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On 20th of April 2010 a new British makeup brand was born, it was set to become one of the most popular high street brands on the market, 5 years ago MUA Makeup Academy was born. They fast became known for their affordable and high quality cosmetics, with single eye shadows, lipstick, blusher, mascara and nail polish all at only £1.00 a pop! Then came MUA Professional, with the start of what was to become my obsession, the amazing eyeshadow palettes.

I must admit I was 2 years late to the party, but for the last 3 years I have grown to love this brand more than any other similar priced brands, and I now have a HUGE collection of makeup and nail polish from MUA. If I was to lay out my whole collection  to photograph to share with you all it would probably cover our lounge floor! I kid you not. So instead I thought that I would share with you the very first products I bought from MUA.


Okay, these are my first ever purchases from MUA online store, it cost just £14.95 and it was 17 November 2012! Thank heavens for account history. From the top then Mosaic Blusher in shade English Rose. here  Matte Foundation    Pressed Powder here  Powder Blusher in shade 4 Lipsticks in shades 7 and 12 here Hide & Conceal Cover Up Stick which is now in a different packaging here Magnetic Nails in the shade Park Lane here Eye Primer here 3 in 1 Contour Pen here Lastly my very first eye shadow palette that I bought from MUA is the beautiful Undressed palette here This palette was very popular as a “dupe” for the Urban Decay “Naked” palette costing almost triple that of the MUA palette.

The first ever product to completely sell out was the very tasty Heaven and Earth palette, here it was massive!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Heaven and Earth Palette

MUA now have the LUXE  and PRO-BASE collections added to their range, and their nail polish shade range just gets bigger! They’ve introduced makeup brushes which are absolutely gorgeous to use, I have a few of them but never reviewed them, I must get around to doing a post on them. I asked one of the girls at MUA which product was favourite amongst the staff at HQ, she told me it’s the Luxe Lip Lacquers here, I’ve not tried them YET, but a couple will be in my next purchase. Can I just say that this is just my personal homage to this fantastic makeup brand on their 5th birthday, I’m not one of their selected bloggers, I don’t have free products sent to me from MUA, everything I own Mark or myself has paid for, and then I’ve written about them on Elegant Ageless Beauty.

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY MUA! Here’s to the next 5 years, I hope I’m still around to write about your 10th year too.

*Please note that some products are no longer available*











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Our local Co-Op supermarket is closing down and it’s becoming an Aldi, so they have been having some brilliant sales lately including a lot of beauty and body care products. Mark picked me up quite a few Organic Surge products and also these 3 gorgeous nail polishes by Binky London!


There’s a pretty amethyst coloured glitter a bright gold glitter and a pretty pale pink gel effect nail polish too. I loved all the colours when I first saw them. I’m trying them out for a day or so to see how they wear then I’ll get back to you with my thoughts later. In the meantime check out the Binky London website, click HERE.

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Welcome to November! and welcome to my October favourites post. I’ve had quite a few products that I’ve enjoyed using during October, here are just a few of them.


The Uplifting Eye Cream from Thea Skincare is by far my favorite of the month! It has made a huge difference to the appearance of my eyes. They are smoother both under the eyes and over the eyelid too. My eyes have become hooded over time with the ageing process, but I’ve noticed that I can see more of my eyelids rather than being shrouded by the hood, so it has definitely lifted my eyes. It also gives me super hydration and brightness under the eyes too. I really do recommend this eye cream it’s simply gorgeous. You can find it on Thea Skincare website HERE and at the moment it’s reduced from £19.95 to £15.96.


I love glitter nail polish, and the Peel Off Basecoat from MUA Makeup Academy makes the removal of glitters a much happier process. It really does do exactly what it says on the bottle, it peels off so easily, along with your glitter nail polish in virtually one piece. You don’t necessarily have to use it just for your glitter polish you can use it for all your polishes. It’s kind to the nails because it won’t harm them in any way. The peel off basecoat is available for just £2.00 from HERE.


I found this Wonder’full Mascara while looking for something else in our local Wilko store! It’s by Rimmel and it really is a wonderful mascara. I bought shade 001 Black. It contains Argan oil to help condition the lashes it’s a super wand and brush that delivers incredible colour and fullness too. Because of the Argan oil your lashes feel incredibly soft you don’t get the hard crispy feeling lashes. It’s out of stock at Wilko right now but you can get it HERE at Superdrug for £7.99


Another favourite that I’ve actually only just started using is the Thea Skincare Cranberry & Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover. It’s a gorgeous gel very cooling and gentle on the eyes but it removes eye make up perfectly. It’s also great as an eye mask too. You can purchase this eye make up remover from Thea Skincare for just £11.96 HERE


The Hall of Fame eye shadow palette from MUA Makeup Academy is the palette I’ve used most over the last month. It’s a selection of their most popular shades in one super palette, and as usual the quality and pigmentation of each shadow be it matte or frosted/shimmer is just gorgeous! And at just £4.00 from HERE is an absolute no brainer for me!


As regular readers will know I’ve just had a month in nail polish on Elegant Ageless Beauty where I posted a nail colour each day for the whole of October, and my favourite of all of them is by far Stormy Skies from MUA. It’s just perfect for Autumn, it’s dark grey with a hint of sparkle within it. It’s a truly beautiful nail polish, and only £1.00 from HERE.

I could go on with a few more favourites from October, but it would make for a rather long post, so I’ll leave it there for now. Have you tried any of the products that are in my favourites?

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Today’s pretty nail polish is another quickie, it’s from MUA Makeup Academy and it does exactly what it says on the bottle!


This is Fairy Dust Nails a pretty glitter nail polish in the shade Rose Dust. It’s a fine but dense glitter and gives off a very pretty shine when the light catches it. Yes you really do only need one coat too! There are 3 colours to choose from in the Fairy Dust nails range and they are in the sale at the moment for just £2.00 click HERE to find out more.

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Welcome back lovelies!

Today’s gorgeous nail polish is from ELF and I am so in love with this shade and the nail polish from the brand, I’ve never used it before although I’ve had it in my collection for quite a while. This is Punk Purple from a  set called Vacation Trio.


The formula of this nail polish is super, it’s opaque with just one coat! It applies like a dream and is thick enough that it  doesn’t flood the cuticle. It takes no time at all to dry and it has a beautiful shine to the finish it truly is a super nail polish. I love it, and I definitely want more ELF nail polishes to add to my ever-growing collection. The set of 3 nail polishes in the trio are mini’s and are only £4.50 from HERE.

I’ll be back next time with another nail polish from this trio, thank you for stopping by today.