Optimum PhytoCalm Midnight Moisture Mask…

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So a few weeks ago I did a bit of shopping at my local Superdrug and came across the Optimum PhytoCalm products. There was a cleansing balm which I have written a review for HERE. There was also an oil which I have yet to get and then there was this one, a mask. All three products are meant for night time use.

This is the Optimum PhytoCalm Midnight Moisture Mask. This mask contains Four O’clock Flower which helps the skin in it’s night time recovery, leading to a brighter and smoother complexion the following morning. It smells incredible too! After cleansing, I applied the mask thickly to my skin. It’s a lovely thick cooling creamy consistency as it’s applied. This is one mask that I do apply using my fingers, others I usually use a brush. And I do apply a thin-ish layer under my eyes too. Once on the skin and left overnight to do its work, I can say I was not sticking to the pillow at all. The next morning when I looked in the mirror my skin looked glowing, I had a flush of rosy cheeks, it looked smooth and felt very soft and hydrated. Since giving up smoking 2 years ago I was left with those horrid verticle lines above my top lip. They now appear to be softened somewhat. (Oh how I wish they were never there!) This mask will always be a repurchase for me I honestly do love it and rate it, highly. My only negative is that it doesn’t come in a bigger size, this is only 15ml. You can check this beauty out HERE.

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{AD-gifted} Cyclax Moistura. 2 in 1 Cleanser/Toner and Daily Moisturiser…


The Cyclax company was founded in 1896 by Frances Hamilton Forsyth, under the name of Mrs. Frances Hemming in London. It’s one of the worlds oldest cosmetics companies still in existence! In 1939 Cyclax started to provide beauty kits to servicewomen which included their famous ” Auxilary Red lipstick” the company was granted a Royal Warrant by 1961. During the 1970s Cyclax was bought by Lehman Brothers Inc, which lead to rebranding and new products being added to their range. Cyclax was then sold to Cooper Laboratories, before being sold on again to British American Cosmetics. It has changed hands a number of times over the years, but all the while still creating new products. In 2018 Cyclax was acquired by Three Pears International Wholesale, who are “committed to 100% UK manufacture of all Cyclax products”

The Cyclax ranges:

Cyclax Moistura is a beautifully formulated heritage anti-aging skin and body care range including eye, hand and night moisturising creams and lotions, exfoliators, cleansers, and toners. Its key ingredients include natural plant oils, vitamin complex, natural plant extracts, collagen, and a peptide complex

Cyclax Nature Pure is a formulated skin and body care range blending natural ingredients to address all skin care needs. Including night cream, facial scrubs, face and neck creams, hand and body lotions, bath and shower gels, moisturisers and exfoliators. Nature Pure’s key natural ingredients include Aloe Vera, Apricot Oil, Cocoa, Evening Primrose Oil, Green tea, Lavender and Vitamin E.

Cyclax Sun is a developing range of sun protection and sprays with UVA/UVB  protection. SPF 10,15, 20, 30, 45, 50, all day water resistant and SPF 50 baby ranges. All Cyclax Sun will offer key skin care ingredients in all products ensuring ultimate hydration is delivered to the skin.  After sun lotions, soothing gels and sprays will include Neem Oil, Cucumber, Chamomile, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. The self-tanning range includes lotion and spray tan with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Cyclax sun is a range under development and features a new range of fake tan aimed at a volume market, and available now.

Natural Classic is the original Henna Treatment Wax with Pure Henna. Revitalises all types of hair, especially hair that has been damaged by bleaching, perming or tinting. A new addition the Natural Classic range is dry shampoo with two elegant fragrances in a handy purse-sized 150ml spray.

I have 2 products from the Cyclax Moistura range. A range particularly good if you are like me and have dry dehydrated skin. The first of the products is the Moistura Cleanser/Toner, which is a 2 in 1 product. I have been loving using this first thing in the morning.

The lovely fresh smell just livens up the senses as I use it. I have tried two ways of using the cleanser/toner. The first way by massaging over the face and then removing with a face cloth. It works for me! The second is to pour the cleanser/toner onto a damp cotton pad and swipe over the face. It works for me too! I have used it to remove makeup, and although it struggled to remove all my eye makeup in one go, it didn’t sting my eyes to go in for a second time. But it really does leave my skin feeling fresh and cleansed without being left dry and tight. A really lovely cleanser/toner that I am enjoying using.

The second Cyclax product is a delightful moisturiser. This is the Moistura Daily Moisturiser for Normal/Dry skin.

The first thing I noticed from this cream is the subtle smell of, well to me it was rose, but checking the ingredients there is no rose in the cream. It does contain Witch Hazel so maybe that is what the fragrance is, and it’s rather lovely. It also has lanolin and Beeswax within, so it isn’t suitable for vegans. This is a lightweight cream but it certainly packs in some moisture. It’s a perfect moisturiser for this time of year if you do prefer a lighter day cream but still need the hydration too. It’s been keeping my skin nice and moisturised all day until I’m ready to do my night time routine. As for the Cyclax Daily Moisturiser under foundation, it works perfectly for me whether I am using a matte or dewy foundation.

You will find all the Cyclax products in many chemists/pharmacies, and both independent and national retailers. I’ve also seen them on the Fragrance Direct and Amazon websites. If you would like to see the complete Cyclax range you will find them HERE.

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Boots No7 HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Cream

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

This is the last of the Boots No7 products that I bought during their 3 for 2 offers a few weeks ago.

This is the HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Cream for drier skin type. It maintains it provides 72-hour hydration, which to be fair I can’t comment on because I don’t not clean my face for 72 hours! But anyway, the first thing that I noticed about this cream when I opened the pot is that there is no added fragrance, it just smells of “fresh, clean”. It’s formulated with No7’s own HydraDrench complex which is from natural plant hydrators. Smoothing it onto my skin it felt really lightweight and sank right in. It also provides an invisible barrier against pollution, which can damage the skin. I’ve only been using the cream for three weeks but already I can see that my face is looking so much more radiant and far less grey. It keeps smooth and hydrated all day until I do my night-time routine, it’s also a lovely base for my foundation too.

I must admit I have really enjoyed the three Boots No7 products that I bought. Boots is somewhere I rarely shop in, preferring another High Street drugstore/chemist store which suits my budget more. But Boots do come up with some great offers in their stores and online. Right now its Buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected No7 skincare, cosmetics and beauty tools. This HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Cream is one of those products in the offer at the moment HERE.

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No7 Radiant Results Nourishing Cleansing Balm….

Hello lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I took a shopping trip to Boots for my birthday and picked up some gorgeous products that was in their 3 for 2 offer at the time. I am into cleansing balms at the moment so I was so happy to find this one for just £6.50 for a 125ml pot.

Enriched with beautiful grapeseed oil coconut oil and cocoa seed oil, all helping to clean and nourish the skin, without the dryness and tightness and stripping the skin. When massaging the balm over my face it turns to an oil like consistency which I loved, and there is no residue left behind after removal, just soft, nourished hydrated and clean skin. It comes with a lovely muslin cloth which does help to give some micro exfoliation.

I used this cleansing balm after wearing rather a lot of makeup. I did use an eye makeup remover to take that off, and then used the cleansing balm which I took over my eyes in case anything was left behind, there wasn’t but the cleansing balm didn’t sting my eyes at all. I have to be honest and say that I’ve not tried removing eye makeup with it yet, I’ll give it a go and come back to you with my thoughts. The Boots No7 Radiant Results Nourishing Cleansing Balm really is so lovely, I’m enjoying it very much. I don’t shop much in Boots, so this was a rather nice birthday treat for me. You will find this cleansing balm HERE.

There’s a Buy 1 get 2nd 1/2 price on selected No7 skincare, cosmetics and beauty tools at the moment in Boots.

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Superdrug Optimum PhytoCalm Bedtime Cleansing Balm…{Not an Ad, gifted. I purchased this myself}

Hello my lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I have been using this cleansing balm for about 6 weeks now and I actually got very disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to share my thoughts with you. As soon as I bought it from Superdrug Online I tried it and really loved it and I decided to get another one so that I had a backup. To my dismay it was no longer available, even though it was a new product. I have since found out that it is still available, but it appears to be in store only right now. 

As I said at the start I really love the Optimum PhytoCalm Bedtime Cleansing Balm. It’s a Superdrug own brand which I am a huge fan of. 

Although this says Bedtime Cleansing Balm, I have been using it in the morning as well as at night. For night time, if I have been wearing makeup I remove it first with another Superdrug product, a miscellar water. I then massage all over my face including eyes with the balm cleanser. It’s not a massively hard balm it’s easy to get from the pot to use and it does move easily over the skin and melts almost oil like into my face. It doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes, and it takes away the last traces of makeup that the miscellar water has left behind when I remove it with a wet face cloth, or muslin cloth. It does smell amazing too, very sweet and floral, which would be from the Four O’clock Flower which is within the product. This beautiful fragrant plant is often used in skincare for sensitive skin due to it’s calming, hydrating and strengthening properties. The Optimum PhytoCalm Bedtime Cleansing Balm will always be a repurchase for me now for as long as it’s available, it’s just lovely and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and smooth. There’s an overnight mask available which I shall share with you soon. 

The Superdrug Optimum range of skincare is cruelty free and suitable for vegans. See more products HERE