First Aid for Dry Skin from Australian Bodycare, Any Time…….

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My skin is so dry in some places at the moment but thank goodness for a product that I do call first aid for dry skin. This is one of those fantastic Tea Tree products from Australian Bodycare, this is the Any Time Balm.

It’s a super creamy emollient in the form of a balm. The ingredients are just amazing for my skin, and as is usual with Australian Bodycare products, this contains wonderful Tea Tree Oil making it antiseptic and anti-bacterial, which I love! It also has Soya and Macadamia oil in there too. Chamomile oil is present in the Any Time Balm which is soothing and calming for the skin.

This super balm can be used where ever you are suffering from dry skin. Knees, heels, elbows, lips and cuticles to name just a few. To trial my Any Time Balm I have used it on the tops of my feet, which do get so super dry and itchy, and around the cuticles on my toenails. I never treat my feet, they just get washed and dried and I used my Micro Pedi when hard skin appears, and I paint my toenails, I never treat them to a foot lotion so they do get quite dry. But I have been using the ABC Any Time Balm every night, and sometimes after my morning bath I’ll pop some on and wear socks. I always massage some into the cuticles of my toenails too. This balm is just fabulous for my feet! They are no longer dry and scaly or itchy, in fact I can’t wait to get flip flops on now! I keep my pot of balm beside me all the time, if my lips feel a bit dry and sore, I pat a little balm into them, and my cuticles too. Mark gets dry sore skin between his fingers from work, I gave him some of my balm and it worked a treat, now he loves it too! It’s Vegan and Vegetarian friendly too….

Pop over to KLM Beauty where you will find Australian Bodycare Any Time Balm HERE.

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*Post contains PR sample*






One comment on “First Aid for Dry Skin from Australian Bodycare, Any Time…….

  1. Looks good, super dry feet at the moment so I’m doing cream and foot thing at night, but they don’t stay on all night as I overheat!

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