The Best Foundation Blending Sponge……EVER!

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When I was asked if I would like to review the Basic Beauty Tools foundation blending sponge and Spongedry holder I have to be honest with you it was the holder that had me saying yes please!

I’ve got and used a few brands of foundation blending sponges, and they are all pretty much the same on performance and usability. They all work better when used dampened, although some expand more than others when damp. The Basic Beauty Tools sponge is absolutely fantastic, it’s Latex FREE for one thing! And when dampened it expands more than I’ve seen on any other beauty sponge. To use mine I wet it under the cold tap and squeeze excess water out, then I squeeze it inside a clean towel to take out even more water. This particular teardrop shaped sponge is so soft and spongy when damp it’s gorgeous, it bounces over my skin when I apply my foundation using the rounded bottom (!!!) and the point is fantastic for getting into all the nooks of the face, ie around the nose and eyes, and it doesn’t soak up all my foundation and concealer into itself either, which is due to the  unique micro cell texture of the sponge.

I found my sponge to be so easy to clean, I do use the same solid soap cleanser that I use for my brushes, and then pop it to air dry on the Spongedry holder also from Basic Beauty Tools. The little holder is just fantastic to allow your sponge (any brand to!) to dry after cleaning, it dries pretty quickly, again due to the micro cell texture, and drying this way stops a buildup of bacteria as you would if you let your sponge just dry off in your makeup bag. It’s also great to store your beauty sponge on your dressing table on a daily basis too.

Check out this gorgeous foundation sponge HERE.


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Essence Long Lasting Lipstick….The Test..

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I have had this lipstick for a while but I’ve only just decided to wear it and give it a proper test. It’s from budget brand Essence, and it’s from their long lasting range of lipsticks. I have the shade number 26, All Time Favourite.

It’s a lovely nude shade, perfect for any time of the year. I’m going to be testing it out see how it applies how it wears, how long it actually lasts throughout the day! I’m off out for my daughters birthday, and I’ll be taking a chocolate cake I’ve made her, so there will be some eating of said cake and the drinking of coffee which will give the lipstick a good test.

So I hope you will come back later to see what I thought of the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick.


A Beauty Crowd Haul….

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Are you one of “The Crowd” yet? The Beauty Crowd to be exact. It’s the one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Beauty Crowd bring us brands that are popular in the UK, like the new brand on the block Freedom, and also the less known about brands in the UK too ,which is actually what drew me to them. They bring us everything beauty, skincare, make up, body care, hair care, your beauty tools and something for the man in your life too! It’s certainly the place to be if you’re a beauty junkie!  Brands you can expect to see are L.A Colors. Bell Cosmetics, Barbara Hoffman, Absolute, Milani, Mesauda Milano, Freedom, and many more besides, can you see why I call it the “One Stop Shop?”


So here’s what I bought, I haven’t tried anything yet, I need to take photos of each item first, then I shall use them and get back to you with my thoughts in a few days.










I’m really excited to be trying some new brands, everything I bought looks amazing and I can’t wait to start using them, I shall come back to you soon with an update on everything.

This website no longer exists

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Amazing Shine Lipgloss from Makeup Revolution….

Hello again lovelies!

Don’t we all just love a pretty shiny lip gloss? Well I have 5 pretties to share with you from those awesome people at Makeup Revolution.


This is the Amazing Shine Lip Gloss and there are 9 shades to choose from, I have 5 of them and they are from the top: Baby Try a pretty sheer light pink perfect to wear alone to make your lips look glossy and healthy, Hush Hush a sheer but oh so shiny peach shade which is going to look super pretty over the top of a peach or even a coral shade of lipstick. Next I have Not Naive a nude and very glossy lip gloss which will go on the top of any nude/natural lipstick, or again wear it alone. This next one is my favourite, it’s Must Be Strong a very beautiful sheer but bright pink. Personally I wear this one on its own, when it’s applied it makes my lips look so much better it adds a slight hint of colour and plenty of sheen, it’s perfect when I’m wearing a “no makeup” make up. Lastly I have a clear gloss Freequite simply perfect to top any shade of lipstick for added shine.

I wasn’t really a fan of lip glosses until I became a beauty blogger, I always found them to be so gloopy and sticky and I could feel them on my lips which I didn’t like. Now, I love a lip gloss! As long as it isn’t sticky and gloopy obvs, the Amazing Shine Lip Gloss from Makeup Revolution isn’t, it’s lovely I use mine a lot. It tastes pretty good too and has a vanilla fragrance to it. It’s 10 out of 10 for these lip glosses! If you want to try them for yourself just click HERE to check them out.

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Welcome back lovelies!

As regular readers of Elegant Ageless Beauty will know I’ve been testing out the Ultra All Day Prime & Anti – Shine Balm from Makeup Revolution, it was just one of many Christmas presents from the brand that Mark gave me. After using over the weekend, these are my final thoughts.


So, what exactly is the Ultra All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm? This is a cosmetic product (obvs) that can be used under foundation as a primer to help add longevity to your makeup, and you can  use it over the top of foundation instead of a regular pressed or loose face powder. You can also “top up” during the day to get rid of any shine.

A gorgeous handy little compact with 5g of product, mirror and sponge applicator. There was an acetate disc covering the balm when I opened it for the first time which was a bit difficult to remove, I think it needs a tab to grab on too to make things easier with that. Being a primer you would of course expect this to feel like a primer, but it doesn’t it feels like a balm. The sponge applicator is a bit thin and flimsy but I used it and does the job with application. I had a look at the ingredients and of course there is silicon in the product, but there is also sesame seed oil and wheatgerm oil in there too.

Okay, so I applied the balm to my clean moisturised skin with the sponge applicator with a patting motion rather than swiping, used as a primer it’s meant to even out your skin making pores appear less noticeable and also fine lines too. I paid particular attention to my cheeks where I do suffer from large pores and after a couple of moments the pores did appear smaller. I suffer from a tiny bit of redness on my chin and this also appeared to be diminished too. So far I was really liking the product! The look of my skin did improve and then I noticed that the balm didn’t feel like a regular primer on my skin it wasn’t as silicon-y as  others I’ve used, it feels more like a moisturiser would feel. I then applied my foundation and used the balm to set it with, patting it over my face with the sponge applicator. I didn’t wear any other makeup during the day just the balm and foundation. I checked my makeup after an hour or so and I did see that I had become a bit shiny on my nose and chin, so I patted on some more of the balm and it took the shine away. If I’m out for the day I do have to touch up my face every now and then, I kept adding more powder each time to counteract the shine, and sometimes makeup ends up looking “cakey” Now I shall be taking this product out with me instead of powder for those touch up’s. I like the Ultra All Day Prime & Anti-Shine balm from Makeup Revolution, it will certainly become a staple in my makeup bag! I know that this was a Christmas gift so I shouldn’t really talk about money, but in the interest of this review I shall tell you that it’s £5.00 from HERE. (THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Sorry if this was a long read for you, I did have a bit to say. Thank you for stopping by today.