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I have not use a bar of soap to wash with for quite a while, the last soap I did use was one by Dove, I loved it for being gentle on my skin and not drying, although I never used it on my face! I have since been lucky enough to try some stunning soap from Ancienne Ambiance, who have a beautiful boutique in Chelsea Green, London. Selling not just luxury bath and body products, but candles and room fragrance, and exclusive Niche Perfume. I have reviewed a candle from Ancienne Ambiance just about Christmas time last, year the review is HERE if you would like to check it out. I’ll leave a link to the boutique website at the end of this post.

The Ancienne Ambiance luxury soaps are just that! They are free from  parabens, and they are full of all the skin kind ingredients including Shea Butter and natural fine quality fragrance. These soaps did not strip my skin. The lather is really creamy and after using one for simple hand washing I found that my hands didn’t feel dry or crepey. I have been using the Lavender fragranced soap for bathing, although I shall bring you more on that soap in another post. The three I have for you today are Damask, Jasminum and Amandula.

Let me tell you about Damask. This is a very Rose fragranced soap although not a heady scent it’s quite subtle.

All bars are 100g in weight and this one being a Rose scented is a pretty pink colour. After I used it for the first time and left it on a soap dish, when I went back into my bathroom I could smell the fragrance later on.

This is my favourite of all the three soap bars I’m sharing with you today, this is Amandula, quite simply Almond milk in it’s most luxurious form.

The Almond milk in this soap bar is great for nourishing the skin as well as smelling amazing! The soap is white with an Almond colour running through the middle. It’s really delightful. Again my skin didn’t feel dry and tight after using.

Now Jasminum, obviously it’s fragranced with uplifting Jasmine, said to be the “Queen of Flowers” As with all these gorgeous soaps it’s packaged in signature packaging with the black and gold branding.  All Ancienne Ambiance packaging can be put into household recycling or taken to your local recycling centre.

This Jasmine fragranced soap is pure white and will compliment any colour scheme of bathroom. This is another soap that when it’s laying down in the bathroom it just scents the room. All of the Ancienne Ambiance soaps are suitable for the face as well as the body. I have used the Lavender one on my face which I will tell you more about in another post, so I hope you will come back for that.  Ancienne Ambiance does not test any products or ingredients on animals and won’t work with suppliers who do, which is a big YAY from me!

If you would like to check out these beautiful soaps and more, you will find them HERE.

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TENA Lady by Night…..

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa..

There’s a  new subject on the blog today, and it’s a condition that millions of people across the world are affected by. Bladder weakness, Incontinence whatever you call it 400 million people are living with it. Incontinence is the “unintentional passing of urine” and there are several types of the condition.

Stress incontinence – is when urine leaks out at times when your bladder is under pressure; for example, when you cough or laugh.

Urge incontinence – when urine leaks as you feel a sudden, urge to pass urine.

Overflow incontinence  which is also known as chronic urinary retention, and is when you’re unable to fully empty your bladder, which causes frequent leaking.

Total incontinence – when your bladder can’t store any urine at all  causing you to pass urine constantly or have frequent leaking.

It’s also possible to have a mixture of both Stress incontinence and Urge incontinence. Your GP can help you if you have any type of Incontinence, and please don’t feel embarrassed talking to them about it, they see people like you every day.

I shall be 58 years YOUNG in April, and I have gone through the menopause and come out the other side relatively unscathed. I hated the hot flushes and the mood swings, I still do have days when I’m very down in the dumps, but hey ho. But there is the possibility that the menopause can cause bladder weakness/incontinence. Here is what TENA Lady says

“There’s a reduction in the quantity of oestrogen in the genital and lower urinary tract area and this can cause the vaginal and urinary tract tissue to become drier, thinner and less elastic. Pelvic floor muscle degenerate when they are not stimulated by oestrogen. Generally, combinations of age, childbirth, bodyweight and hormonal factors can increase the risk of problems with urinary incontinence or urgency feelings” 

To help me with my own little problem, I have been sent a night-time product by TENA Lady. TENA themselves have over 50 years of experience, and is the world leader in the management of incontinence, and provide products and services to individual people and healthcare professionals throughout 90 countries.

I am sometimes woken in the middle of the night with a panic attack, I’m hyperventilating, cannot get my breath, I have a brown paper bag on my bedside table for when it happens. During my panic attack I do tend to “trickle” a tad. I’ve been going to bed wearing normal every day pantie liners for protection, which actually are not ideal they don’t protect me much from dampness. Thank goodness for my TENA Lady Mini Night pads.

Each pad is shaped for the female body so is discreet and really comfortable to wear, and doesn’t chafe. Has triple protection which keeps me dry, free from odour and are secured in my underwear with a sticky strip that stays in place while I’m asleep, no matter how much I may move about. The TENA Lady pads have a silky soft surface and all materials are dermatologically tested so they are kind to the skin. The material is breathable which allows air to circulate so this keeps the skin healthy. Each pad is individually wrapped, and is 26cm in length. They are slightly thicker than a sanitary towel, but they don’t show through your clothing, they really are very discreet and I can’t tell that I’m wearing one. You can pick your TENA Lady products up with your weekly shop or pop to your local Boots or find them HERE.

For more information on incontinence and bladder weakness you can check out the TENA website HERE.

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First Aid for Dry Skin from Australian Bodycare, Any Time…….

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa..

My skin is so dry in some places at the moment but thank goodness for a product that I do call first aid for dry skin. This is one of those fantastic Tea Tree products from Australian Bodycare, this is the Any Time Balm.

It’s a super creamy emollient in the form of a balm. The ingredients are just amazing for my skin, and as is usual with Australian Bodycare products, this contains wonderful Tea Tree Oil making it antiseptic and anti-bacterial, which I love! It also has Soya and Macadamia oil in there too. Chamomile oil is present in the Any Time Balm which is soothing and calming for the skin.

This super balm can be used where ever you are suffering from dry skin. Knees, heels, elbows, lips and cuticles to name just a few. To trial my Any Time Balm I have used it on the tops of my feet, which do get so super dry and itchy, and around the cuticles on my toenails. I never treat my feet, they just get washed and dried and I used my Micro Pedi when hard skin appears, and I paint my toenails, I never treat them to a foot lotion so they do get quite dry. But I have been using the ABC Any Time Balm every night, and sometimes after my morning bath I’ll pop some on and wear socks. I always massage some into the cuticles of my toenails too. This balm is just fabulous for my feet! They are no longer dry and scaly or itchy, in fact I can’t wait to get flip flops on now! I keep my pot of balm beside me all the time, if my lips feel a bit dry and sore, I pat a little balm into them, and my cuticles too. Mark gets dry sore skin between his fingers from work, I gave him some of my balm and it worked a treat, now he loves it too! It’s Vegan and Vegetarian friendly too….

Pop over to KLM Beauty where you will find Australian Bodycare Any Time Balm HERE.

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Totally Tropical Body Mists from Superdrug….Staying with Summer in Autumn!

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa..

As much as I love the cooler months of the year (Spring is actually my favourite season) Christmas is a coming and Strictly Come Dancing is on the television, it’s just gorgeous to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate at this time of year. But saying that I do love the fruity zesty fragrances that the warmer weather brings us. I was introduced to two beautiful tropical fragrances in the form of a body mist that is currently at Superdrug in store and online, to give me a bit of fruity luxury in the Autumn and Winter time, right through Christmas and New Year too. The first fragrance is Pink Tropic.

I just love the pink packaging! I love the shape of the bottle, I love the gold coloured top too, which gives it a more expensive look. This is definitely a body mist, the spray is so light it doesn’t leave the skin dripping wet with the fragrance like a lot of body mists do. As for the gorgeous fragrance of Crushed Pineapple and Coconut it really does leave your skin smelling fresh and sweet, but after spraying on the body it doesn’t leave it dry just really quite moisturised, which is due to the added castor oil I would think. I also sprayed the body mist on my legs after shaving, and it didn’t sting! If you want a bit of tropical Summer nights in Autumn, in a fragrance try this one HERE.

Although my favourite colour is pink, my favourite of these two body mists is this one Aqua Haze. It’s more fruity and zesty which is what I love in any fragrance. It’s tangy lemon, crisp sharp apple and sweet ripe pear. This lasted longer on my skin than the first one to be perfectly honest with you, it does have a stronger fragrance, but it still feels as though it’s moisturising and not drying the skin out if I choose not to use body lotion. You can find this beautiful body mist just HERE.

Right now at Superdrug there is Double points on selected Christmas gifting and you can save up to half price on Selected Christmas gifting.


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Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I have wanted to try the body wash from Australian Bodycare for ages. I first saw it on QVC shopping channel a few years ago and thought then that it was right up my street. I was recently sent a tube of the Australian Bodycare Skin Wash to try, and for sure I wasn’t disappointed!

The Australian Bodycare skin wash contains  2% Tea Tree Oil. There are 110 varieties of Tea Tree Oil, and this one contains the Melaleuca alternifolia variety which does have the most beneficial natural properties of them all. It has neutral ph balance and is kind to even sensitive skin, while being antiseptic and deep cleansing for the body without stripping the skin of natural oils leaving it dry.

To give the skin wash a proper trial and because I don’t have a shower only a bath, I used only water when I filled my bath I didn’t add any of my bubble baths or bath bomb, I also used a clean bath puff (those net scrunchie thingy’s) I wanted to use it completely on its own. I squeezed a small amount into the bath scrunchie, and you really don’t need a lot, I cleansed myself in the usual way and rinsed. This body wash feels so cooling on the skin when I was using it, which has been lovely during the hot muggy weather we’ve been having in the UK. My skin feels so fresh and clean, clinically clean to be honest, there was no dryness, my skin wasn’t flakey at all, and for the skin issues that I do have on certain areas of my body it soothes it so it’s not itchy or sore, and because I’ve been using my body wash from Australian Bodycare every day that issue is almost clear. I need to get myself a full size, I’m finding it amazing and just what I need. Yes it does smell of Tea Tree but it subsides and doesn’t interfere with any fragrance I am wearing.

There are 3 sizes of body wash starting at 100ml then 250ml then 500ml which you can get HERE. Check out also the other products in the Australian Bodycare range HERE. I wouldn’t mind trying the Lavender!

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