, more of the pigment showed through. For last-ability? I wore the eyeshadows all day, it did fade but some colour did remain behind.

On the reverse of the palette you will find the names of all the shades, which is what I love about MUA, they don’t give you a silly sheet of acetate with names of shades printed on, that inevitably always gets misplaced. So from the top left is Delicate, next Balmy, Faint, Gentle, Dainty, lastly Misty. On the bottom row from left is Subdued, Tender, Muted, Tinted, Mellow, and lastly is Whisper. A really lovely eyeshadow palette and only £4.00 Here.

MUA have recently launched some beautiful new lipsticks, I’m off for a peruse, hopefully I can find something to suit me and I can bring you that soon as poss. Thank you for stopping by today.




Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette…Daytime

So Mark surprised me with a little Superdrug delivery last week and one of the products inside was this smashing palette by Makeup Revolution, this is the Renaissance Palette, Daytime.

A cute little compact sized palette in a pretty cream with rose gold hard wear, and the palette itself is shrouded in a cream velour pouch which is snuggled in a cream and gold  box. Now the photos have been taken I wont keep my palette in the box or pouch, the box will go into the recycling bin, and the pouch I’m keeping in my handbag for when I’m out and about, sometimes I get the urge to have to remove the jewellery I’m wearing that day, and it was always like searching an abyss in my hand bag to retrieve earrings so now I can just pop them in the little pouch should the urge take me! Anyway I digress, what did I think of the Renaissance Palette?

The palette is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside. The five neutral eyeshadows are sitting in a bed of gold, and are a really good size individually. The first shade is a cream coloured shimmer shade for highlighting the eye the others are all matte eyeshadows. There’s a double ended applicator laying to the front of the palette, this time it’s brushes on both ends instead of the usual sponge applicator. The eyeshadows themselves are as you would expect from Makeup Revolution, lovely and buttery soft and so easy to blend. I got a little fall out from the darkest shade when putting under my lower lashes, but a quick swipe with a fluffy brush and it’s soon sorted.

The Renaissance Palette Daytime is just what it says it is, perfect for your natural daytime look, and there’s one for night time too, with both just £8.00 each on TAM Beauty website HERE. If you aren’t in the UK, TAM Beauty does ship internationally. If you are in the UK you can also buy from Superdrug online HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today, I shall be back soon to share a few more colour cosmetics products with you. I feel like it’s been an absolute age since I had some makeup reviews here on EAB so I must rectify that.

See you soon.



I Found Freedom! Pro 12 Audacious Mattes Palette…

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty my lovelies!

Yes it’s true I’ve found Freedom. Freedom Makeup that is, I’m rather late to the party but I’ve arrived at last! I’ve a couple of Freedom Makeup products to share with you over the coming few blog posts and today I thought that I’d start with something that I got on a recent shopping trip to Superdrug, this is the Pr0 12 Audacious Mattes Palette from Freedom Makeup. This brand by the way, if you don’t already know is under the same umbrella as Makeup Revolution and created by the same man, Adam Minto.


This is a 12 shade eyeshadow palette and each pan is a great size. The packaging is sleek black plastic with a window on the top to show the prettiness within, it’s a sturdy feeling palette, nothing flimsy about it at all, the branding on this is in a clean white.


This is a lovely nude/naturals palette which will take you from day to night with your eye looks. My first impression on opening the palette is that the top row of eyeshadows are very similar in colour, all seem to have a yellow undertone, but they are very beautiful in texture, so soft and utterly buttery very pigmented and blend so well. The second row disappointed me, I love the colours yes, again they are very soft, but I couldn’t get much colour payoff at all. The last row with the deeper shades are quite stunning! The softness and blendability is gorgeous, albeit a bit powdery and I did get a bit of fallout from them, but that doesn’t bother me I can just brush it away.

Because these are matte eyeshadows I knew I might have a problem with how long they last on the skin during the day, so I did one eye with primer and one without. I did get more colour payoff with the middle row on the primed eye but the eyeshadows are buildable, so I did get even eyes when I did my unprimed eye! At the end of the day I noticed there wasn’t much difference in the wear of the eyeshadows, both had faded slightly, but neither eye had creased and the darker shade that I used to line my eyes with was still visible. For just £4.00 this is a super matte palette to have in your collection if you love matte eyeshadows. I purchased my Audacious Mattes Palette from Superdrug on the High Street, right now I can’t find it on Superdrug website. You can however purchase from Tam Beauty website, where they do ship internationally HERE.

Have you tried Freedom Makeup? What would you recommend I try next?



Beyond Flawless Palette by Makeup Revolution….My Thoughts…

Hello again lovelies!

So I thought I should let you know my thoughts of the palette I was using over the last couple of days. It’s the Beyond Flawless 32 eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution.


Shiny black with the pretty rose gold branding  is now recognisable as Makeup Revolutions palettes, for a budget cosmetics brand that always looks so sophisticated.


A  lovely nude/natural eyeshadow palette with shades ranging from ivory and cream, some pretty pinks and gold tones, plenty of brown and taupe shades, finally shades of grey and black to complete that sexy smoky eye look. There’s a mix of matte and shimmer shades in the palette, with the shimmer out numbering the matte. Each eyeshadow is very pigmented, not chalky,they are so buttery soft making them easy to blend and buildable to the intensity you want.


I’ve only done 6 swatches because it was such bad light today it was difficult to get a good photo of all 32 shades, but you can see just how pigmented the eyeshadows are in the Beyond Flawless Palette. I’ve managed to show you 2 shimmer and 4 matte shades. Even the matte eyeshadows are just perfect for blending into the crease of the eyes, there’s hardly any “fallout” when applying.

So yes another super gorgeous eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution and it’s only £8.00! Take a look at this and more beauties like it HERE.





Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette by Makeup Revolution….My Thoughts….

Hello again lovely people!


So here are my thoughts on the Flawless Matte palette from Makeup Revolution. I love that the palette itself comes in a gold cardboard sleeve with the name of the palette embossed on the top.


The palette is of course the iconic piano black with the rose gold branding, which when you open has a huge mirror in the lid that you can see your whole face in, and is perfect for using to do a full face of makeup. (I can’t though, I need a magnifying mirror these days!)


32 gorgeous eyeshadows fill this beauty, and you don’t get the double ended sponge applicator in it either which actually doesn’t bother me as I never use it anyway. The shades range from your nudes and naturals from taupe to peach and pink shades, then you go into the dark browns and greys finally the charcoal and black for adding to that sexy smoky eye look.

I used the nudes and pinks for the eye look I wore when I went to my Grandson’s art exhibition. The eye shadows feel so creamy and buttery soft.


I’m not swatching all 32 shades, I don’t have long enough arms! So I’ve just swatched my 6 of the best. These eyeshadows, for a low budget brand aren’t at all chalky, although I did have a little fallout when applying, but I think I shall use less on my brush and build up the colour next time, maybe I shan’t get so much. They are easy to blend, perfect for using in the socket especially if like me you are a “hoody” (hooded eyes) when you really shouldn’t take anything sparkly above the socket, unless you are highlighting the brow of course! That’s just my opinion mind.

The Flawless Matte palette by Makeup Revolution is just £8.00 and you can get it HERE

See you next time



It’s Time To Get Reviewing! Flawless Matte Palette by Makeup Revolution….

Hello again lovelies!

So back in April Mark brought me some Makeup Revolution products for my birthday, and one palette is the Flawless Matte eyeshadow palette. They have been sitting in a box untouched waiting for some decent light to photograph it. I do like to take pictures before I use new products I think they look much nicer for readers to look at.


Gorgeous matte gold cardboard packaging!


Beautiful piano black with the branding in the iconic rose gold!


There are 32 beautiful matte powder eyeshadows inside the Flawless Matte palette, ranging from nude/neutrals to browns and peaches through to greys and charcoals, allowing you to create looks that are so natural for daytime then they can also create that sexy smokey eye for night time too. To look at, so far I love it. I shall use it now and get back to you soon on how it applies, blends and wears. Sometimes matte eyeshadows can be chalky no matter how much you pay for it, and I’ve dipped my finger in one eyeshadow and it does feel rather lovely not chalky at all, but I’ll see how it fairs with my brushes. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime if you would like to check out this palette and more besides, click HERE.

See you soon!



MUA Makeup Academy 5th Birthday Limited Edition Palette…Review

Welcome back beauties!

As regular readers will know, on 20th April MUA Makeup Academy celebrated their 5th Birthday, and to commemorate they have brought out what I believe to be their prettiest eyeshadow palette to date. This is the 5th Birthday Limited Edition palette.


I was so lucky to receive the 5th Birthday palette from MUA themselves, it was a complete surprise especially because I was celebrating my own Birthday too! I’m not even a blogger for MUA, I’m just blog about their products that myself or Mark buys. They sent me some other NEW products too which I shall talk about another time. I first want to share with you my thoughts on this beauty.

The lovely slim black packaging holds 12 beautiful eyeshadows, a really good mix of shimmer/metallic shades and matte shades too, and I love how 6 of the eyeshadows have the number 5 embossed in them which will of course disappear as the palette is used. (Almost makes me sad to use it!)  They are all so buttery soft and creamy, there was a little fall-out but not too much to worry me. They all blend beautifully and each one is buildable to however intense you want your colour.


On the top row the matte eyeshadows are PENNY and SIREN. On the bottom row the matte eyeshadows are SHELL, CHINO and SMOKE. All the matte shades are perfect to use in the crease area. The Shell shade for me is ideal to lay down all over my eye area as a base.


I can honestly say from my heart that this is the prettiest palette MUA have brought to us, the colours are I think, trans-seasonal making it ideal to use for your pretty light Spring makeup to your more smokey sexy Christmas party looks too. This palette was gifted to me and I really shouldn’t talk money, but because it’s you I can tell you it’s £4.00 from MUA online HERE

Thank You for stopping by and reading today.







Hello lovelies, welcome back!.

This is just a quick post to show what I’m using at the moment, and then I’ll come back and let you know my final thoughts.


This is the Romantic Efflorescence palette from MUA Makeup Academy, and it was another one of my Christmas presents from Mark.


This lovely palette is a mix of matte and metallic eyeshadow in 12 gorgeous shades, and of course the double ended sponge applicator is included. So far I’ve only dipped my fingers into the eyeshadows I haven’t used any on my eyes yet, but what I can see is very buttery soft eyeshadows all of them feel really lovely. I shall be using them in the proper manner soon and I shall get back to you with my thoughts and swatches asap!

By the way just to let you know, if you purchase any palette from the MUA online store you get a Mega Volume Mascara FREE!! Click HERE to find out more.

Thank you for stopping by and I’ll be back soon with a full review of the  Romantic Efflorescence Palette.





Hello again lovelies!

I think Mark must have taken a sneaky peak at my Makeup Revolution wish list when shopping for my Christmas presents because I have had my eye on this palette for ages, it’s the limited edition “Hard Day” palette, from the Salvation range of palettes. When I opened it on Christmas morning I was delighted!


The packaging as always is the gorgeous piano black sturdy plastic with a HUGE mirror that I can see the whole of my face in. It has of course the pretty rose gold branding on the top. The palette itself is encased in a copper coloured box. Does anyone keep their boxes? I don’t, I must admit they end up in my recycling bin.


The “Hard Day” palette is full of gorgeous neutral shades 12 shimmer and 6 matte for your various eye looks, from daytime natural for work and then add the dark shades for the smokey eye look for evenings. The pigmentation as is usual with Makeup Revolution is brilliant, and not too much fallout either. All the eyeshadows feel so creamy and very blendable, some matte eyeshadows can be a bit chalky even with more pricier brands but  so far I have not had that problem with this brand. You do of course get the double ended sponge applicator, which I don’t use only for swatching on my arm, I always prefer my brushes.


There’s an acetate film over the top of the eyeshadows in the palette which gives you the name of each shade of eyeshadow, I always keep mine in my palette just to remind me because they aren’t shown anywhere else, ie underneath.


Sorry about the higgledy piggledy swatches! When I do swatches of any sort I always prep my arm first with foundation and powder which is what I’ve done here. I swatched these using the applicator in the palette cleaning after each shade, obvs. Some shades did need a couple of swipes of the applicator, mainly the lighter shades in both the shimmer and matte eyeshadows. The darker shades however are beautiful! This really is a gorgeous palette and worth far more than the £6.00 it is on the Tam Beauty website HERE.

Thank you for reading today lovelies.