A Small Essence Haul from Wilko…

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

Mark and I just had to get into the car and get out for a while on Sunday, after we had a really rubbish week. I wanted to purchase a few Essence cosmetics goodies from Wilko online but because the rubbish week was down to a bit of online fraud on Mark’s bank account we decided to go to our nearest Wilko store instead, safer that way.

I did write myself a list of Essence products I wanted but only managed to get a few from said list, our local store didn’t have everything in, but what I did buy I was happy with. I’ll be writing reviews on EAB soon.

I’m really looking forward to trying the Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer, will I still need my concealer? We’ll see, and I will get back to you, soon  It was only £3.80. I’ve always wanted to try a lip oil, and when I saw this one by Essence I thought that I’d give it a go. I’ve no idea what a lip oil is for, does it colour, does it condition, does it hydrate? I’ll get back to you on that. The lip oil was just £2.00. I have wanted to try an Essence mascara for ages, especially one that claims to give “extreme volume and curl” my eyelashes or rather the state of them is really depressing me. I’d give my right arm to be able to go and get eyelash extensions done but until my numbers come up in the Lotto I shall keep on looking for my holy grail mascara. Could this be the one? I’ll let you know. The Essence False Lashes mascara is £2.80. I hate my lips as much as I do my eyelashes! If I could afford lip fillers I wouldn’t hesitate in getting them done! So until I do get that big Lotto cheque it’s lip plumping products for me! I picked up the Essence Volume On! lip plumping lipgloss, it’s a pretty nude peach shade, so I’ll give it a go and get back to you with my thoughts. The Essence Volume On! lip plumping lipgloss is £2.30 and finally I picked up a Nail Caring Oil it contains Apricot oil so I’m looking forward to trying that too. I’m in the middle of trialing some nail products at the moment, so I’ll let you know what the Essence product is like, soon. The Essence Nail Caring Oil is just £2.00.

I purchased my Essence products from my local Wilko stores but you can purchase online from Wilko too, HERE or from the Essence website HERE

Thank you for reading, I’ll be back soon with my thoughts on my Essence purchases.






Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer…

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

 I’m so late to the party when it comes to this concealing product, I’m pretty sure you will probably have read so many blog reviews and seen so many You Tube videos where this is featured, but hey, better late than never! This is of course Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.


This concealer has won multiple awards which I didn’t realise. It’s water-resistant and transfer proof too, great for the hot weather and also when the colder wetter days are here. I used this under my eyes and also over my eyelids. It’s a thick creamy consistency and blends beautifully. It concealed the darkness I have on the inner corners of my eyes, and it covered the slight discolouration on my eyelids. I used it under my eyes and blended it using a patting motion with my ring finger, it’s perfect. When I applied a dusting of powder to set it the concealer didn’t sink into any lines at all. I have a bit of redness around my nose, on my left cheek and my chin, and it covers all those for me. I always apply my concealer after my foundation or BB Cream, and it works perfectly with either. I am also confident enough to say that I could go out with just this concealer on my skin, a bit of mascara and lip gloss, that’s how good I think it is! It really is Perfection. This concealer will be a re-purchase when I’ve run out, it’s going to become a staple in my makeup collection. I have the shade Cool Medium 2, but it’s available in other shades too.

I purchased Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer from Superdrug HERE.




Ariane Poole Cosmetics Black Friday – Cyber Monday Weekend!

Hello lovelies, Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.


I just thought I would write a quick post to let you know that Ariane Poole* Cosmetics Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale starts tomorrow! It’s the biggest sale they have ever had with 20% off EVERYTHING and with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING too! AND it’s for the WHOLE weekend! 

I’ve got my shopping list ready AND I shall be directing Santa to the Ariane Poole Cosmetics website too HERE 

Happy Shopping lovelies!



Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Skin Camouflage Concealer….

Hello again beauties!

I’ve recently discovered Bell Hypoallergenic Cosmetics, makeup for sensitive skin. Believe me you don’t have to have sensitive skin to enjoy this brand, from what I’ve used so far I can see it becoming incredibly popular! Bell Cosmetics have everything going for them in my book, they are cruelty free, vegan/vegetarian friendly, Dermatologist approved and they won’t break the bank either, and I found them on the fabulous website (the place to be for all your beauty and makeup needs) Beauty Crowd.


I purchased a couple of Bell Cosmetics products from Beauty Crowd, and this is the first one that I’m sharing with you, it’s the Skin Camouflage & Concealer. Pretty little palette in shiny black with the branding in silver (I think it’s silver!) It holds 2 shades of beige concealer which you can customise to your own needs when concealing any blemishes and imperfections, a green corrector which helps to hide spider/thread veins and any redness you have and there’s a salmon pink shade to help with concealing darkness under the eyes, adding lightness. I applied my usual foundation before adding the concealer and correctors.

IMG_5626The four separate creams are really lovely and soft which I applied with my fingers, and from the warmth of my digits the creams seemed to become even easier to blend onto the skin. I have a bit of darkness on the inner corners of my eyes, so I applied the pink corrector, I don’t have a lot of  redness, only on the chin and a couple of broken capillaries on my left cheek, I applied the green corrector. I do have a few spots at the moment so I used the beige concealer to cover them. I then used a powder to set everything in place. During the day I kept an eye on my makeup to make sure that everything that I corrected and concealed was still just that. None of the correctors had sunken into the pores on my cheeks or into the lines of my eyes and my spots weren’t glowing like a beacon! Some correctors that I’ve used in the past did have a drying effect on my skin, but with the Bell  Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Camouflage Concealer I didn’t get any of that.  For just £5.95 it’s great value for great skin and you can find it HERE* on Beauty Crowd, along with other superb makeup and beauty brands.

*affiliate link

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Hello lovelies, welcome back!

On 20th of April 2010 a new British makeup brand was born, it was set to become one of the most popular high street brands on the market, 5 years ago MUA Makeup Academy was born. They fast became known for their affordable and high quality cosmetics, with single eye shadows, lipstick, blusher, mascara and nail polish all at only £1.00 a pop! Then came MUA Professional, with the start of what was to become my obsession, the amazing eyeshadow palettes.

I must admit I was 2 years late to the party, but for the last 3 years I have grown to love this brand more than any other similar priced brands, and I now have a HUGE collection of makeup and nail polish from MUA. If I was to lay out my whole collection  to photograph to share with you all it would probably cover our lounge floor! I kid you not. So instead I thought that I would share with you the very first products I bought from MUA.


Okay, these are my first ever purchases from MUA online store, it cost just £14.95 and it was 17 November 2012! Thank heavens for account history. From the top then Mosaic Blusher in shade English Rose. here  Matte Foundation    Pressed Powder here  Powder Blusher in shade 4 Lipsticks in shades 7 and 12 here Hide & Conceal Cover Up Stick which is now in a different packaging here Magnetic Nails in the shade Park Lane here Eye Primer here 3 in 1 Contour Pen here Lastly my very first eye shadow palette that I bought from MUA is the beautiful Undressed palette here This palette was very popular as a “dupe” for the Urban Decay “Naked” palette costing almost triple that of the MUA palette.

The first ever product to completely sell out was the very tasty Heaven and Earth palette, here it was massive!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Heaven and Earth Palette

MUA now have the LUXE  and PRO-BASE collections added to their range, and their nail polish shade range just gets bigger! They’ve introduced makeup brushes which are absolutely gorgeous to use, I have a few of them but never reviewed them, I must get around to doing a post on them. I asked one of the girls at MUA which product was favourite amongst the staff at HQ, she told me it’s the Luxe Lip Lacquers here, I’ve not tried them YET, but a couple will be in my next purchase. Can I just say that this is just my personal homage to this fantastic makeup brand on their 5th birthday, I’m not one of their selected bloggers, I don’t have free products sent to me from MUA, everything I own Mark or myself has paid for, and then I’ve written about them on Elegant Ageless Beauty.

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY MUA! Here’s to the next 5 years, I hope I’m still around to write about your 10th year too.

*Please note that some products are no longer available*









A Saturday Shopping Trip!

Hello lovelies

So, I had a beauty shopping list all written out ready to transfer to my Superdrug online account and then Mark suggested that instead of waiting for the few days delivery why not just get in the car and go through to March (a little town near us) Superdrug. Sounded good to me, I’ll have my products in my hands TODAY!


I’m pretty good when it comes to beauty shopping, I NEVER buy products I know I will never use, I NEVER buy anything because I only want to blog about it, I shall be using everything you can see in my little “haul”

I was desperate for some new nail products, I’ve loads of nail polish, but I needed files and cuticle oil. I plumped for a pack of “Long Lasting Nail Shapers” which are Superdrug’s own brand and were £1.99 for a pack of 2. I also got a “Cushioned Nail Buffer” again Superdrug brand, which was £1.89. I couldn’t find the cuticle oil I was after so instead I bought Superdrug  “Conditioning Cuticle Cream” which was £2.99 I needed a face scrub so I plumped for the “Smoothing Facial Scrub” from Simple for £2.66 My L’Oreal “Age Perfect Refreshing Toner” was £2.99 “Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco” penetrating hair oil was £4.66 my “Eyelure Individual Lashes” were £5.35  For moisturiser I bought one from “Nivea” I chose the “Express Hydration Primer” which was only £3.32 and, I finally found I could buy Makeup Revolution products from my local Superdrug, only been waiting for nearly a year for that to happen! So I picked up (or rather Mark sneaked it into the basket, without me knowing) The “Flawless” eye shadow palette from Makeup Revolution, £8.00, lastly I bought 2 MUA Makeup Academy items, a clear nail polish which was £1.00 and one of their new “Sweet Sheen Lip Balm” which was £2.00.

There are a couple of items here that I shall be writing a review of, so I hope you will look out for them soon.

Thank you for reading




Hello lovely people welcome back to my blog.

I’ve had these lovely little things for a while and totally forgot to give you my thoughts. I’ve needed a little bit of help with making my skin look nice as I’ve gotten older. My eyelids have darkened over the years, I’ve also started to get a bit of redness on one cheek and on my chin too, but most of all my skin can look so dull and grey and in need of something to help it look brighter. That’s where these two little palettes come in Pro-Base Prime and Conceal and the Pro-Base Prime and Conceal powder from MUA Makeup Academy. Let’s start with the Prime and Conceal, which is a cream product.

IMG_7920 (2)

I love the white packaging of the Pro-Base products, they always seem to be a lot more sturdy than other MUA products. This hold four corrector creams and a highlight.


From top left there is a Peach corrector which adds radiance, the Lilac corrector illuminates and mutes out yellow undertones, the Green corrector is helps to reduce redness, which is the one I use on my cheek and chin, the yellow corrector brightens and conceals purple/blue undertones. The middle colour is to add highlight. All of the creams are very soft and blend very well. I use the correctors over my foundation like a concealer then set it afterwards. The green helped to cover the redness and didn’t go cakey and it lasted a fair while too. I used the lilac over my eyelids to help reduce the discolouration there and it worked too. The Prime and Conceal palette is just £4.00 from HERE


Image from MUA Makeup Academy website


The diagram above tells you exactly where to put your correctors in the right way.


The Prime and Conceal powder is gorgeous, it’s such a soft powder and baked too. Again with four colour correctors in yellow, lilac, green and peach.


All you have to do is swirl your powder brush all over the powders to blend together and apply to the skin. It evened out my skintone to a matte finish. I used it under my eyes to help conceal a bit of darkness from a lack of sleep and was surprised it didn’t settle into my lines, it just made the eye area look a lot smoother and brighter. I’ve never used colour correctors until now and I shall certainly be getting some use out of these products. The Prime and Conceal powder is just £4.00 from HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by today.







Hi lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty

I’ve another one of those super “budget” cosmetics products for your delectation today, this time it’s from the brand W7 and it’s their super Camouflage Kit (aka concealer kit)


The packaging for this palette is so neat and sleek, white with the branding in black it fits nicely in my make up bag if I need to take it out with me. It has a little “window” in the top of the palette where the various shades of concealer are on show. It’s also got a little mirror in the lid for those touch ups on the go.


There’s 5 shades of concealer with yellow and pink tones so that you can custom blend to the shade you need. They are all so creamy and very easy to blend, they do feel slightly oily so if you suffer from oily skin I think you might have trouble with it. I have dry skin so this is a super for me. The palette comes with a double ended brush which isn’t very thick to use as a concealer brush for me. It’s fine if you want to do some spot coverage where you can cover each blemish singly. I love the various shades of concealer in this palette, you can wear them alone or mix and custom blend to your own personal shade. The first shade in the palette is a soft salmon pink, it’s perfect for brightening under my eyes, and because these concealers are super soft and creamy they don’t dry and crack and emphasise fine lines and wrinkles. It covers the slight redness I get on my chin and cheeks and it does last a fair while, I use it over foundation then powder afterewards.

I purchased my palette from AmazonUK for £3.89 but you can find it even cheaper from various sellers HERE.  You can also purchase the Camouflage Kit from the W7 website where it priced at £4.95 HERE I only have this and an eye shadow palette from this brand in my make up collection and as budget brands go I’m liking them a lot. Are you a W7 cosmetics fan?

Thank you for reading today!




Hi lovely people!

I had a super haul from MUA Makeup Academy arrive yesterday (Wednesday) brilliant considering it was only ordered on Sunday!


Swatches and reviews to come later when I’ve had chance to wear them a while. All this gorgeousness came to £21.50, and there is a “freebie” in there too!

Brow Define- tinted brow mascara in shade “medium” £2.00

Lipstick in shade “Flamingo” £1.00

Lipstick in shade “Persian Rose” £1.00

Lipstick in shade “Tulip” £1.00

Nail Polish in shade “Truffle Cream” £1.00

Nail Polish in shade “Apricot Candy” £1.00

Nail Polish in shade “Ocean Blue” £1.00

Nail Polish in shade “Whitewash” £1.00

Nail Polish in shade “Orchid” £1.00

Peel Off Basecoat £2.00

Super Strength Basecoat £2.00

Undress Your Skin Under Eye Concealer- “Luminous” £3.00

Prime and Conceal £1.50

Extreme Metallic Quad Eyeshadows in “Starstruck” This was the free gift MUA were offering at the time of ordering.

I’m particularly looking forward to trying out my Peel Off basecoat which is meant to make the removal of my beloved glitter nail polish easier to remove, we’ll see and I will of course keep you updated. MUA have recently added some super new products to their range, including eyeshadow palette and single eyeshadows, nail polish and lipsticks too. If you would like to check them and the rest of the range, click HERE. If you place an order between 1st September to the 14th September, and if you order any mascara you will get a set of false eyelashes FREE. Just choose the ones you want, put them into your basket and discount will be applied at checkout. 

** All these products were purchased with Mark’s hard-earned money, I was not sent them by the brand and any up coming reviews will be my own honest opinion, positive or negative and I’m not paid by MUA**

Take care, and Thank you  for reading lovely people.







June Favourites.

Hey lovely people, I hope you had a super weekend!

Well June is over, how time flies eh? So I am sharing with you the products that I’ve loved using over the last month, here goes, and they aren’t in any particular order of favorite-ism.

First up it’s that tasty beauty product called Weetabix! 


Oh yes, not only is this good for you when you eat it, it makes the most amazing face mask that’s good for your skin, and it was a tip I learnt from the amazing Jade Elliott, by taking half a weetabix, tablespoon honey and tablespoon of natural yogurt mixed together and applied to the face for 15 minutes, then rinse off. I haven’t bought a face mask for ages, I’ve been using this all the time. Please check out Jade’s blog, Style and Stilletos  HERE 

It may come to no surprise to you that I have a couple of Makeup Revolution products amongst my June faves, and they are both The One. The first one being The One Foundation in shade 7.


Yes a few people that have written about this product have found it to be “watery” and yes it is a lot thinner in texture than other foundations I’ve used. But you need to give it a good shake before you apply it. I find applying it with a brush easier than using my hands, but it gives such a lovely coverage that’s buildable with a matte finish. Love this a lot!


The One concealer is super hydrating on the eye area and conceals everything that I need to conceal. Some under eye concealers can be too drying and sink into lines ect, but because of the moisturising core of this concealer it doesn’t happen. I don’t use it on a spot or any redness on my face, I use a different concealer by Makeup Revolution but for under eyes it’s lovely. Go HERE to check out these lovelies.

I’ve been giving a lot of love to Organic Surge products just lately, and one of my favourites is the Daily Care Facial Wash.


I really do love using this facial wash, not only does it smell amazing of rose, real rose none of the fake, made up rose fragrance. It smells of a pretty pink rose from my garden, gorgeous. It also cleanses and refreshes my face without it feeling dry and tight, I always feel that my face is thoroughly clean afterwards. A really gorgeous facial wash. Go HERE to see the range of cruelty free and natural face, body and hair care.

That’s just a few of my favourite things from this past month, I’m thinking of doing a non-beauty favourites too later, what do you think?

Thank you again for reading today lovely people, have a great week!




Makeup Revolution Liquid Concealer and Focus and Fix Eye Primer…..My thoughts…

Hey lovely people.

So included in one of two Makeup Revolution “hauls” were the two products I have right here. The first being the Liquid Concealer in the shade Natural.



As you can probably see this is a well used product of mine,because the rose gold branding is wearing off, I have been using it a lot. It’s very thick and creamy and the coverage is just fabulous. When I first got it and tried it on the back of my hand, blended it in it honestly concealed the veins! When I used it under my eyes it didn’t go cakey and the little bit of darkness I have on the inside corner of my eyes, I was able to disguise with this concealer. The other liquid concealer I have is from MUA and I loved that, but this one is actually a lot lot better. I’ve been getting one lone “zit” on my chin (I’m regressing back to my teens!) and this concealer is covering it. I usually apply it with the doe foot sponge applicator then gently pat it and blend with my ring finger. This concealer I shall use for blemishes and concealing the little bit of redness and darkness I have, for under my eyes I shall carry on using “The One” concealer which is also from Makeup Revolution. A really lovely concealer and it’s a bargain at only £1.50 HERE 

The next product  from Makeup Revolution is the Focus and Fix eye primer. There are 3 eye primers for you to choose from Original, Brighten  and  Matte.



I have the original eye primer, but I do quite fancy trying the brighten one next. This gives my eyelids a lovely clean “canvas” for my eyeshadows. I get very sweaty eyes and if I don’t wear an eye primer my eyeshadow wouldn’t last. I don’t have to use a lot of this primer for it to keep my makeup in place either. My eyelids are also starting to go a bit “crepey”  or wrinkly (it happens) and the Focus and Fix eye primer helps my eyeshadow go on much smoother. Which makes it an ideal product for us older ladies!  This eye primer is £2.50 and you can go HERE to take a look.

If you have been bitten by the Makeup Revolution bug, what have you been enjoying? Leave me a comment below, or come and join me on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, I would love to welcome you there.

Thank you for reading, take care lovely people.