Yogi Smart Styler

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a hair styling gadget from Yogi, a brand I had heard of from seeing them presenting their hair styling wand on the shopping channel QVC. I was asked which product I would like to try, and because I knew that I would be getting my hair cut I decided to go for the Yogi  TouchX Smart Styler.

I am so glad I chose the TouchX Smart Styler too, it’s a 10 in 1 styling tool that’s so fantastic to use, it’s easy and it’s so lightweight which I was pleased about as I do suffer from a bad neck and shoulders sometimes which makes it difficult to reach the back of my hair. Well until now that is, now it’s a piece of cake and I can get my hair looking as good from the back as I can the front!

The Smart Styler  has Tourmaline and Ionic technology  which helps to smooth the hair also reduces static and locks in moisture. It has a fast ceramic heater, which heats from 120 degrees centigrade to 200 degrees centigrade with easy to control temperature settings. It’s suitable for all hair types from fine/delicate hair, to thick strong and curly, and also thick, course and wavy hair like mine!  This is such a versatile styler it will  add volume to the hair, adds beautiful waves and flicks it will twist and curl and it will also smooth and straighten and more besides! It’s 10 in 1 after all..

To switch on the styler you press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds, then to select your appropriate heat setting you  press the on/off button until your temperature choice is illuminated. Once you have selected your required temperature the red light will flash, then stop and remain lit when the temperature has been reached, easy peasy!  To switch off the styler you simply press and hold the power button until the red light goes off, it’s then safe to unplug the styler.

I recently had my hair chopped off into a layered style (which I now regret doing, my hairdresser was rather scissor happy) I like my hair big, always have always will, it suits me better than a sleek straight style. To get plenty of volume and bounce in my hair I shampooed and conditioned as usual and applied a heat protecting spray too. I then dried my hair thoroughly, you can’t use the Smart Styler on wet hair. I started at the back of my head, and with the extra long 360 degrees swivel cord it’s easy to get to the back. To add volume you just place the styler into the roots of the hair and lift up as you are drawing the styler out, right to the tip of your hair, WOW, the volume it gives my hair is brilliant, AND it leaves my hair shiny too. That’s what makes this styler so smart, apart from the fantastic curl and volume, it’s  the lovely shine it gives and with much less damage too, which is perfect as an older woman (late 50’s now)  with mature hair, a fantastic hair styling tool for me! You can check out the Yogi Smart TouchX Styler HERE.

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Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner, My thoughts…

Welcome back lovely people.

As you may have seen from a previous post, Mark bought me some beautiful products from Organic Surge. He found them at, of all places our local Co-Op. He bought me the Moisture Boost shampoo and conditioner and also the eye gel. I have used all of them in the past after I won a competition with The Guardian newspaper, there were a ton of products for me to get through and I still have an unused hand wash over a year later!  It was actually because I won all the Organic Surge products that I decided to start writing a blog. This shampoo and conditioner are two of my favourite products from them.

All Organic Surge products are NOT tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Also free from harsh chemicals, parabens, SLS. There are no artificial colouring or fragrance and no genetically modified ingredients.

IMG_2090 - Copy

So firstly, the shampoo. It’s suitable for dry, frizzy or colour treated hair, and I do colour my hair and it does get dry on the ends when it’s ready for a trim, I’m lucky that I don’t suffer from frizzy hair.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the shampoo was the absolutely delicious fragrance. It has a citrus fragrance to it. It  contains lemon peel extract to help put the shine back into the hair as it flattens the cuticle of the hair shaft, so I guess that’s where I get the citrus fragrance from. It also has organic olive leaf and grape-vine extracts within it. The olive leaf is a natural anti oxidant which will help to restores silkiness back to the hair. While washing my hair with this shampoo I didn’t get a lot of lathering as it doesn’t contain SLS which can strip the hair and cause damage, it’s a light lather but it cleanses my hair beautifully and leaves it feeling fresh and clean, but yet it doesn’t feel “stripped” even after a double wash.I  apply shampoo then rinse, then wash again and rinse. This is a beautiful shampoo and it comes in a massive 250ml tube (which can go right into the recycling bin when you have used it up) it’s worth every penny of the £5.99. Love Love Love! Take a look at the Organic Surge website HERE

IMG_2097 - Copy

The Moisture Boost conditioner is equally as beautiful containing the same ingredients as the shampoo plus some extra goodies for the hair, like a blend of thyme and fennel extracts to help stop hair breakage and orange essential oil to help detoxify the hair. This will go a very long way because you don’t need a lot of product to get beautiful conditioning. I have neck length thick hair and I used a “blob” (for want of a better word) about the size of  a 50 pence piece and massaged into my hair and left it in for about a minute, before rinsing out. I didn’t put any product on my hair while I was drying it as I wanted to see how it felt after using both shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt so soft and silky and I didn’t have any flyaway’s either. The conditioner is also £5.99. But on their website you can buy them both for £10.78 at the moment. What a bargain for beautiful healthy shiny hair!

I am so happy that Mark found Organic Surge in our local Co-Op, but he said you really have to hunt the shelves for the products, they don’t have their own designated shelves. The shampoo and conditioner were with all the other hair care brands. I want to try the new Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser but Mark didn’t see it in the store. But that’s okay because I’m still using my gorgeous Daily Care Facial Wash. 

Okay, lovely people that’s the hair care sorted, I shall be back to share the Eye Gel soon, in the meantime if you click HERE it will take you to Organic Surge website.

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Welcome back lovelies, I hope all is good for you.

It is for me now that I’ve found this gem of a hair product.  The fantastic VO5 Dry Backcoming spray, oh I just love it! It’s everything I’ve wanted to keep my hair looking fab. I have a short layered hairstyle and I like it to have a lot of volume that I want to last all day, so between using Plump It Up Blow Drying Spray and this, I have at last got my hair how I want it. I wash my hair as usual and towel dry. Then I comb through the blow dry spray and dry with the hairdryer using my fingers to lift and dry it  at the roots. When my hair is dried thoroughly I give it a quick blast with the cold shot setting of the hairdryer, this not only cools down the hair it helps it to set too. I then take my Dry backcombing spray, tip my head over and spray into the roots and work it in with my finger tips. I then “comb” my hair through with my fingers to style it into place. DONE!


This is a gorgeous fragranced dry feeling spray in an aerosol can, that you spray onto the roots of your hair to give it more volume. Once applied you just zjujj it about with your hands, great for textured layered styles, it will also help with styling your up-do too. You really can get glamorous looking hair each time you use it. It is also perfect to use if  you just want to give your “do” a pick me up too. This is definitely going to be a regular re-purchase for me now. I got mine when we did our supermarket shopping, but you can buy it in Boots HERE and also Superdrug  HERE all price points are about £3.79p. I for one think it’s so worth it. PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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