Pretties Through My Letterbox!

Hello there, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I’m sharing with you today a lovely gifting service, Letterbox Luxuries, and like they say they are “Gorgeous Gifts in Petite Packages” They very kindly sent me this beautiful package over to try and then to write my thoughts here on EAB. This isn’t a review of the products within my gift box, I’m simply sharing this really fabulous gifting service with you. Here is what Letterbox Luxuries say…

“Letterbox Luxuries offers a stylish, letterbox friendly, gifting experience. All of our boxes have been curated with care and contain gorgeous, ethically sourced products. We care about the environment and aim to minimise our carbon footprint. Whenever possible, Letterbox Luxuries uses recyclable materials and packaging. We never buy products which are tested on animals. Letterbox Luxuries are designed to fit perfectly through standard sized letterboxes” 

Most of mine and Marks family live in different counties across the UK, so a gifting service such as Letterbox Luxuries is a fabulous idea when it comes to Birthdays and Mothers Day and Christmas too of course! If we send gifts through the post to our relatives it’s not guaranteed the recipient is going to be home to take in a parcel. There’s no need to worry anymore when a gift from Letterbox Luxuries will go through a standard letter box, with the dimensions of the box being 32mm x 171mm x 270mm. Letterbox Luxuries use only recyclable packaging in their gift boxes and all the brands they use must be cruelty free, they will never use a brand that uses animal testing.

The brand Eve of St Agnes is one such brand that is in my gift box. I was sent the Essentials Gift Box, and nestled in amongst the pretty pink tissue paper and pink “straw” were these three lovely products. The Nourishing Cleansing Cream, Hydrating Facial Silk and Hydrating Body Cream. They are all ideal travel sizes and ideal for me as a blogger to try something new!

Also in my box is a beautiful soap bar, which is from the brand Bloomtown Botanicals, and then a lip balm (Yay, I love me a lip balm!) a Jasmine and Vanilla flavour from the brand Daisy & Mallow.

When you order from Letterbox Luxuries you can nominate a delivery date OR simply apply ASAP in the box on your order and it will be dispatched immediately. AND postage is FREE in the UK, but should you wish to have a box sent to someone outside of the UK, just send an email to, they will be happy to help you. You can also add a short message if you wish, and that’s FREE too!  And with a large variety of beautiful gift boxes to choose from for the lady/girl in your life, there will surely be something for her, and yes the gift boxes are aimed at the female, although to be honest I think some of the gift boxes could be gender neutral. That’s just my opinion.

 You can find all the pretty gift boxes HERE.

Thank you for reading today.


*PR Gifted*






2 comments on “Pretties Through My Letterbox!

    • Hi Ladies! Thank you very much, they are gorgeous gift boxes aren’t they, I’ve got a wishlist ready to hand to Mark for my next birthday and also Christmas, haha, Teresa

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