Product Testing UK….Review of I ❤ Makeup Lip Lava…..

Hello again lovelies!

So, I’ve just become a member of Product Testing UK’s Beauty Blogger list and today I received my first product for review. Firstly, here’s what the company says:

“ is a one of a kind product testing company featuring large branded products, mystery shopping and secret dining opportunities. 

We select products to be tested every week and our product testers are selected at random. You can register for many different products ranging from Sweets and Samples to iPad’s and Smartphones.

User reviews are invaluable to manufacturers and retailers to ensure the best user experience and ongoing product development. 

It’s completely free to sign up and if selected, all we ask for is a full written review, photos of yourself with the product and a video review. You will then have the opportunity to keep the product for FREE.” If you would like the opportunity to test gorgeous beauty products yourself, AND you DON’T need to be a Beauty Blogger, anyone can apply click HERE. So on with my product review.


I was sent an I Heart Makeup Lip Lava. As everyone  knows, I Heart Makeup is the sister brand to Makeup Revolution, and regular readers of Elegant Ageless Beauty knows I’m a huge fan of the brand. However I’ve never tried the I Heart Makeup range, until now.

Firstly I just want to say that I had no choice in the shade of Lip Lava, and this colour is awful on me! The rules of Product Testing UK is that I am supposed to be in a photo with the product. You lovelies know me well enough by now, I don’t appear in photos except the ones when I’m reviewing my beloved beauty masks! I don’t have the confidence YET! So, sorry Product Testing you won’t see me in the photo but it’s my blog and this is the way I run it.


Anyway the Lip Lava I was sent is in shade “Shockwave” a bright purple/pink which is a gorgeous colour but on me is awful. It’s a super gorgeous liquid lipstick product, with very high pigmentation. It glides on perfectly with its super creamy consistency using the angled sponge tipped applicator straight from the tube. It’s gorgeous and glossy, contains vitamin E so it’s good for the lips too, bonus! It feels light on the lips, and definitely isn’t sticky. I would like to try another Lip Lava, but a shade that is more suited to me because it really is a beautiful lip product. The I Heart Makeup Lip Lava is just £2.99, and if you would like to see more just click HERE

Well that was my first review for Product Testing UK. I’m not altogether happy with the ruling regarding showing oneself for their reviews. If I get asked to review for them again fine, if not then I’m not too worried. You lovely people are who matter to me and if you like what I’m doing then that makes me happy.

See you again soon, I’ve got some skin care to share with you next!






Welcome back to Elegant Ageless Beauty lovely people!

Our local Co-Op supermarket is closing down and it’s becoming an Aldi, so they have been having some brilliant sales lately including a lot of beauty and body care products. Mark picked me up quite a few Organic Surge products and also these 3 gorgeous nail polishes by Binky London!


There’s a pretty amethyst coloured glitter a bright gold glitter and a pretty pale pink gel effect nail polish too. I loved all the colours when I first saw them. I’m trying them out for a day or so to see how they wear then I’ll get back to you with my thoughts later. In the meantime check out the Binky London website, click HERE.

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Welcome back lovely people!

Today’s pretty nail polish is another quickie, it’s from MUA Makeup Academy and it does exactly what it says on the bottle!


This is Fairy Dust Nails a pretty glitter nail polish in the shade Rose Dust. It’s a fine but dense glitter and gives off a very pretty shine when the light catches it. Yes you really do only need one coat too! There are 3 colours to choose from in the Fairy Dust nails range and they are in the sale at the moment for just £2.00 click HERE to find out more.

Back soon with another nail beauty!





Welcome back lovelies!

Today’s gorgeous nail polish is from ELF and I am so in love with this shade and the nail polish from the brand, I’ve never used it before although I’ve had it in my collection for quite a while. This is Punk Purple from a  set called Vacation Trio.


The formula of this nail polish is super, it’s opaque with just one coat! It applies like a dream and is thick enough that it  doesn’t flood the cuticle. It takes no time at all to dry and it has a beautiful shine to the finish it truly is a super nail polish. I love it, and I definitely want more ELF nail polishes to add to my ever-growing collection. The set of 3 nail polishes in the trio are mini’s and are only £4.50 from HERE.

I’ll be back next time with another nail polish from this trio, thank you for stopping by today.





Hello lovelies, welcome back to my blog.

Today’s nail polish is another one from MUA Makeup Academy, and it’s one that I featured in my French manicure a couple of days ago.


This gorgeous white nail polish is called “Whitewash” and it gives more than a wash of white on the nails believe me! It’s a stunning white, it’s a very bright white. It applies like a dream and  is opaque in 2 coats. I thought that this would look terrible on my nails because I’m old, but I love how it looks. It’s going to  look very pretty over Christmas with a silver or gold glitter top coat, it would also be great as a base coat for your neon bright nail polish too, and of course  use it for your tips when you do a French manicure too. You can find this beauty on the MUA website HERE and only £1.00.

See you tomorrow for another one, thank you for reading.




Welcome back to a month in nail polish!

I’ve 2 polishes today, I attempted to do a French manicure on myself, it’s not brilliant but I’ve had a go and it can only get better with practice and I’d even used nail tip guides to help me!


I used the Bourjois anti chip 10 day wear nail polish in shade 12, a pretty frosted white which is also very sheer. I used 2 coats for this mani. The white tips are Whitewash from MUA Makeup Academy, which is a beautiful bright white and looks amazing when worn on its own. I applied 3 nail gems too on the ring finger for an added interest, bit wonky though eh!

I purchased my Bourjois nail polish from Fragrance Direct HERE and Whitewash from MUA HERE both nail polishes were only £1.00 at time of purchase.

Thank you for reading today lovelies!




Welcome back lovelies!

I’m just doing a bit of a quick one today I need to have a nail polish free day to get my nails in order, they are rather dry from using nail polish remover every day, so I’m going to treat them with my coconut oil. So here’s one from the archive.


This is a beautiful coral nail polish called funnily enough Bright Coral and it’s from MUA Makeup Academy. I wore it all through Summer on my toes. This is such a cheerful, happy colour for Autumn too, so if you don’t like the dark berry colours or the blacks ect you won’t go far wrong with this bright little beauty on your nails. Check out all the £1.00 nail polish from MUA HERE

Sorry it’s so quick today, thank you for dropping by. Have a great week lovelies!




Hey there lovelies!

Just look at this beauty I have for you today, my word it looks like I’ve dipped my fingers in diamond dust! This is another glitter nail polish from Make Up Rumours, and it’s one of those that should have a name but doesn’t.


Sorry that it’s not Mark’s quality photography, I took this myself with my phone. Anyway, I applied this just straight to my natural nails with MUA peel off base coat underneath to help with removal later. I just love the large pieces of silver glitter in this clear polish, when the light catches there are a rainbow of colours shooting from it. When I apply glitter polish I tend to “dab” it over my nails rather than swiping with the brush, that way I get more glitter particles to adhere, but don’t worry it levels itself out you don’t get a clumpy mess. I can see this being used on the tips of a red nail for Christmastime, or even over the top of a white nail for a “frozen” look.

This nail polish came as part of a set of 5 glitter nail polishes from Make Up Rumours and is only £4.00, such a bargain for really beautiful quality nail polish. I shall introduce you to the other colours over the next few days. In the meantime if you would like to see more from this brand click HERE And if you want to see the MUA peel off basecoat, a must have for glitter nail polish wearers click HERE

Thank you for reading lovely people, and I hope you are enjoying my month in nail polish.


NB: Since I posted this a year ago, the Make Up Rumours website appears to have been taken down.



Hello lovelies!

Today’s nail “polish” is actually nail stickers that came in a boxed set from Make Up Rumours, Ultimate Sensations nail art set. I’ve chosen to wear the pink zebra effect.


I don’t think these are appropriate for every day wear, they are more for a night out or special occasion, and I think I should have applied them after doing my skin care, all the oils and creams have made them lift, but throughout the day with normal every day chores and hand washing ect they just started to peel off. It’s such a shame because they are so pretty!

If you would like to see more from Make Up Rumours just click HERE

Really short one today, but back tomorrow with something a lot better, I’m quite disappointed with my choice for you today.


NB: Since posting this a year ago, the Make Up Rumours website appears to have been taken down.



Hello lovely people!

Another day, another nail polish. Although this isn’t really a nail polish it’s more for nail treatment, and it’s from MUA Makeup Academy. This is Super Strength Nail Polish Basecoat.


Those of you who read my blog regularly will probably know that I have always used Rimmel Nail Nurse Rescue for my nail treatment, but when MUA brought out their Super Strength Basecoat I thought I would give it a try, after all it is at least £3.00 cheaper.  I use it as a basecoat every time I do my manicure now and I really like it. It has an amazing brush for easy application of the product in 2 swipes. The formula of the product is super, I was expecting it to be thin and “watery” but it’s not it’s like applying a nail polish it’s a lovely thick consistency that doesn’t drop off the brush. I apply one coat on the whole nail then sweep the brush across the tip of the nail for added strength. I love how this basecoat makes my nails look au naturale, it makes the white tips look whiter and very clean looking and I haven’t had any peeling or cracking or any breaks to my nails while I’ve been using Super Strength. I’m converted now! And it’s only £2.00 from HERE.

Thank you for reading lovely people.




Hello and welcome to day 12 of A month in Nail polish lovely people!

Today it’s two lovely polishes from Make Up Rumours a stunning metallic blue and a dark blue glitter and unfortunately they don’t have a name.


These two beauties are in the Ultimate Metallics boxed set and the metallic nail polish is awesome to apply. My ring finger has just the nail polish alone and it is opaque in one coat and incredibly shiny when it’s dry too. My index finger is both polishes applied and the dark blue glitter makes the metallic blue polish appear black underneath it. My middle finger has just the glitter applied, it appears to have gone a bit gloopy when I apply it on its own, but I have got a pretty good coverage and it’s got some good chunks of glitter in there too.

The complete Ultimate Metallics boxed set was just £3.99 and it included the two nail polishes, two lip glosses, a glitter eye liner and an eyeshadow palette. You can find this at Make up Rumours HERE

Back tomorrow lovely people with another one, thank you for stopping by today.


NB: Since posting this a year ago, the Make Up Rumours website appears to have been taken down.