Ko-To-Ha Moist Water Facial Moisturising Toner…

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I’m back to share with you another product that was sent to me by Yoko at Ko-To-Ha, a Japanese skincare brand in London. This is the Moist Water Facial Moisturising Toner.

Ingredients within the Moist Water are so good, with Ginseng, Peonia Lactifolia both have been used in the Far Eastern  skin care for hundreds of years to help keep the skin youthful. Exactly like the last Ko-To-Ha product which was the Lavender Cleanser, there is a certain way to use the Moist Water to actually get the effectiveness from the product. This is how Ko-To-Ha say to use:

“As soon as you cleanse your face, take few drops of Moist water and spread on your face. This will prevent your skin drying out after washing.

Take generous amount of Moist water on to cotton, and pat gently and thoroughly on to your every parts of your face and neck until your skin surface feel a little cool sensation.

Warm your skin with palm gently, this will help penetrate the lotion into your skin further.”

There is no added fragrance to the Moist Water, but it does have a lovely clean fragrance to it, it’s so lovely. I followed the instructions on how to use it, and after a generous application to my skin after cleansing, my face was tingling and felt fresh and extra clean. After a few minutes my skin feels soft and moisturised rather than dry and tight like the alcohol based toners I’ve used in the past, as Ko-To-Ha say, this is a moisturising water NOT a toner, and it’s lovely, a hit for me!

You can find this and other lovely products from Ko-To-Ha HERE.

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Heaven Skincare for Men: Cooling and Soothing Hydrogel

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Today I’m sharing with you the last of a Heaven for Men product that was sent to Mark to try. This is the Cooling and Soothing Hydrogel. Firstly I’ll just say that I have used this product too! As with all Heaven for men products, we women can use it. The same for the Heaven Skincare for women, our fellas can use them as well.


The packaging for Mens Heaven is matte black with the branding in white. It looks masculine yet elegant. The Cooling & Soothing Hydrogel has the pump-action delivery system to give you the amount you need to use. This contains organic peppermint oil and eucalyptus in a gorgeous lightweight gel formula. It will help to calm redness and irritation from shaving, and when used around the eyes it not only helps to get that wide awake feeling, it soothes and firms too.

Mark really enjoys using this as an after shave balm, he enjoys the fragrance of the eucalyptus as he uses it. He says it wakes him up in the mornings because it feels so cooling on the skin, he said he feels refreshed.

I used the Cooling and Soothing Hydrogel myself after cleansing, replacing my usual toner. I applied two pumps worth with a cotton wool pad and used it in the same way I would a toner. Yes, I have to agree with Mark it’s so refreshing and cooling on the skin. It does smell fabulous of eucalyptus, although the scent is very subtle not at all overpowering, so using it around the eye area was gorgeous and awakening to the senses, but it didn’t sting my eyes whatsoever. As the gel was drying on my skin I noticed how smooth it felt, the pores on my cheeks were less noticeable and after a while I could have left off using a moisturiser because my face felt soft and hydrated, however I did go on to apply my Heaven Skincare Silk Skin Bee Bee Cream ( review HERE) and afterwards my skin looked flawless. I think that although this is a mens product it’s fantastic to use as a primer under makeup, it helps reduce shine and just gives the skin an overall prepared look. You can find the Cooling and Soothing Hydrogel from Heaven Skincare NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Queen of Hungary Mist and Cleansing Mitt from Omorovicza

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This is another 2 stunning products from the Hungarian brand Omorovicza Cosmetics that was gifted to me by my friend Kim who is Global Director of Spa Development for Omorovicza, and also has the blog thefabcompany HERE I have already shared with you the gorgeous Thermal Cleansing Balm, if you missed it I shall leave a link to my review at the end. For now though here is the Queen of Hungary Mist.


This toner was actually inspired by The Queen of Hungary Water, the first ever recorded perfume which was made for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in the 14th century. The Queen of Hungary facial mist is hydrating and purifying for the skin. It’s free of artificial fragrance, colours and parabens. It’s base is the amazing mineral rich healing waters of Hungary, with ingredients sourced from around the world. To purify the skin there is orange blossom, rose and sage waters. For hydration and suppleness there is lovely apple pectin.

The bottle is just gorgeous! The frosted glass helps to keep this mist really cool. It has a pump spray dispenser which when pressed dispenses a fine mist of deliciously fragrant water that will cover the whole face without soaking the hair or clothes! I use 2/3 pumps after cleansing as a toner, and it’s so refreshing, the fragrance is uplifting, rose and orange blossom which is  great after my morning cleanse. I didn’t let the water dry on my skin before I applied my moisturiser, I applied it while my skin was still damp to lock in all those wonderful hydrating and purifying ingredients. The Queen of Hungary Mist is also fabulous to use during the day as a pick me up, even if you are wearing makeup. I’ve kept it on my bedside table to spray during the night when I’m kept awake by my menopausal hot flushes, sprayed onto my face and the back of my neck soon has me more comfortable to be able rest. It’s also going into my fridge very soon to use during the hot weather (it is coming to UK, honest) This really is a most gorgeous facial mist. You can find it on the Omorovicza Cosmetics website HERE.

The Cleansing Mitt is HUGE! Made from pure cotton it’s very soft and gentle on the skin. I’ve used it to remove various types of cleanser and facial masks, and it’s fabulous for all, from my Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, to a cream cleanser and also facial washes and exfoliators. Wash at 60 degrees let it dry naturally, and it will remain soft and fluffy. You can find the Cleansing Mitt HERE.

Click the link below for my review of the Omorivicza Thermal Cleansing Balm.

Omorivicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

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