Heaven Skincare Prism Age Defiance Cream … My Thoughts

I am seriously nervous about writing and posting my review on this new Heaven Skincare product. It uses technology that I really don’t understand at all. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a beauty therapist or a skin specialist, I’m just someone who enjoys using beauty products and then writing about them here on Elegant Ageless Beauty. This product was sent to me for review.

Heaven’s newest product is the Prism Age Defiance Cream, an anti-aging cream which is made all the more powerful when in contact with a light source! This is the part I don’t understand, so I’m going to be honest with you, I’m just going to tell you how the Prism cream worked for me. This is what Heaven says

“Prism Age Defiance Cream is a revolutionary anti-ageing moisturiser that on contact with any light source generates smoother, tighter skin actually reversing the signs of damage & ageing from sunlight, light and pollutants. a natural sun care boosts collagen on exposure to UVA, UVB and Infrared light. protects you from visible light from mobile phones, tablets and computers”

Let’s talk ingredients. Organic Coconut Absolute is the base oil, with Vitamins B5 and E in there too as is  Hyaluronic Acid. The amino acid called L-Carnosine packs a punch in anti-aging skincare and it’s within this beauty also, to help skin cells to reproduce quicker, it especially helps with deep-set wrinkles and helps to reduce the appearance of age spots and skin that is thinning.

Prism Age Defiance from Heaven Skincare has all these amazing features, It helps to protect against sun damage, as it protects against skin DNA damage although it is NOT  an SPF, it’s an anti-ageing moisturiser that helps clear spots and prevent further break outs. Which I am so grateful for actually, as it’s worked for  my breakouts, I’ve been suffering terribly recently because I’m trialing other skincare at the moment. Other things I’ve noticed since using the Prism Age Defiance Cream is that my nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) are plumped out and less noticeable. As a former smoker I have lines on my top lip that bug the heck out of me, but they too have diminished since using Prism Age Defiance Cream it’s also soft and smooth and moisturised too. This anti-aging cream really is Heavenly, it’s suitable for all skin types, helps with rosacea and sensitive skin too. You will find Heaven Skincare Prism Age Defiance Cream HERE.

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Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum.

Hey lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I’m back to share with you my thoughts on the Heaven Skincare LIA Oil that was sent to me for review here on my blog.

As you can see the bottle is pretty special looking isn’t it? Inside the oil is pretty special too! The base oil ingredients are Organic Soya Bean, Carrot Oil, Jojoba, Rosehip, Grapeseed oils. Essential Oils packing a punch in the oil serum are Organic Rose Absolute, Neroli, Lavender and  Patchouli. It’s the fragrance of Lavender oil that hits me in the nose, my favourite floral smell ever, it’s just gorgeous. There is also Vitamins A and E within the oil serum too.

This intense oil serum is great for reducing redness and helps to calm Rosacea. I suffer from redness on my chin and cheeks, not too much but enough to make me want to conceal it when I go out, and since using the oil serum it has calmed down considerably. I’ve been using my oil mainly at night massaged into cleansed skin, then add my night cream or my Heaven Bee Venom mask on top. The following morning my skin is looking so radiant and glowing, and it’s not from hot flushes either! I have used my LIA oil serum during the day mixed into a moisturiser that’s from the high street to give the budget product more of a boost, and does it? Well yes it does. I have a high street Vitamin E day cream which I found to be unsuitable for my dry skin, it wasn’t moisturising enough, so I added some of the LIA oil Serum to it and now I can use it up because it’s working beautifully. There is absolutely no greasiness or slippery sticky skin from using the LIA oil, it sinks into the skin leaving it rejuvenated, nourished and pampered and very soft and smooth looking.

I’ve used the LIA oil serum in other ways too, massaged into my nails after removing polish to nourish them, and I also found it fantastic to smooth a little through the mid lengths of my hair! A gorgeous luxurious multi tasking oil serum! You can find the Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum on the website HERE.

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Coming Soon… Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum Review…

Hiya my loves, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty..

The gorgeous Deborah Mitchell, genius and creator of Heaven Skincare has very kindly sent me another one of her products to try, and then review here on Elegant Ageless Beauty. This lady always makes me feel so special when she sends me amazing treats like this, and I was very lucky to receive this on my birthday which was Thursday.  This is the beautiful LIA Oil Serum..

Thank you to Mark for my beautiful photo! Ok so I shall be using the oil for a little time before I write my review and I hope you will come back for that soon. I’m going to be trying it during the day time to see if it will work with makeup and of course I shall be using it in my night time routine, and I’m very much looking forward to using it! If you would like to check out this and other facial oils from Heaven Skincare follow the link HERE.

See you back here soon for a full review of the Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum.


A Load of Empties!…

Hello lovely people!

I have always thought that an empties post wouldn’t really work on my blog, it’s hard to make a bunch of empty products look pretty in a photo, but I’ve seen a few bloggers have done an “empties” blog post and it does work out for them, so I thought I might as well give it a go too then. Here goes!

This first of many empties from Heaven Skincare, was Mark’s favourite product from them, and I have to say that it is rather lovely as I did pinch it sometimes myself. It’s the M4M Anti Ageing Moisturiser for men. If you would like to read the full review you can find it HERE.

Another one of Mark’s favourites, and I could see why, I borrowed it to shave my legs and underarms and it really is lovely to use. My skin was so smooth and soft and wasn’t irritated at all. The full review is HERE.

This MUA Makeup Academy Lip Scrub with Vitamin E is another empty, and I’ve another one in my basket on the Superdrug website for a re-purchase. I just love it! I am never going to use another lip scrub. If you would like to see why I love it so much take a look at my full review HERE.

Two Heaven Skincare body products are all used up. I do have a little of the Afternoon Tea fragrance hand and body lotion left that I use solely on my hands now, I’d rather use whats left for my hand care because I love the way it makes my hands look and feel after using it. I’ve a full review if you wish to take a look HERE.

The Freedom Makeup Glycolic Glow Tonic, with Ginseng and Aloe Vera is almost all used up. I haven’t been using it every day since I got it, because it’s an exfoliant and I have been using it as well as other acid treatments. I shall be re-purchasing another bottle soon. You can read my full review HERE.

This Wonder Balm from Beauty Kitchen is a life saver for lips and cuticles in the harsh winter months. Containing cocoa butter it’s so moisturising as a lip balm, I used it every day throughout the day. If my cuticles needed a bit extra hydration this is all I used. I am so disappointed that I don’t have anymore left at the moment, but I shall be ordering some more. Read my full review HERE.

My most favourite of all my Heaven moisturisers was the gorgeous fruity creamy Divine Cream, I adored it, and was so disappointed to finish it up. I shall be treating myself to a small one, soon. You can see why I loved it HERE. Another Heaven empty is the New Edition Cream Cleanser, and I’m going to purchase one as soon as I can, it contains bee venom and can actually be used as a moisturiser too! I’ve a review HERE.

Thank you for reading, I shall be back soon with more new product reviews. I’m hoping to bring some makeup products to my blog very soon, just for a change.


Winning an award!

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty!

I am so excited to be sharing this with you today. On 22nd January I am proud to say that I won a “Best Blogger” award from Heaven Skincare. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the event to pick up the award from Deborah Mitchell, creator of Heaven Skincare personally, but when I found out via twitter that I had won I was absolutely shocked! and after I had finished crying I just asked why me? and I still don’t know why even today, but to be honest if it wasn’t for Deborah sending me the amazing products to start with I wouldn’t be able to write about them. I am so incredibly lucky to have been given the chances that I have, and then be recognised for doing something that I love by someone who is at the very top of their game.


Elegant Ageless Beauty blog is really a two person outfit. I have the easy part, I use the products then write down my thoughts and opinions. Mark does the hard work, he takes all the photos of the products, sometimes spending 4 hours and more to get the right one for the blog post. He never just plonks a product down on anything and take a quick snapshot, and never mind if there isn’t any decent light on the product, he wont make do, you won’t see many photos on my blog  that are taken using the flash either, it doesn’t give a true representation of the product. Mark really does deserve half this prestigious award, he makes my blog look pretty!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Deborah Mitchell for my award, I am so happy and humbled and very grateful.

Take a look at Heaven Skincare HERE.

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January Favourites!

Hello lovelies! Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty..

So the first month of a new year has gone and we’re into February, I for one cannot wait for Spring, my favourite season. Just to have some bright light coming in through the windows would be oh so good! Not just for my sense of well-being but it would make the taking of photos for my blog so much easier too. Anyhow, I thought as it’s a new month I would share with you what I’ve loved through January. Let me start with some skincare.


I am still enjoying my Heaven Skincare Bee Peel. I use it twice a week at night-time after cleansing, just leaving on my face for ten minutes before rinsing off, leaves my skin feeling fresher and softer, looking plumper and more radiant and enlarged pores appear lessened. AND, I have used the Bee Peel on my hands too! I shall tell you more about that in a later blog post. I have a review of Heaven Skincare Bee Peel HERE 


An oldie but a goodie! The wonderful MUA Makeup Academy Undressed palette has been my go to eyeshadow during January. When this palette was launched it was dubbed the perfect dupe for the Urban Decay original Naked palette. Many dupes have come after this one, but for me this MUA one is my favourite, and the best. If you would like to see my review you can find it HERE. You can purchase from HERE.


MUA Makeup Academy’s Metallic Liquid Lips in the shade Bedazzle has been a big favourite over the last month. It’s moisturising and glossy for the colder months of Winter, and it’s super pigmented too. You can find more shades of Metallic Liquid Lips HERE,  and I also have a review HERE.


This Wonder Balm from Beauty Kitchen has been a saviour of my nails and lips throughout the whole of the last year, not just the last month. I use it all the time, keeping it to hand everywhere I go. I use it as a lip balm to keep my lips from becoming dry and it’s fantastic to massage into my cuticles between manicures too. Find Beauty Kitchen HERE. And I have a review HERE.

The absolute highlight of January for me was becoming a winner! I won Heaven Skincare Best Blogger award at their annual awards event last Sunday 22nd January. Unfortunately Mark and I couldn’t attend the event in Birmingham, but when I found out I had won I was absolutely gobsmacked, shocked, humbled, and every positive emotion you can think of I felt it. I will be writing a blog post about winning my award because there are a few people I need to thank properly, and a separate post is needed for that.

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My 2016 Beauty Highlights!

Hello lovelies, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Welcome to the first Elegant Ageless Beauty of 2017..

I hope that those of you who celebrate it, all had a fabulous Christmas. For my first post of 2017 I thought that I would share with you what products I have really loved during 2016, and there are many to be honest, more skincare than makeup I reckon so here goes and I shall start with some makeup brushes.


These absolutely stunning brushes are full of Swarovski crystals. By Leon Hardy and sent to me from Thomas Dittas to review, they are by far my favourite brushes. I love the way they look, the weight is perfect and because they aren’t too long means I can use my little magnifying mirror in my hand for close up application. If you would like to read my full review of these stunning brushes you can find it HERE.


Winning Heaven Skincare Gold Bee Venom Mask in their 21st birthday competition was one of the best things that happened to me and my blog last year! I’ve used it many times since I’ve had it and my skin always looks fantastic afterwards and for a few days thereafter too. I think I’m the luckiest blogger to have won such a prestigious product. If you want to see my full, honest review, go HERE.


Now this product, the Heaven Skincare Bee Peel was sent to me as a complete surprise. It arrived right out of the blue. It’s the newest of Heaven Skincare’s products, to exfoliate and resurface the look of the skin. It really is FABULOUS! Just look at the beautiful packaging too! If you would like to see my full review of the Bee Peel you can see it HERE.


So last April for my birthday, Jackie from Tam Beauty/Makeup Revolution very kindly gifted me the fantastic Fortune Favours The Brave eye shadow palette, which was created in collaboration with Jane Cunningham, British Beauty Blogger. I’ve used it such a lot over the year, and really enjoy it still. My full review is HERE.


I dipped my toes into the cleansing balm water last year, thanks to my friend Kim who is Global Director of Spa Development at Omorovicza Cosmetics, and also beauty blogger at thefabcompany. Kim very kindly sent me a couple of wonderful products to try, one being this amazing Thermal Cleansing Balm from Hungarian brand Omorovicza. I absolutely adored using it and I’m hoping to be able to treat myself to another one. If you would like to read my review, which includes links to Kim’s blog too, click HERE.


Ahh, Timeless Truth sheet facial masks! A true obsession over the last year. With thanks to my friend Angela, I got to try out a lot of Timeless Truth masks, including the newest one. Snow Algae & Hyalauronic Bio Cellulose mask. I’ve tried a couple of sheet masks from another brand, but they just don’t match up to these, in my opinion. There’s a link HERE if you would like to see some reviews of all Timeless Truth masks I’ve tried.

Well, that’s some of my 2016 highlights in a nutshell, and I would just like to say a big thank you to all these amazing companies who have sent me such gorgeous products to try, and then to review them here on Elegant Ageless Beauty. I also want to say a massive thank you to all of you, if it wasn’t for you all reading my blog there would be no Elegant Ageless Beauty. THANK YOU!



Bee Peel by Heaven Skincare.. “A Face Lift in a Jar”

 Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

Today I’m coming to you with a new product from the fabulous Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Skincare. This is the Bee Peel which was gifted to me by Deborah, and is the newest of Heaven Skincare products/treatments.


The packaging is just Heavenly! The beautiful shiny silver “apple” sits nestled inside a plush white box with the heaven* branding in black. Alongside the gorgeous silver sphere is a cute little silver spatula for scooping the product from the jar without having to use fingers. The spatula has a magnetic tip which means you can attach it to the lid of the jar while not in use, it really does look like a beautiful ornament on your dresser then. I’ve never seen such a beautiful skincare product!

Let me first tell you what the amazing ingredients are in this wonder product. It of course contains Deborah’s patented formula ABEETOXIN* which is known as a natural and non invasive Botox replacement containing bee venom. Other ingredients are pretty special too, like Organic Coconut Oil, Honey Extract, Apple Extract, Glycolic Acid and Raw Cane Sugar. Put them all together and we have the most fabulous treatment for re-surfacing the skin. Pigmentation, scarring, dullness and blemishes can all be helped by Bee Peel treatment. It will gently exfoliate, plump and also hydrate the skin, and will boost Collagen for a more radiant younger looking complexion. Bee Peel will help reduce lines and wrinkles, it will also firm the skin too. It can be used all over the face for a complete peel treatment, or just on the areas that are more of a concern to you. It’s also multi-tasking, use it on any dry areas on the body like hands, elbows and feet! It’s recommended that if you use it on delicate areas like the eyes, not to use more than 3 times a week, and I don’t think I would use the Bee Peel as an overnight mask, I shall be using my Silver Bee Venom or Gold Bee Venom masks for an overnight treatment.

So what did I think of Heaven Skincare Bee Peel? Firstly I noticed the consistency, it’s like a rich moisturiser, and then I took a sniff. It’s quite a clinical smell, very fresh and clean which I love. I don’t have a Heaven cleanser, so I just used one from the High Street. After cleansing I decided to go all out and use the Bee Peel all over my face, and because it’s so rich, you don’t need to use a lot of product a little really does go a long way. I smoothed it all over my face making sure I applied it on areas that bother me most, like above my top lip, my nose to mouth lines and between my eyes. Wow, did my face tingle! I don’t mind the tingling, it wasn’t unpleasant for me at all, however the tingle does subside after a few moments. I left the Bee Peel on my face to do it’s thing for 10 minutes only to start with before I removed it with a clean, dampened face cloth. Afterwards, my skin felt so soft to touch, I took a look in the mirror and what I noticed was how smooth more radiant  and plump my skin looked. My pores were a lot less noticeable on my cheeks, lines around my lips were plumped out with an all over more smooth appearance. My number 11’s between my eyes had disappeared completely! This really did give me instant results and that makes me very happy!

If you would like to treat yourself to Heaven Skincare Bee Peel click the link HERE.

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Trying and Testing Heaven Skincare Bee Peel…

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

A couple of weeks ago I had such a wonderful surprise, a very unexpected gift from Heaven Skincare! It’s their new treatment product, Bee Peel.


Please just take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the packaging, it’s a stunning silver apple. The “stalk” is actually a cute little spoon to scoop the product from the jar, it’s attached to the lid by a magnet. It’s surely the most beautiful looking skincare product in the world!

My lovelies, I’ve had one treatment already and I’m going to have another couple of treatments before coming back to give you my final thoughts, there is already quite a bit I have to tell you about Bee Peel from Heaven Skincare, it’s all good and I’m enjoying using it.

I am incredibly lucky to have been sent this amazing gift from Heaven Skincare and to be able to share it with readers of Elegant Ageless Beauty. Thank you Deborah, I am so grateful to you for all you have done, allowing me to use such wonderful skincare products.

I shall be back soon with with a full review, I hope you will come back for that.



September favourites!

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

So it’s that time of the month again, so to speak, time for another monthly favourites post where I share with you the products that I’ve been loving during September, I’ve new favourites and a rediscovered favourite and some that are always in my favourites posts. First up is my most repurchased product, ever and it’s a nail treatment.


The Rimmel London Nail Rescue. I have used it for years, ever since I stopped wearing acrylic nails. It really has “rescued” my nails, I use it each time I do a manicure as my basecoat, but every couple of months I do use it as my treatment. If you would like to read how I do use it I have a review HERE.


This  is the B.Skincare Restorative Facial Oil, I  rediscovered it this last month, and I’ve fallen in love all over again, it’s from Superdrug on the High Street and I think it’s fabulous, I do love facial oils! I only use it at night-time twice a week under my night cream when I feel my skin needs a bit of a “pick me up” You can check out my review HERE.


Next, I have an eyeshadow brush that I think is just about the prettiest I have ever seen! It’s filled with Swarovski crystals, yes REAL Swarovski crystal! I love it not just because it’s so pretty but also because it’s gorgeous to use, I love the weight, it’s so comfortable to hold. The bristle holds onto the product and then blends over the eye beautifully, a really superb eyeshadow brush! My review of this and four more makeup brushes is HERE. If you would like to see.


I really have found my new “hero” in a concealer. I was later than most people to discover the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but now I’m so glad I have joined that party because it’s fantastic, and it will always be a repurchase for me that’s for sure. Check out my review HERE.


Lastly my beautiful Gold Bee Venom Mask by Heaven Skincare! I have mentioned in previous posts that 80% of the products I review, I purchase myself while the other 20% I have had sent to me for review or I have won as prizes on Twitter. This was a prize that I won on Twitter in celebration of Heaven Skincare’s 21st Birthday. I was so overcome when I got that DM telling me that I was the Twitter winner, I did have a cry I shall admit. I never thought that I would ever be able to have something so luxurious, so prestigious in my life. I really am very lucky. I have reviewed the Gold Bee Venom Mask HERE.

So that’s what I’ve loved over the last month, thank you for stopping by today.



Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell…GOLD BEE VENOM MASK!

Hi welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I never thought in my 3 years of blogging that I would be writing this post, and I’m so excited to share it with you today. Regular readers of EAB will know that I am a huge fan of Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell. During August Heaven Skincare turned 21, and they were running competitions to win products across Twitter, Facebook and their website. I am so incredibly lucky to have won the GOLD prize! It is so so special to win this amazing product, its the ultimate in luxury skincare, this is the Gold Bee Venom Mask, the most potent of  the Bee Venom Masks from Heaven Skincare of which there are three, Silver Bee Venom Mask which I have reviewed HERE and then Black Bee Venom Mask is next, and then this golden beauty is the most precious of them all. It’s loved by celebrities and also members of our royal family, and no wonder, it’s beautiful!


What would I find when I opened this beautiful golden cube?


Nestling inside on a bed of rich black velvet with Deborah Mitchell’s name embossed to the back, is another cube of utter beauty!


 Please just take in the gorgeousness of this! A stunning  clear glass effect cube that feels so heavy, within that is a gold sphere containing the beautiful pale amber coloured cream. It is also a huge size too, 3 inches high and 2 and a bit inches wide with 60 ml of product within! I have honestly never seen such a beautiful looking skincare product, ever.

The ingredients are a bit special too. The base being Shea Butter, with Organic Rose Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, and the herb Marshmallow is in there too along with vitamins E and Beta-Carotene. Adding to that bee venom, Manuka honey and Deborah’s creation and patented ABEETOXIN, this is some serious skincare! ABEETOXIN is a powerful, natural alternative to Botox, no need for injectables here. The bee venom is helping to “control” the muscles of the face for tightening, lifting and firming effects, it is also helping to release and firm collagen. Gold Bee Venom Mask can also help with those frown lines, those “number 11s” we get between the brows, it is said to have “an instant anti ageing effect” You can use it after Heaven moisturisers and serum, you can use it alone as your daytime moisturiser under makeup, and you can of course use it as a mask by applying generously to the face and leaving on the skin for 10 minutes to all night.

So how did I use my Gold? Okay, I don’t have a Heaven Skincare cleanser so I used a high street hot cloth cleanser, which I double cleansed with. I was using my Gold at night as a mask so I always double cleanse at nighttime. I then applied a generous amount of product all across my face and up my neck. I massaged it upwards and outwards to help with the lifting of the process. Gold can be used around the eyes, so I gently applied it to right under my lower lash line and upwards and outwards across my hooded brow too. I have a couple of vertical lines between my brows, “number 11s” so I applied product there by patting it in with my ring finger. While I was using this pale amber cream I noticed the gorgeous subtle fragrance of Lavender and Rose, it’s a very fresh fragrance not heavy or heady. The cream itself is so rich but again it’s not heavy, and it sinks into my skin like a dream. After 15  minutes I checked my face in the mirror and I was so amazed at the way it looked! I have always been sceptical of products that claim to have “instant effects” but this really does! My number 11s were plumped out, almost non-existent, my under eyes are so smoothed out and the crows feet at the corners of my eyes almost gone. The skin on my face felt smoother, hydrated and looked more radiant, my pores were reduced considerably too, this makes me very happy. I kept the Bee Venom mask on my face overnight and the following morning I cleansed and moisturised  as usual and checked out my skin. I didn’t know if it was my imagination but my right eye was looking a lot less hooded than my left eye. When Mark came home for his lunch I asked him what he thought. He said that he could see more of my eyelid on my right eye than the left, my left eye was still quite hooded. All I can put it down to is, I didn’t put as much Bee Venom on my left eye as I did my right. I even lay on my right side when I’m in bed, but it still looked better than the side I don’t lay on!

I’ve been using my Gold Bee Venom Mask for about a month now, although not every day, and I’m loving the way my skin looks at the age of 56, I’ve evened out my hooded eyes now by the way, and because this is so precious I think I shall just use it a couple of times a month or as a special treatment the night before we go out. This amazing and uber luxurious Bee Venom mask is suitable for all skin types, blemished skin, Eczema, Rosacea, dry and sun damaged skin.

So why do I call my Gold precious? Because you can only ever purchase one of them. Even if you are a Duchess you can still only purchase one of them. It would take me far too long to explain to you the reason behind this, so pop over to Heaven Skincare where all can be explained HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.