The Best Foundation Blending Sponge……EVER!

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When I was asked if I would like to review the Basic Beauty Tools foundation blending sponge and Spongedry holder I have to be honest with you it was the holder that had me saying yes please!

I’ve got and used a few brands of foundation blending sponges, and they are all pretty much the same on performance and usability. They all work better when used dampened, although some expand more than others when damp. The Basic Beauty Tools sponge is absolutely fantastic, it’s Latex FREE for one thing! And when dampened it expands more than I’ve seen on any other beauty sponge. To use mine I wet it under the cold tap and squeeze excess water out, then I squeeze it inside a clean towel to take out even more water. This particular teardrop shaped sponge is so soft and spongy when damp it’s gorgeous, it bounces over my skin when I apply my foundation using the rounded bottom (!!!) and the point is fantastic for getting into all the nooks of the face, ie around the nose and eyes, and it doesn’t soak up all my foundation and concealer into itself either, which is due to the  unique micro cell texture of the sponge.

I found my sponge to be so easy to clean, I do use the same solid soap cleanser that I use for my brushes, and then pop it to air dry on the Spongedry holder also from Basic Beauty Tools. The little holder is just fantastic to allow your sponge (any brand to!) to dry after cleaning, it dries pretty quickly, again due to the micro cell texture, and drying this way stops a buildup of bacteria as you would if you let your sponge just dry off in your makeup bag. It’s also great to store your beauty sponge on your dressing table on a daily basis too.

For a 25% discount sale of the sponge and the Spongedry  just enter ELEGANT25 at checkout on the website HERE.


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Grapefruit and Vetiver Fragrance Candle by Aequill, Artisan Candles for Luxury Everyday…

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I’m bringing you another gorgeous candle for Christmas, and this one is just perfect for burning in my hallway to greet guests with! This candle is the Grapefruit and Vetiver fragranced candle by Aequill London.

Using paraffin wax for the best throw for the fragrance, it’s a single cotton, paper wick and hand poured into 100% recycled mouth blown glass jars. Even before lighting, the fragrance is so strong. It was on my coffee table for a few days and it really did permeate our sitting room, it’s a gorgeous and very luxurious fragranced candle, that also looks incredibly stylish in any setting. Coming in two sizes, 100g gives up to 16 hours burning time and 200g is up to 40 hours burning time! One thing that I love about this brand is that you can buy refill candles for your jars, fabulous! And for all this glorious luxury, you don’t have to part with a lot of money.

There are five beautiful fragrances to choose from, and I want to try them all! You can see which fragrance is for you HERE.

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Ancienne Ambiance Scented Candle….

Hello again lovelies, yet another non beauty post (sort of)…

Scented candles are HUGE now, we burn them every day of the year don’t we? There is a scented candle with a fragrance to suit all occasions, all moods. I have been so lucky to be sent a gorgeously  luxurious candle, the fragrance is new for Autumn/Winter, this is Ancienne Ambiance Scented Candle in the fragrance “Bacca

This is a huge 200g in the most beautiful straight glass jar, giving 60-65 hours burning time. I just love the black label with gold edge, giving it the luxurious look.  Each candle is hand poured here in the UK, and it’s a slow burning natural wax with a lead free wick. I chose fragrance “Bacca” an incredibly fruity blend of juicy berries which include redcurrants and blackberries! The name Bacca is actually Latin for “small round fruit” I’ve decided that this candle is going to be part of my table centerpiece this Christmas, it’s going to look rather lovely I do believe.

When you buy an Ancienne Ambiance luxury scented candle as a gift you can choose a gift wrap option, there’s a gift bag which is free or gift wrap for which you pay £1.00 plus add a message too! And there is Complimentary Worldwide Delivery All Year! You could always pop into the gorgeous Ancienne Ambiance boutique in Chelsea Green, London details on how to get there are HERE. OR visit the website HERE.

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Robin the Blob Bird! Helen Russell Creations…

Welcome lovelies, and I have a non beauty related post for you. In 2018 I’m going to be shaking Elegant Ageless Beauty about a bit, I’m hoping to be featuring a bit of Lifestyle, maybe a bit of Fashion too on the blog. Never fear it will still be predominately a Beauty Blog, but with a few added extras. I’ll explain to you in the New Year why I’ve decided to do this, in the meantime allow me to kick things off right now by introducing you to a Blob Bird!

The Blob Birds and other critters are the brainchild(ren) of artist Helen Russell Creations. This is what Helen says “Welcome to my world, where characters like the Blob Birds, Puffins and Little Bean Farm critters are waiting to meet you. Too many welly-wearing hours, spent reading books with beautiful illustrations, have created a playful, happy land that welcomes visitors old and new. Come and join me and my creatures round the campfire as we share stories and happy memories through homeware, surface pattern and sculpture. Imagination is the only luggage you need” 

I discovered Helen’s gorgeous creations simply by “liking” and commenting how gorgeous  a photo of one of the Robin Blob Bird mugs was on Twitter. The next thing I know I was contacted by the PR company asking me if I would like one of the Helen Russell Creations mugs, of course I said “Yes please” and Helen Russell herself very kindly sent me one of her beautiful mugs. I have the “Hello, fancy a brew” mug which holds half a pint of hot steaming coffee! ( or whatever your favourite beverage is of course) It’s made of bone china with screen printed ceramic decal of my lovely little robin blob bird. I love him! He’s dishwasher friendly too. I think he would make the perfect gift for anyone, bird lovers, those bird lovers who have a penchant for the Robin, anyone who loves the quirky and different. I’ve really taken to my little Blob Bird friend and he’s now going to be my favourite Christmas mug. Imagine him filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows, oh yes please!

The Helen Russell Creations website is beautiful. It’s full of amazing things for the home. Textiles, Tableware, Greetings cards. There’s stationary and illustrations and sculpture, and all so reasonably priced too. Everything would make ideal gifts for any occasion, or simply treat yourself. You can find Helen Russell Creations HERE.

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B. Strong… Skincare for 60 plus

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I’m not really one for using products that state they are specifically for my age I’m 57 now, I use product that I like and for my skin concerns if it’s skincare. So when I was sent a day cream and a night cream which are for those who are 60 and beyond, I thought do what?! But when I saw that it was from the B. Skincare brand at Superdrug I decided to give it a go, because I just love the B. Skincare range. Let me start with the Day Cream.

This range of B. Skincare is called B. Strong. To target 60 plus skin that has become thin and dehydrated, skin that has lost density through the ageing process. It’s said to re-cushion the skin, add plumpness back into the skin.

When I first opened the pretty glass jar the fragrance of the cream within brought back memories to me, I just thought that it smelled similar to a cold cream that my Mum used to use many years ago, and a lovely fresh smell it is too I like it a lot! I used the day cream after cleansing first thing in the morning, I have found it really rich but there is no stickiness left on the skin, it sinks in beautifully. I feel as though my skin “sucks” up more cream on the drier areas of my face which are my cheeks. I also took the day cream down onto my neck, again it just sank into the drier areas. After a time I noticed  how plumped up and more hydrated my skin looked, and on another plus it didn’t make my foundation oxidize like some moisturisers can do. This really is a gorgeous day cream, and I knew it wouldn’t let me down, ‘cos it’s from B. Skincare at Superdrug!

This is the equally gorgeous Night Cream from B. Skincare and the B. Strong range. It’s a different coloured glass jar being pretty turquoise which is fantastic for me, it saves me squinting to find my Night cream when I don’t take my reading glasses into the bathroom at night. The bright-coloured glass makes it easily recognisable, thanks B. Skincare! The Night Cream is much more rich than the Day Cream, and again it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin, it sinks in like a dream. I used this after cleansing at night, and on it’s own I never added a serum or oil like I normally would in my night time routine, I took it right down my neck as well as massaging it into my face. The next morning my skin looked so soft, it was certainly hydrated and there were no dry patches. I haven’t stopped using either of these B. Strong creams, I am really enjoying what they are doing to my skin right now, in fact my skin has never looked better!

You can find all B. Skincare only at Superdrug on the High Street or online, right now there is a Better than half price on selected B. Skincare HERE.

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