Ko-To-Ha Lavender Cleanser

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I was recently contacted by Yoko who founded her Japanese beauty company Ko-To-Ha in 2015, to ask me if I would like to try some of her skincare products and then review them here on Elegant Ageless Beauty. As its natural skincare something that I love, I was more than happy to agree to trialing. I have 4 products in all to share with you, and I will writing a separate post for each product.

The first thing I noticed about Ko-To-Ha‘s products is the  packaging, it’s pretty, clean white with a hint of pink! Winner for me. But the ingredients are also a huge winner for me. Ko-To-Ha uses Japanese  Oriental Shoyaku herbs in all their products. Shoyaku is Japanese “active medicinal herb” and ko-To-Ha uses a combination of them. These herbs are: Ginseng, which   contains Vitamin B1, B2 and B12 Amino acid. Ginseng also helps the regeneration of skin cells and it amazingly has the ability to stop the decrease of Hyalauronic acid! There’s Peonia Lactiflora it’s used for its anti inflammatory purposes and is also astringent. When used it also helps to reduce the look of large pores. Chinese Angelica, contains Amino Acid its anti allergen and is often used to treat eczema. Mulberry Root Bark, contains flavonoids, is a powerful antioxidant and is 30 times more powerful than vitamin c! Licorice, is a skin brightener and it’s an anti-allergen so safe for eczema too. Green Tea, contains antioxidants , it helps with the regeneration of skin cells. Some or all of these wonderful herbs can be found in the ko-To-Ha products I’m sharing with you over the next few blog posts. So let me start at the beginning with the  Skin Cherish Lavender Cleanser.

Okay, so it’s certainly Lavender it smells amazing of it, absolutely gorgeous if you like the fragrance of Lavender. So after the initial “hit” of the fragrance I picked up the cute little scoop to take some product from the pot. I thought it was going to be a soft rich cream, but no it’s not soft at all. It is actually more like a “balm” or even coconut oil that has set hard in its jar. I scooped out the cleanser and followed the instructions on how to use, which I do recommend you read if you get hold of the cleanser. This is how Ko-To-Ha say to use the Skin Cherish Lavender Cleanser.

  1.  Take one spatula-full of cleanser in the palm . Spread the cleanser evenly on your palm (your palms should look white all over).
  2. Dip your fingertips in warm water and blend with cleanser. Then the cleanser becomes smooth. Please be sure to just add water little-by-little.
  3. Spread the cleanser on your face using a circular motion. If the cleanser becomes dry and hard, add a little warm water again to make it smooth. Repeat this process so any remaining dirt and makeup blends with the cleanser.                            
  4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Now, I did this and when the cleanser is spread all over your hands they do look very white, the cleanser feels like no cleanser I’ve ever used, before adding water to my hands it feels “hard” it’s not oily or greasy in any way at all. I did think how on earth was this going to cleanse my face! But once I had added warm water to my hands and began smoothing the cleanser over my face it massages in wonderfully. I like to massage for a good couple of minutes and I found that the cleanser goes dry and hard while massaging my face, but I just added more warm water and it was okay again. I washed the cleanser away with a face cloth to complete the routine.

After I finished cleansing, my skin looked clean, bright and felt very soft, neither dry or tight. I would however use this as a second cleanse after removing makeup, or as my morning cleanse which in fact is what I am doing, I use it every morning and am really enjoying it. You can find this lovely cleanser HERE.



Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm….

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Omorovicza is a Hungarian beauty brand, the story begins 2000 years ago really when the healing properties of  Hungary’s thermal waters were first discovered. It wasn’t until the 1800’s though that the Omorovicza family built the Racz spa in the capital, Budapest which is on the sight of a medieval healing spring. Then 200 years later a descendant of the Omorovicza family decided to take his wife to the baths in Budapest where they discovered how much better their skin was, so they called upon a Nobel prize-winning laboratory to take these healing waters and turn it into skincare. Omorovicza Cosmetics was born. I’m sharing with you today the AWARD WINNING Thermal Cleansing Balm.


Firstly a disclaimer, I’ve  never used a cleansing balm before in my skincare routine so I have nothing to compare this lovely product too. What I can tell you is that it’s a delight to use. It’s free from synthetic fragrance and colours, its paraben free. All Omorovicza products are based on the blend of Hungary’s mineral healing waters their patented  Hydro Mineral Transference delivery system, which  “enables the absorption of minerals from the healing waters of Budapest by the epidermis for firmer, more supple and younger-looking skin”  It’s all combined with the best vitamins, essential oils and natural ingredients from all around the world. Just some of these ingredients are Hungarian Moor Mud, Hungarian Thermal Water, Jojoba seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Plum seed extract and Beeswax and there’s Vitamin E to replenish the skin while  giving it deep cleansing. The packaging is so pretty, a beautiful frosted glass jar that will look good on any bathroom shelf or bedroom dressing table. There is also a cute little spatula and a mini cleansing mitt, which fits over 3 fingers to remove the balm once it’s massaged into the face. I haven’t used the mini mitt, as I was also sent a giant-sized cleansing mitt from Omorovicza so I’ve been using that.

How do I use my Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm? I take a scoop of balm out of the jar, about the size of an almond I guess, and massage it all over my dry face and down my neck. The texture is fantastic, it’s so rich and sinks into the skin, I always like to massage my face for a few minutes  even with a high street cream cleanser, but this cleanser makes me want to massage even more, I feel like it’s giving my skin a deep cleanse and we all know that a facial massage is great for the skin, right? I then wet my hands with warm water and massage again for a few seconds. Taking the cleansing mitt (I shall be reviewing the mitt in a later post) I wet it, wring it out a little then hold it over my face to help the beautiful balm sink more into the skin. I then just wipe away the cleansing balm, using both sides of the mitt then I rinse and repeat with the clean mitt. Afterwards my skin looked so clean and fresh, it felt clean and fresh, it didn’t feel dry and tight, just very soft, hydrated and smooth. I am in love with this product, the other products that have been sent to me to try I shall be reviewing very soon. In the meantime if you would like to see the beautiful Omorovicza Cosmetics Thermal Cleansing Balm for yourself click HERE

I would like to say a huge thank you to my lovely twitter chum and fellow blogger Kim Davies, Global Director of Spa Development at Omorovicza Cosmetics for sending me these gorgeous products to try. Please check out Kim’s blog, thefabcompany HERE



On Trial…Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm and Queen of Hungary Mist

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I was so happy last week when one of my lovely blogging friends contacted me to ask me if I would like to try a product from Hungarian skincare brand Omorovicza. Kim, from the Beauty and Lifestyle blog Thefabcompany HERE is Global Director of Spa Development for Omorovicza Cosmetics, Budapest.


Kim asked me to take a look at the website and choose a product that I would like to try. I chose the beautiful sounding Thermal Cleansing Balm which contains Hungarian Moor Mud. Kim also put in a couple of other items for me to try too, there is an incredible cotton facial cleansing mitt and a facial mist, Queen of Hungary Mist. My first thoughts after opening the products? Beautiful, stunning looking in lovely frosted glass jar and bottle, I had a quick spritz of the mist and can I just say it’s yummy!

So, I shall be using these gorgeous products for a time and get back to you soon with my thoughts. In the meantime if you would like to take a look at the Omorovicza website click HERE  it’s FREE delivery by DPD in the UK and you can choose 3 free sample sachets too!

See you back here soon!



BALANCE ME Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm…..

Hi and welcome to a new week lovely people!

I have always wanted to use a cleansing balm as part of my daily skin care routine, and I was so pleased when the Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm was a “freebie” in the latest issue of Marie Claire.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the tube and squeezed some onto my hand was the gorgeous fragrance. It smells divine, all fresh and clean quite a citrus fragrance to me. It is packed with natural ingredients like fine oat powder, camelia, shea butter,mango and rosehip oils. It gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin and removes all traces of make up, even mascara, no need for a separate eye make up remover here. 

So, here is how I use the cleansing balm. Squeeze the balm onto the fingers and massage for 3-4 minutes over a dry face, don’t add water for now. After the 3-4 minutes add a little luke-warm water to your hands and massage your face again and the balm turns a little milky looking. Now take a wet, wrung out face cloth and remove the cleansing balm. Afterwards my skin felt soft and smooth, clean and fresh and it looked radiant. It certainly didn’t feel dry and tight either.

The Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth  Face Balm is suitable for skin types dry, normal and sensitive. There are no parabens, sulphates,petroleum, mineral oils or silicons, and is free from artificial colour and fragrance too AND the products are NOT tested on animals. 

I love this cleansing face balm and would look to purchasing some more from the range, it’s a great British company too and if you would like to see more click HERE

Thank you for reading lovely people, I hope you have a great week!





Hello lovely people, I hope you all had a great weekend! Well I’m back with my usual rundown of what’s happening in Marie Claire, this is the August issue. It’s a good ‘un I have to say. IMG_2740 On the front cover this month is Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up, 27 Dresses) inside she talks of rejuvenating herself. IMG_2696 A gorgeous “freebie” this month is a Balance Me cleanse and smooth face balm or moisturiser, I was lucky enough to get the cleansing balm and I am loving it it’s amazing! I shall be writing a review later when I’ve used it for a bit longer. There is a 20% discount code inside the magazine for use across the whole range of Balance Me range, just apply the code at checkout on their website HERE The fashion inside is looking at what’s hot for Autumn/Winter, seems to be a lot of long pleated skirts and knee high boots this year, and box jackets too. There’s a brilliant “Life Stories” article about the amazing Kate Bush, 56 and about to tour again after 35 years.  That’s just a snippet of August Marie Claire there is much much more to be seen  and I’ve enjoyed it more than usual it’s a great issue,and a nice relaxing read.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a great week lovely people!




My Beauty Wish List….

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well and Living Life Beautifully!

I thought I would do something a bit different with this post. Those of you who are regular viewers of my blog will know that I am a beauty on a budget kind of blogger. But hey, I do still wish for those more premium brands, those brands that are out of reach at the moment. So, I thought I would show you the products that are on my beauty wish list. Actually not just beauty though, there is fragrance, skin care, make up, some fashion items and electrical too! I’m not doing them in any particular order, its completely random. So here goes.


Oh yes please! I would love to have a Jo Malone cologne standing on my dressing table and her bath products in the bathroom. Each fragrance name just makes me think that it would smell divine. English Pear and Freesia sounds incredible, I think that if I could afford a Jo Malone Cologne I would go for this one. But there are quite a few to choose from. White Jasmine and Mint, Amber and Lavender, and French Lime Blossom the list goes on. Jo Malone is also known for her home fragrance too. Room spray, linen spray and of course candles.  A 30ml bottle of cologne is £39.00 and a 100ml is £78.00. Yes this will have to be on my wish list for now.

CHANEL NO5 no5 edp 100 ml

Yes I know I already have a fragrance on my wish list, but I have always loved the iconic Chanel no5. It’s mainly because it was my late Mothers’ favourite perfume, it always reminds me of her. I do have one of her empty purse spray bottles in my dressing table drawer, and every so often I take it out and have a quick smell. I love the look of  the Chanel no5 bottle with the beautiful amber coloured fragranced liquid within it. It is the Parfum that is on my wish list, and if I was to have a bottle of my own I would have to keep it in a drawer away from the light. A 7.5ml bottle of  Chanel no5 Parfum is £87.50 from The Perfume Shop here in the UK. I think this will be on my wish list for quite a long time.



One day I hope to try this.  I have seen many tutorials on You Tube where this has been used, and it looks amazing. It is light reflecting and moisturising, the packaging looks beautiful just as Chanel should be.  You get 30ml for £31.00 at Boots here in the UK. I think I shall be sticking to my faithful Undress Your Skin from MUA for a wee while.



The thought of never having to shave ever again would be just a dream. It would stop the horrid in-growing hairs I sometimes get. Now at the age of 53 I am getting sodding hair where I shouldn’t be getting them! On my ears, chin and even half way down my neck for pity’s sake! I don’t shave my face, I pluck the little blighter’s out, if I had a NO!NO! I wouldn’t have to bother anymore. but once again this is out of my reach for the time being. So I shall keep on plucking! I have seen a NO!NO! at the high street catalogue shop Argos for £134.99.



When I first saw this product and what it is meant to do for the skin, I just fell in love with it. But I couldn’t  justify the price tag of £34.00 for 100ml of product. When I researched it though, I found out that it more than just a cleanser for the face. You can also leave it on the face for about 10 minutes as a face mask, use it as a lip balm, massage into dry areas i.e elbows, knees and heels of feet so it is a multi-tasker eh. I did find this cleansing balm on the Feel Unique website on sale for £28.90 and free delivery.



Now what woman would not want a pair of these super beautiful shoes gracing her “plates of meat” (feet) with their iconic red soles. I mean the soles of the shoes are iconic red, not the soles of the feet!  I tried to win a pair in a competition but I was unlucky.  I would go for a pair of black patent mid heel shoes, I wouldn’t be able to walk in the huge platform ones unfortunately. I found “my” shoes on the Louboutin website priced at £395. While most things on my wishlist are in theory achievable,  I fear that these beauties will remain a dream.

Well, that is my wish list.  I could have gone on with quite a few more too. I would love to hear if  anyone has any of the things on my list. Let me know what they are like, especially the Louboutin shoes!  You can leave me your comments here, or over on my facebook page.

Take care till next time…..