Firming Neck and Decollete Cream by skinSense…[competition prize]

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A few months ago I won a “giveaway” over on Instagram that was run by skinSense. I was so chuffed to win a fabulous Firming Neck and Decollete cream, and my daughter won one too!

I have wanted to try skinSense products for ages, but have never been able too (money) so to win one in a competition, well I was a very happy bunny.

I don’t have a wrinkly neck really, although it has been drooping a bit due to ageing and up and down weight loss etc. I do have some discolouration on my chest area which is slightly red looking and feels a bit bumpy. I have always moisturised my neck with my skincare, but my chest area I always leave it to whatever body lotion I use after bathing.

The skinSense Firming Neck & Décolleté Cream is formulated to help to restore the moisture and firmness that’s lost due to ageing. Containing Allantoin, Zinc and Soya Oil to help to soften and also to help to restore collagen and elastin in the skin. I’ve been using the cream for a few months now, and I can honestly say I really love it! The centre of my neck was quite droopy, “turkey neck” as it’s often called. Now it’s not so noticeable, it appears to me to be quite a bit tighter and smoother. I’ve been using the cream from my neck to right over my upper chest area, Decollete where I have the discolouration and bumpy skin, and it appears to be so much more smooth and less red looking. I do it day and night within my skincare routine. It smells beautiful and applies like a dream, my skin just drinks it up! It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky once applied either, it’s a really lovely product. Somehow I knew it would be though.

If you would like to see this and other products from skinSense you can find them HERE.

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[ AD-Gifted] Juliette Armand Skin Care Gift Set…Chronos Anti-Age 2

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Back in 2017 I reviewed some glorious products from Juliette Armand, the “Skin Boosters” range of products. I’m back with a skin care set, again from the skin boosters range but these are now re-formulated and has lovely new packaging.

The set of three products consists of Chronos Hydra Correct Serum, Chronos Hydra Correct Cream and Opsis Eye Cream. All in juicy looking Orange packaging.

In a handy pump dispenser bottle you can get just the amount you need of this serum. The previous packaging for this serum was the twist up and pump delivery type. It’s also now called Chronos Hydra Correct Serum. Chronos is a therapy that prevents, and also repairs damage to the skin over time. It’s incredibly moisturising, and the first step in skincare after cleansing and toning. It contains Matrixyl, a peptide that stimulate collagen and helps to repair the skin. It also has vitamins A and E which helps to plump and hydrate. I use just one pump of the serum which I press gently into my face and I have also used maybe just a half a pump worth to take down my neck. Some serum I have found to be on the sticky side, but this one is perfect and sinks it beautifully, ready for my moisturiser. It’s suitable for Combination, Dry and Normal skin types and is particularly good for de-hydrated skin like mine, fabulous for ages 40 through to 60 plus years.

Chronos Hydra Correct Cream. Well it’s just gorgeous! When I reviewed the range before, this was in the usual screw top pot that you have to enter to get to the product, whether you use fingers or spatula it would allow bacteria to get into your face cream. Happily, Juliette Armand has changed this and the gorgeousness inside is now in a bright orange pot that you twist and pump! Containing Soya, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil it’s a lovely daily facial moisturiser that hydrates, plumps and brightens the skin, boosting the production of collagen and helping to reduce wrinkles. I have found that this seems so much better than the original cream, it feels richer to me. I use 2 pumps of the product for my face and neck, and it sinks in like a dream. As soon as I’ve used the Hydra Correct Cream my skin feels soft and smooth and hydrated, ready for my makeup. It certainly makes my skin glow, and as I have been suffering from very dry lips recently I took the cream over them when massaging into my face and it’s really helped them immensely. A fabulously hydrating face cream that is suitable for the 40 through to 60 plus age range, and especially helpful for skin that is Normal, Combination and Dry type.

This, the Opsis Eye Cream is an anti ageing and lifting eye cream in a syringe type applicator. Don’t worry there’s no needles here! It’s just the delivery system. There is the Matrixyl 3000 peptide within, to stimulate the production of Collagen and Vitamin E to help with hydration. It helps with the brightening of the under eye area and dark circles too. This eye cream can be used around the whole contour of the eyes. You can if you wish use the tip of the syringe to apply the cream, but I personally prefer to use my ring finger to pat it upwards over my eye area, right up to the brows. Using the upwards motion helps with the lifting property, I have also applied some of the eye cream over my eyelids too, and it didn’t cause me any puffiness. Patted into my “number 11’s as well has lessened the appearance of them. Looking into the mirror, I can see that my eyes appear to be slightly wider, more open and I believe there is less of a “hood” from my eyelids too. Magnificent! If I use concealer under my eyes it goes on really well and it doesn’t crack or crease either. The Opsis Eye Cream is suitable for ages 30 through to 60 plus years.  When I used this eye cream before, it became my favourite the best I’ve ever used. Now, I can say that THIS is the best eye cream I have ever used.

For all Juliette Armand skincare, go HERE.

If you would like to read the post where I reviewed these products before, you will find it HERE.

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B. Skincare Contouring Cream…

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I’ve another B. Skincare beauty today. It’s the Contouring Cream which you can get from Superdrug. I’ll leave links at the end of this post.

Another product by B. Skincare that I’m loving, so much so that I have another bottle in my shopping basket waiting for me to checkout! With the great pump delivery system, I use two pumps worth on my skin after cleansing and toning, and before moisturising. While I’ve been trialling the serum I used it night and morning under day cream and night cream. I press it into my face in an upward outward motion. I can feel an instant tightening which feels lovely. The serum contains an ingredient that is clinically proven to boost the skins natural production of collagen and also elastin, and I think it’s working for me. It has softened out the lines between my eyebrows, also known as “number 11’s” and the horizontal line I have on my forehead is diminished too. My cheek and chin areas appear smoother, and pores are lessened as well. Lovely, lovely, lovely indeed. You will find the B. Skincare Contouring Cream in Superdrug on the High Street and also HERE.

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Pureplex Bond Reconstructing Shampoo and Conditioner…

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I bet I have the best conditioned hair in my town! Well maybe. Although I could have, because it is cleansed and conditioned with the help of Knight And Wilson, the hair care people that has become my new favourite. I recently coloured my hair Rose Gold with the Knight and Wilson Colour Freedom Metallic Glory Rose Gold hair dye. You can read my review HERE. I had a conditioning treatment after that using the Pureplex Hair Repair System and you can see my review HERE. Now to keep my hair in this tip-top condition I’m using the Pureplex Bond Reconstructing Shampoo and the Conditioner.

Let me tell you about the shampoo. This shampoo has been especially designed to be used daily (if you are a daily washer of hair) specifically for coloured, bleached, highlighted, any chemical treatment in fact AND for hair that is ageing, hair that is easily broken. It’s formulated with the Aminofix Bond Reconstructor and although its sulphate free it gently cleanses the hair and also helps to repair any damage caused by heated appliances and chemicals. The shampoo helps to build the hair’s structure and also it protects it from any harm you will do to the hair in the future. I for one will not stop colouring my hair! As for ingredients it has Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Panthenol (which is a form of vitamin B5) The Pureplex shampoo also contains UV filters.

The first thing I noticed when I squeezed this rich creamy shampoo into my hand is the fragrance, its gorgeous and fresh and “apple-y” I used a good-sized amount of product for my first shampoo because my hair is so thick. Thankfully it’s not too lathery,  I don’t have a shower so I have to wash my hair over the bath every time with a jug. The first shampoo rinsed out really easily and I could feel the squeak from my hair. I did a second shampoo using less of the product and paid more attention to massaging my scalp, this time there was a bit more lather although it rinsed away very clearly. I then combed my hair through with a wide toothed comb ready for the Pureplex Conditioner and it was already easy to comb when wet.

The conditioner too is so creamy and rich in consistency and like the shampoo has the fresh and apple scent. I used about a dessert spoonful of product in my hand and worked it through my hair, not reaching my scalp though. I let the conditioner work into my hair for a couple of minutes then rinsed out thoroughly. It was easy to rinse out when using my old jug method, I didn’t feel as though there was any residue left on my hair. I then wrapped my hair in a towel and left it to soak up the excess water rather than rub my hair as I usually do. Running a brush through my hair when its wet is so easy after using this glorious conditioner, didn’t struggle with any knots at all. I more often than not leave my hair to dry naturally but if I do use my  hairdryer it dries fantastically with no flyaway bits of hair. I always dry my hair using the nozzle downwards so as not to “ruffle” up the shaft of the hair, this will help with keeping the hair smoother looking.

After being introduced to all the ranges of hair products by Knight and Wilson I shall be purchasing more from the brand I really am enjoying everything that I’ve tried so far. If you would like to try them for yourself you can find them in your local Superdrug store or online HERE.



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Nourish Skin Range….Radiance Firming Facial Oil..

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This facial oil is perfection! That’s a pretty big statement from me seeing as how my favourite facial oil has for a long time been the facial oil from that “celestial sounding” brand. I actually do really LOVE this oil, and it does exactly what it says on the bottle! I’ve been using the oil for 3 months and I love the results I’ve got from it…..This is the Radiance Firming Facial Oil from Nourish Skincare.

So luxurious, it’s a beautiful blend of omega rich Macadamia and Pumpkin oils with a blend of Rosehip and Borage oil in there too, the fragrance is from the blend of Geranium and Damask Rose oils, and is glorious by the way! This facial oil is certified Vegan and cruelty free and it’s made in the United Kingdom, so this oil certainly ticks all the boxes for me for sure!

I used the Radiance Illuminating Facial Oil every night after cleansing. I apply a few drops from the  pipette dispenser to my hand and warm it a little, I then massage into my skin for 2 minutes, I take it under my eyes if the area feels a little drier than usual  and then apply my eye cream, and I always take it over my lips too. I leave the oil to sink into my skin for a few moments then add whichever night cream I’m using at the time to finish off my night-time routine. The next morning my skin looks smooth and glowing, the area around my mouth and jowls does look more firm and less saggy. I appear to look much more awake too, my skin is more alive and brighter looking when I look into the mirror and is certainly less grey looking. If I want a more intense overnight treatment, I will apply a whole pipette full of the oil to my skin then apply any overnight cream mask I have also, this gives me a wonderful hydrating and brightening treat.

You can see this gorgeous facial oil and more too if you go HERE.

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