Superdrug Optimum PhytoHydrate Micellar Tonic….

Hello lovelies!

Birch water is the new coconut water when it comes to hydrating ourselves, and Birch water is apparent in two new skin care products from the Superdrug Optimum PhytoHydrate range. The first of which I’m sharing with you today, it’s the Optimum PhytoHydrate Anti-Dehydrating Micellar Tonic.

Birch water? It comes from the sap of the Nordic mature Silver Birch tree which is harvested in Springtime and is said to have hydrating and detoxifying properties. It’s  known to be particularly gentle and very hydrating on skin that is prone to dehydration.


I have been using this Micellar Tonic for a few weeks and for me personally it’s hit and miss. It does smell delicious, and it’s a natural clean smell it has no added fragrance. I’ve always used a Micellar water to remove eye makeup but this one you have to avoid direct contact with the eyes, but me being me and NOT reading that, I used it on my eye makeup! It didn’t take all my mascara off and it did sting my eyes and that’s my fault NOT the product! When I used the Micellar Tonic to clean off my face makeup I noticed that it felt soapy on my skin, and looking closely in my mirror yes it did look soapy too. I carried on cleansing to remove the rest of my face makeup. Afterwards my skin did feel really clean and because of the “soapiness” I felt while using it I thought my skin would feel tight but it didn’t. However what I did feel was tacky, sticky feeling skin and I am so disappointed because I wanted to love this product like I’ve loved other Superdrug Optimum skincare products. But please remember my loves, this is just my own opinion of the product, it might be completely different for you. If you would like to check out the Optimum PhytoHydrate Anti-Dehydration Birch Water Micellar Tonic you will find it at your local Superdrug on the High Street or Superdrug online HERE.

Thank you stopping by today, I’ll have another Optimum PhytoHydrate product soon, a very lovely day cream.



*This product was sent to me for review*


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