Yogi Smart Styler

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a hair styling gadget from Yogi, a brand I had heard of from seeing them presenting their hair styling wand on the shopping channel QVC. I was asked which product I would like to try, and because I knew that I would be getting my hair cut I decided to go for the Yogi  TouchX Smart Styler.

I am so glad I chose the TouchX Smart Styler too, it’s a 10 in 1 styling tool that’s so fantastic to use, it’s easy and it’s so lightweight which I was pleased about as I do suffer from a bad neck and shoulders sometimes which makes it difficult to reach the back of my hair. Well until now that is, now it’s a piece of cake and I can get my hair looking as good from the back as I can the front!

The Smart Styler  has Tourmaline and Ionic technology  which helps to smooth the hair also reduces static and locks in moisture. It has a fast ceramic heater, which heats from 120 degrees centigrade to 200 degrees centigrade with easy to control temperature settings. It’s suitable for all hair types from fine/delicate hair, to thick strong and curly, and also thick, course and wavy hair like mine!  This is such a versatile styler it will  add volume to the hair, adds beautiful waves and flicks it will twist and curl and it will also smooth and straighten and more besides! It’s 10 in 1 after all..

To switch on the styler you press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds, then to select your appropriate heat setting you  press the on/off button until your temperature choice is illuminated. Once you have selected your required temperature the red light will flash, then stop and remain lit when the temperature has been reached, easy peasy!  To switch off the styler you simply press and hold the power button until the red light goes off, it’s then safe to unplug the styler.

I recently had my hair chopped off into a layered style (which I now regret doing, my hairdresser was rather scissor happy) I like my hair big, always have always will, it suits me better than a sleek straight style. To get plenty of volume and bounce in my hair I shampooed and conditioned as usual and applied a heat protecting spray too. I then dried my hair thoroughly, you can’t use the Smart Styler on wet hair. I started at the back of my head, and with the extra long 360 degrees swivel cord it’s easy to get to the back. To add volume you just place the styler into the roots of the hair and lift up as you are drawing the styler out, right to the tip of your hair, WOW, the volume it gives my hair is brilliant, AND it leaves my hair shiny too. That’s what makes this styler so smart, apart from the fantastic curl and volume, it’s  the lovely shine it gives and with much less damage too, which is perfect as an older woman (late 50’s now)  with mature hair, a fantastic hair styling tool for me! You can check out the Yogi Smart TouchX Styler HERE.

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The Hollywood Browzer – A cut above?

Welcome my lovelies!

For a while I have been using a little facial razor to remove hair from certain parts of me. As I’ve aged I have had hair pop up in places where I don’t want them to be. I bought a pack of 3 razors from the high street and used them on places like my chin and down my neck, tops of my eyebrows and even my ear lobes get hair appear on them! What?! They worked ok but then a few days later I have to do it again, they also scratched me a bit too. So when Hollywood Browzer contacted me to see if I would like to try their razor and then review on my blog, I thought I’d give them a go, see if this razor would give me smoother skin, hair free skin.


Okay, you get 2 razors in the pack and, also which aren’t showing in the photo a little pouch to keep just one razor inside. I would have preferred that the pouch had room for both razors personally. The blade itself is made of stainless steel “waffle” coated blade with safety guards to both sides so as not to cut or irritate the skin at all. It’s meant to be great for the removal of unwanted facial hair, shaping the eyebrows, upper lip, down the neck, on the chin, bikini line of course and the guys can use it too, it’s meant to be great for the back of the neck.

So how did I use my Hollywood Browzer? I used it for those pesky chin hairs and the ones that sometimes pop up on my throat area. It did clear those hairs away in one swoop of the razor. I’ve always used a razor for between my eyebrows so that I don’t end up with a mono brow, it’s perfect for that area, the Hollywood Browzer left the area lovely and smooth and clean. Shaping the eyebrows themselves was slightly trickier, when my brows get long and straggly I usually shape them by combing them upwards then trimming with scissors, then comb them downwards and trimming, then pluck under the brows. I managed to shape the top of the brows, but I just wasn’t confident enough to trim underneath, I was going to close to my eyes. So onto the upper lip hair which I always remove with a hair removing cream for sensitive skin. I used the Browzer to remove my upper lip hair and the hair from the sides of my mouth where I would put the hair removing cream. It’s quicker at removing the hair than cream, but I found after a while that area felt dry and I had a sort of numb feeling too, it did sting slightly when I applied moisturiser, I think that I should have let the area calm down first in hindsight, but I shall definitely use the Browzer again for my upper lip hair. Another area I used it on was my hands, fingers and the big toe! It’s fabulous for those areas, so the Hollywood Browzer will now become part of my weekly manicure and pedicure too, and because it folds up I can keep it stored away neatly.

The Hollywood Browzer is £15 for a pack of 2 razors, each one will last 2 to 3 months, click HERE.




My 2016 Beauty Highlights!

Hello lovelies, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Welcome to the first Elegant Ageless Beauty of 2017..

I hope that those of you who celebrate it, all had a fabulous Christmas. For my first post of 2017 I thought that I would share with you what products I have really loved during 2016, and there are many to be honest, more skincare than makeup I reckon so here goes and I shall start with some makeup brushes.


These absolutely stunning brushes are full of Swarovski crystals. By Leon Hardy and sent to me from Thomas Dittas to review, they are by far my favourite brushes. I love the way they look, the weight is perfect and because they aren’t too long means I can use my little magnifying mirror in my hand for close up application. If you would like to read my full review of these stunning brushes you can find it HERE.


Winning Heaven Skincare Gold Bee Venom Mask in their 21st birthday competition was one of the best things that happened to me and my blog last year! I’ve used it many times since I’ve had it and my skin always looks fantastic afterwards and for a few days thereafter too. I think I’m the luckiest blogger to have won such a prestigious product. If you want to see my full, honest review, go HERE.


Now this product, the Heaven Skincare Bee Peel was sent to me as a complete surprise. It arrived right out of the blue. It’s the newest of Heaven Skincare’s products, to exfoliate and resurface the look of the skin. It really is FABULOUS! Just look at the beautiful packaging too! If you would like to see my full review of the Bee Peel you can see it HERE.


So last April for my birthday, Jackie from Tam Beauty/Makeup Revolution very kindly gifted me the fantastic Fortune Favours The Brave eye shadow palette, which was created in collaboration with Jane Cunningham, British Beauty Blogger. I’ve used it such a lot over the year, and really enjoy it still. My full review is HERE.


I dipped my toes into the cleansing balm water last year, thanks to my friend Kim who is Global Director of Spa Development at Omorovicza Cosmetics, and also beauty blogger at thefabcompany. Kim very kindly sent me a couple of wonderful products to try, one being this amazing Thermal Cleansing Balm from Hungarian brand Omorovicza. I absolutely adored using it and I’m hoping to be able to treat myself to another one. If you would like to read my review, which includes links to Kim’s blog too, click HERE.


Ahh, Timeless Truth sheet facial masks! A true obsession over the last year. With thanks to my friend Angela, I got to try out a lot of Timeless Truth masks, including the newest one. Snow Algae & Hyalauronic Bio Cellulose mask. I’ve tried a couple of sheet masks from another brand, but they just don’t match up to these, in my opinion. There’s a link HERE if you would like to see some reviews of all Timeless Truth masks I’ve tried.

Well, that’s some of my 2016 highlights in a nutshell, and I would just like to say a big thank you to all these amazing companies who have sent me such gorgeous products to try, and then to review them here on Elegant Ageless Beauty. I also want to say a massive thank you to all of you, if it wasn’t for you all reading my blog there would be no Elegant Ageless Beauty. THANK YOU!



September favourites!

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

So it’s that time of the month again, so to speak, time for another monthly favourites post where I share with you the products that I’ve been loving during September, I’ve new favourites and a rediscovered favourite and some that are always in my favourites posts. First up is my most repurchased product, ever and it’s a nail treatment.


The Rimmel London Nail Rescue. I have used it for years, ever since I stopped wearing acrylic nails. It really has “rescued” my nails, I use it each time I do a manicure as my basecoat, but every couple of months I do use it as my treatment. If you would like to read how I do use it I have a review HERE.


This  is the B.Skincare Restorative Facial Oil, I  rediscovered it this last month, and I’ve fallen in love all over again, it’s from Superdrug on the High Street and I think it’s fabulous, I do love facial oils! I only use it at night-time twice a week under my night cream when I feel my skin needs a bit of a “pick me up” You can check out my review HERE.


Next, I have an eyeshadow brush that I think is just about the prettiest I have ever seen! It’s filled with Swarovski crystals, yes REAL Swarovski crystal! I love it not just because it’s so pretty but also because it’s gorgeous to use, I love the weight, it’s so comfortable to hold. The bristle holds onto the product and then blends over the eye beautifully, a really superb eyeshadow brush! My review of this and four more makeup brushes is HERE. If you would like to see.


I really have found my new “hero” in a concealer. I was later than most people to discover the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but now I’m so glad I have joined that party because it’s fantastic, and it will always be a repurchase for me that’s for sure. Check out my review HERE.


Lastly my beautiful Gold Bee Venom Mask by Heaven Skincare! I have mentioned in previous posts that 80% of the products I review, I purchase myself while the other 20% I have had sent to me for review or I have won as prizes on Twitter. This was a prize that I won on Twitter in celebration of Heaven Skincare’s 21st Birthday. I was so overcome when I got that DM telling me that I was the Twitter winner, I did have a cry I shall admit. I never thought that I would ever be able to have something so luxurious, so prestigious in my life. I really am very lucky. I have reviewed the Gold Bee Venom Mask HERE.

So that’s what I’ve loved over the last month, thank you for stopping by today.



Leonhardy VP Crystal Make up De Luxe Brushes..

Hello lovelies welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I am such a lucky blogger! I have been sent some seriously beautiful makeup brushes to try. Oh my gosh I have never seen such prettiness and sparkle in a makeup brush! I have been sent 4 brushes to use and review here on EAB, and they were sent to me from Germany by Total Partners, where they have been handmade by Leonhardy VP. and yes that really is Swarovski crystal in the handles! The hair is a very high quality synthetic, and yes they are cruelty free and also  vegan and vegetarian friendly too.


I’ve been sent a powder/blusher brush, eyebrow/lash brush, eyeshadow brush and lip brush. I’ll go through each one in turn and tell you how they worked for me and how they washed too.


This gorgeous powder brush is such a pleasure to use! I expected it to be quite a heavy brush with all that sparkly Swarovski crystal within the handle of the brush, but it’s not, it’s so lightweight and really ergonomically friendly. It’s 19cm long (approx 7 inches) from base of handle to tip of the bristles, so a really great size too. I used the powder brush for my loose powder and my blusher. With both it held onto the product until I applied to my face and blended out great. There was no shedding of the hair which can happen in brushes right across the price ranges. How did it wash? Perfectly. I used a solid brush cleaning soap, and warm water, but I was extra careful with all of the brushes when I washed them just because of the beautiful crystals within. This has dried beautifully, very soft and it didn’t shed any hair at all.


The flat eyeshadow brush is again very soft. It’s a great weight to use and really lovely to hold, 16cm (approx 6 inches) long. It held onto the product until I tapped off excess and applied to my eyes. It lays down colour and blends eyeshadow perfectly. It didn’t feel scratchy on my eyes and it didn’t shed any hair either. The eyeshadow brush washes perfectly and dries back to its original shape and softness.


This has got to be the best lip brush I have ever used! I have 3 lip brushes in my collection and they are rarely used because they are too small and they don’t flex on the lips when applying lipstick. This beauty is fabulous, the brush head itself is pretty big for a lip brush. It has a super point to the end to create a cupids bow, it flexes on the lips when applying lipstick, and it spreads the colour beautifully, I think I even used less product too! Again the brush cleans really well and without loss of any hair. It dries right back into shape.


The eyebrow/eyelash brush has a different look to the other three. Yes they are Swarovski crystals inserted into the handle! The eyebrow brush combs through my eyebrows perfectly distributing the eyebrow powder I had applied. I used the comb to go through my lashes after applying mascara to help separate them. I purposely used a mascara that goes clumpy on me to see how the comb worked. It was great, it got rid of the clumps and separated my lashes great. Washing and drying was easy, the clumps of mascara were easy to remove, and it dried very quickly.

The brushes with the Swarovski crystal filled handles can at the moment only be purchased from Swarovski flagship stores in Vienna, Innsbruck and Crystal World Austria. They do retail at between 59 – 79 Euro. A complete set of 6 brushes in a genuine leather case which retails at 189 Euro is available. The black  brushes with 3 crystals can be purchased from 10 – 15 Euro. All of the Brushes will be available from an online store in October this year and they will be in various Crystal Colours, hair type(Synthetic and Natural) and Brush head Styles, there will be 11 styles to choose from. For now if you aren’t in any of the countries I’ve mentioned and you wish to have these beauties in your life, you will find the Total Partners website HERE. where you can purchase from the online shop in October.

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October Favourites….

Hello loves, Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

It’s been a while since I did a monthly favourites post, so I thought as I’ve purchased a few things over the last month or so, I’ll do one to share with you what I’ve been loving in October. Let’s begin with skincare.


My gorgeous B. Skincare  Enriched Restorative Facial Oil! I have loved using this beautiful product every night in my skincare regime, and it’s made a huge difference to the way my skin looks when I wake in the morning. You can see my review HERE 

My next product that I’ve loved this month is very new to my makeup collection, and it’s also new from MUA Makeup Academy too. 


The Skin Define Hydro Primer is like no other primer I’ve used, ever. I do like a primer under foundation but I find some can “roll” or “ball up” while applying to my face. This one doesn’t do that at all. I’ve read that this is very much like the Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer. (A dupe?) You can read my full review HERE 


I have a new BFF! It’s a gorgeous eyeshadow palette from who else but MUA again. It’s new for Autumn/Winter. The cute little Utopia palette from the MUA Luxe range is full of high pigmented powder eyeshadows, the shades are perfect for this season and through Christmas and beyond. You can see a full review HERE 

I’ve a blusher that I’ve been reaching for the most this month, and I bought it from Beauty Crowd. It’s beautiful to look at and to use too!


The Milani Rose Powder Blush in the shade Tea Rose. It’s a huge size, very pigmented and I just love how it’s moulded into a rose, so pretty! You can read my full review HERE 

My new makeup brushes! Oh how I love these beauties. I bought them from the Beauty Crowd website and they’re by Barbara Hoffman. 


These are all face brushes for foundation, powder and blusher/bronzer. The soft synthetic bristles make blending easy peasy, and they clean easily too. Read my full review HERE 

I do have many more “faves” from this last month but it would make for a long read, so I’ll leave it there for now.

B. Skincare at Superdrug

Utopia Palette and Primer at MUA

Milani Rose Blusher and Barbara Hoffman brushes at Beauty Crowd

Have a great November!



Latest in Beauty The Dream Box IV by British Beauty Blogger…..

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty my loves.

I thought I’d just share with you the very latest beauty box that Jane Cunningham aka British Beauty Blogger has put together for Latest in Beauty. This is the fourth time that Jane has collaborated with Latest in Beauty, and they’ve named this one The Dream Box IV. All the products in the box have been tried, tested and given the BBB seal of approval. 


As soon as the beauty box went live on the  Latest in Beauty website at 8am last Sunday morning we (me and Mark) were right onto it! I have tried to get my hands on a BBB box since her first one and always missed out before, this time I wasn’t going to miss it and I was delighted when Mark said my box was ordered!


The value of the Dream Box IV is £106.20 and we paid just £21.95 including postage, fabulous value for a boxful of utter gorgeousness! So what’s inside? 

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in the shade “Raise The Bar” 1.5 g 

Beauty Kitchen Love Me Wonderbalm. Full Size

Nuxe Prodigieux Eye Cream. Full Size

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy. Full Size.

Shay & Blue Framboise Noire Fragrance. 2 ml

Maybelline Dr Rescue SOS nail Balm. Full Size

Erborian CC Cream 15 ml

L’occitane Almond Oil 35 ml

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara. Full Size

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, mini. 50 ml

Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk. 25 ml

KMS California Moistrepair Shampoo. 75 ml

KMS California Moistrepair Conditioner. 75 ml

Collection Speedy Blush Stick. Full Size

Crown Brush Pro Studio Contour Brush. Full Size


Also in the box is a booklet written by Jane Cunningham explaining the products and why she chose them for the Dream Box IV. The booklet also gives codes for discount on some of the products for repurchase, and there’s a code for £10.00 with Magnitone too. 

I shall of course be writing reviews as and when I use the products, and I can’t wait to dive in! Thank you very much British Beauty Blogger and Latest in Beauty, the Dream Box IV is a thing of beauty! (pun intended) If you haven’t read Jane’s blog, you really should she’s great! You can find her HERE and also take a look at the Latest in Beauty website too if you haven’t already it’s HERE.

I’m off to have a play!



Barbara Hoffman Brush Cleaning Soap….

Hello and welcome back to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I usually clean my makeup brushes with any shampoo that I’ve got on the go, but I’ve been using a proper brush cleaner for the job recently. I purchased a Brush Cleaning Soap by Barbara Hoffman from the **Beauty Crowd website.


The soap is packaged in a neat lightweight aluminium tin with a screw top lid, and it’s about the size of your normal bar of hand soap. The labelling is in German there are instructions in English inside with the soap. The soap is suitable for both real bristle and synthetic bristle too. All my brushes are synthetic so I can only give you my view of the soap on those.

I took the soap out of the tin and ran under warm water, I then wet my brush and swirled it into the soap. It doesn’t give a lot of lather but it really does go deep into the bristles like my shampoo did. As I was using it I noticed a lovely citrus lemon fragrance coming off the soap, absolutely gorgeous smell to be honest. Anyway, this brush cleaning soap cleaned my brushes and my Real Techniques sponge really well, and it was so easy to rinse out too. It left all clean items smelling fresh and lemony, including my hands, which incidentally did feel a bit dry from the soap afterwards, but nothing a bit of my hand cream couldn’t sort out. Next morning, after I had left my brushes drying flat overnight I checked to see just how they had dried, wow they were so soft! and they still smelled citrusy fresh and clean. As for my sponge, it was super clean and fresh too. The Barbara Hoffman Brush Cleaning Soap is £6.95 from HERE would I re-purchase it? I’ll see how long this lasts with my regular weekly brush cleaning before I decide on that.

Thank you for reading today my lovelies.



Barbara Hoffman Makeup Brushes….

Hello again lovelies!

I am sharing with you today some utterly beautiful face makeup brushes by Barbara Hoffman which I purchased from Beauty Crowd. Barbara Hoffman is a German brand specialising in beauty tools and accessories since 1985.


So from the left is: Silver Acrylic Angular Blush Brush , Silver Acrylic Powder Brush small and the Silver Acrylic Flat Foundation Brush. Let me go into each one in detail.


The round flat foundation brush has short dense synthetic bristles, it’s so soft and didn’t feel scratchy on my skin while I was applying my foundation. The silver handle itself is short which, for me gave a lot more control of the brush during application. The short angled brush head made the blending around my eyes and nose easier too. I also used this brush to blend in my under eye concealer, and it is perfect for that job!


The small Silver Acrylic Powder Brush, is fabulous for applying your face powder to set your foundation. The very soft synthetic bristles “grips” the product until you apply it to the skin, then buffs it perfectly for a flawless finish. It’s also fabulous for using with your bronzing powders too! Again the short silver handles gave me absolute control and I think this brush is going to become a favourite very quickly.


The Silver Acrylic Angular Blusher Brush, another perfect brush from Barbara Hoffman. Once again it has very soft synthetic bristles and gives perfect application of powder blush, and with it being angled too, is great for contouring. I haven’t used it for contouring as I rarely contour, but this brush is making me want to do it more. This brush really did make applying blusher easy peasy this morning.

I think you can see that I rather like these brushes. Not only is the performance of them superb, the look of them is stunning too! I love the silver and acrylic handles, and I love the length of them, I think I would rather like to try the eye brushes next. I have a couple more products by Barbara Hoffman to share with you soon, it’s going to be a couple of brush cleaners, so I hope you will come back again soon. You can find Barbara Hoffman brushes HERE.

Thank You for reading!








A Beauty Crowd Haul….

Hello lovelies!

Are you one of “The Crowd” yet? The Beauty Crowd to be exact. It’s the one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Beauty Crowd bring us brands that are popular in the UK, like the new brand on the block Freedom, and also the less known about brands in the UK too ,which is actually what drew me to them. They bring us everything beauty, skincare, make up, body care, hair care, your beauty tools and something for the man in your life too! It’s certainly the place to be if you’re a beauty junkie!  Brands you can expect to see are L.A Colors. Bell Cosmetics, Barbara Hoffman, Absolute, Milani, Mesauda Milano, Freedom, and many more besides, can you see why I call it the “One Stop Shop?”


So here’s what I bought, I haven’t tried anything yet, I need to take photos of each item first, then I shall use them and get back to you with my thoughts in a few days.










I’m really excited to be trying some new brands, everything I bought looks amazing and I can’t wait to start using them, I shall come back to you soon with an update on everything.

This website no longer exists

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A Lovely Surprise!….

Hello again lovelies!


So, this pretty pink packet arrived addressed to Mark over the weekend. He was out when the post lady delivered it, much to my annoyance, I thought what has he been ordering now without telling me! A bit presumptuous of me I know, but I thought it would be for me only because it’s pink! I had to wait until he got home about an hour later to find out what was inside.


When he got home and we had unpacked the shopping, he opened the pretty pink package and he was actually just as surprised as me to find that the wonderful Karla Powell has sent me 3 of her lip brushes from her Karla Brushes collection. Karla Powell, if you don’t know is a fabulous makeup artist in her own right, and also makeup artist for MUA Makeup Academy.


She even took the time to write me a lovely message inside the lid of the box. Aren’t the brushes packaged so beautifully though? I love the pink and black. Thank You so much Karla for such a beautiful gift, I’m very touched and so grateful.

As I said Karla works for MUA Makeup Academy as their makeup artist, she makes wonderful tutorials for their blog which are so easy follow. Take a look at what she did for a Summer Nights Out Makeup HERE

You can take a look at Karla’s work as a makeup artist in her own right, and also purchase her lip brushes HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.