Nourish Skin Range….Radiance Firming Facial Oil..

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This facial oil is perfection! That’s a pretty big statement from me seeing as how my favourite facial oil has for a long time been the facial oil from that “celestial sounding” brand. I actually do really LOVE this oil, and it does exactly what it says on the bottle! I’ve been using the oil for 3 months and I love the results I’ve got from it…..This is the Radiance Firming Facial Oil from Nourish Skincare.

So luxurious, it’s a beautiful blend of omega rich Macadamia and Pumpkin oils with a blend of Rosehip and Borage oil in there too, the fragrance is from the blend of Geranium and Damask Rose oils, and is glorious by the way! This facial oil is certified Vegan and cruelty free and it’s made in the United Kingdom, so this oil certainly ticks all the boxes for me for sure!

I used the Radiance Illuminating Facial Oil every night after cleansing. I apply a few drops from the  pipette dispenser to my hand and warm it a little, I then massage into my skin for 2 minutes, I take it under my eyes if the area feels a little drier than usual  and then apply my eye cream, and I always take it over my lips too. I leave the oil to sink into my skin for a few moments then add whichever night cream I’m using at the time to finish off my night-time routine. The next morning my skin looks smooth and glowing, the area around my mouth and jowls does look more firm and less saggy. I appear to look much more awake too, my skin is more alive and brighter looking when I look into the mirror and is certainly less grey looking. If I want a more intense overnight treatment, I will apply a whole pipette full of the oil to my skin then apply any overnight cream mask I have also, this gives me a wonderful hydrating and brightening treat.

You can see this gorgeous facial oil and more too if you go HERE.

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Hollyberry Cosmetics…..Organic Argan and Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin and Nails..

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This incredible oil is a genuine multi tasker! Hollyberry Cosmetics sent me their gorgeous Organic Argan and Coconut Oil to try and then review here on EAB.

Oh how I love me an oil! I love me an oil that’s multi tasking like this one. Firstly this Coconut and Argan Oil is organic, exactly like it says on the bottle, and it smells amazing, if you love the smell of coconut you will love this! If you love a multi tasking oil that is rich, you will love this! This really is all of those things. The 100% organic Argan oil is ethically sourced from Morocco, it’s absolutely amazing for all parts of the body it’s especially good for my dry dehydrated mature skin. I have a huge scar on my shin which gets so dry and flakey and quite itchy, I have found that this Coconut and Argan oil is so soothing and moisturising for that. It’s also so good on my nails and cuticles, I just massage a drop into them and use a wooden orange stick to gently put back the cuticles I then wash my hands apply polish let it dry and then apply more oil to my nails to keep them soft and moisturised. Hair? I just applied a dropperfull to my hands then smooth into the ends of my hair after drying, it just smooths the dry fluffy ends between hair cuts, smoothing some oil through wet hair will keep it looking soft and smooth and free of flyaways.

I’m getting my feet flip flop and sandals ready with the Coconut and Argan Oil. After using my micro-pedi to remove any hard skin from my feet I massaged the oil into them and into my toe nails, paying particular attention to the tops of my feet with a bit of extra oil, I then wear socks to let the oil sink right in, if it wasn’t for over-heating at night time I would wear the socks to bed, so I just stick to treating my feet during the day and still get amazing soft feet with this fantastic oil. Love, Love, Love! You can check out this and other lovely products from Hollyberry Cosmetics HERE.

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Nourish Skincare…..”Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin”

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I’ve been trialing some really super skincare products that Mark actually had sent to him before Christmas, I thought that I’d share one of the products with you today from Nourish Skincare. The first product is the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser.

I adore products that are in glass bottles and jars, not only are they aesthetically pleasing they are better for our environment and can be recycled. This has the pump-action delivery system that gives you the amount you should need, it’s up to the individual whether you need more, I used two pumps worth on my face.

This product is literally 85% Organic. Using Argan oil, Jojoba seed oil, Rosehip seed oil, Aloe Vera to name just a few. Borage and Myrrh are also present to help to rejuvenate and renew the skin. Vitamin E and collagen boosting ingredients to help with the signs of aging. While Rose of Jericho helps with hydration. Fabulous!

After cleansing and toning (with products from other brands) I applied 2 pumps worth of my Argan Skin Renew to my skin and massaged in. My skin drank it up, especially my chin and cheek areas. I took it up to my eyes but I didn’t apply over my eyes, I felt that this may be too rich for the area. It does smell rather good, it’s more rose fragrance that comes through, but not the sickly fake rose smell, this is delightful. I found that after using this moisturiser for a week or so I did get a couple of spots on my chin, but I haven’t been bothered by them since. In fact I’m now looking at skin that’s hydrated more luminous and not so winter dull looking. You get 50ml in this bottle of gorgeousness and a little really does go a long way, even on my mature, dehydrated skin!

Click to go to Nourish Skincare HERE.

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Phytomer Pionniere XMF Perfection Youth Cream

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This is one of those products that I wish I could afford to purchase a full size of because I really do love it! This is the super Phytomer Pionniere XMF Youth Perfection  Cream. I have been sent a 15ml trial size to use and give you my opinion.

The Pioninere Perfection Youth Cream is said to restore the skins translucency in one month. I can only give you results from using for 2 weeks which is how long my tube lasted me, using it day and night. The first thing I noticed was the delightful fragrance of this cream, that’s the Jasmine and Rose that is! Really beautiful. As soon as I applied the cream to my skin it instantly felt so smooth, it sinks into the skin in an instant and within an hour I noticed that my large pores on my cheeks appeared to be lessened, blurred out. This is a gorgeous product to use under foundation too, it helps create a perfect canvas for my makeup and when I used it under my eyes, my concealer didn’t crease it really did stay smooth. Another thing I noticed, I have a few old Chicken Pox scars on my chin area and this is the first product that I’ve used that has actually “blurred” them. I could actually look in the mirror after using the XMF Perfection Youth Cream and NOT see the bumpy skin on my chin! If you are concerned with dark spots and pigmentation, and you want a product that helps with protecting the skin from pollution then you need this gorgeous cream. Click to find out more from Phytomer HERE.


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We ❤️ Facemasks….Avocado and Oat Facemask…

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa..

I’ve got another one of those lush foodie face masks from Superdrug, and this is my favourite out the three that I’ve used.

This is the Avocado and Oat Facemask. A pale green fresh fragrant facemask containing Avocado, Oatmeal and natural clay, and it’s so creamy! I apply this to my skin after cleansing and relax for 15-20 minutes or at least until the mask has dried on my face.

Removing the mask I like to wet it and massage over my face until it’s all loosened up again, then remove it completely with a face cloth or muslin cloth. I feel like it’s giving me that extra exfoliation. Afterwards my skin feels so clean, fresh and soft and moisturised, and it looks really smooth with a bit of a glow too. This is obviously not a face mask to sleep in for an overnight treatment, but one that I’d use a couple of times a week for sure.

Right now in Superdrug, the Avocado and Oat Facemask is on offer for £3.29, and when you purchase 3 selected skincare products you get a Bubble face mask FREE! Have a click HERE.

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