Bee Peel by Heaven Skincare.. “A Face Lift in a Jar”

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Today I’m coming to you with a new product from the fabulous Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Skincare. This is the Bee Peel which was gifted to me by Deborah, and is the newest of Heaven Skincare products/treatments.


The packaging is just Heavenly! The beautiful shiny silver “apple” sits nestled inside a plush white box with the heaven* branding in black. Alongside the gorgeous silver sphere is a cute little silver spatula for scooping the product from the jar without having to use fingers. The spatula has a magnetic tip which means you can attach it to the lid of the jar while not in use, it really does look like a beautiful ornament on your dresser then. I’ve never seen such a beautiful skincare product!

Let me first tell you what the amazing ingredients are in this wonder product. It of course contains Deborah’s patented formula ABEETOXIN* which is known as a natural and non invasive Botox replacement containing bee venom. Other ingredients are pretty special too, like Organic Coconut Oil, Honey Extract, Apple Extract, Glycolic Acid and Raw Cane Sugar. Put them all together and we have the most fabulous treatment for re-surfacing the skin. Pigmentation, scarring, dullness and blemishes can all be helped by Bee Peel treatment. It will gently exfoliate, plump and also hydrate the skin, and will boost Collagen for a more radiant younger looking complexion. Bee Peel will help reduce lines and wrinkles, it will also firm the skin too. It can be used all over the face for a complete peel treatment, or just on the areas that are more of a concern to you. It’s also multi-tasking, use it on any dry areas on the body like hands, elbows and feet! It’s recommended that if you use it on delicate areas like the eyes, not to use more than 3 times a week, and I don’t think I would use the Bee Peel as an overnight mask, I shall be using my Silver Bee Venom or Gold Bee Venom masks for an overnight treatment.

So what did I think of Heaven Skincare Bee Peel? Firstly I noticed the consistency, it’s like a rich moisturiser, and then I took a sniff. It’s quite a clinical smell, very fresh and clean which I love. I don’t have a Heaven cleanser, so I just used one from the High Street. After cleansing I decided to go all out and use the Bee Peel all over my face, and because it’s so rich, you don’t need to use a lot of product a little really does go a long way. I smoothed it all over my face making sure I applied it on areas that bother me most, like above my top lip, my nose to mouth lines and between my eyes. Wow, did my face tingle! I don’t mind the tingling, it wasn’t unpleasant for me at all, however the tingle does subside after a few moments. I left the Bee Peel on my face to do it’s thing for 10 minutes only to start with before I removed it with a clean, dampened face cloth. Afterwards, my skin felt so soft to touch, I took a look in the mirror and what I noticed was how smooth more radiant  and plump my skin looked. My pores were a lot less noticeable on my cheeks, lines around my lips were plumped out with an all over more smooth appearance. My number 11’s between my eyes had disappeared completely! This really did give me instant results and that makes me very happy!

If you would like to treat yourself to Heaven Skincare Bee Peel click the link HERE.

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