Trying and Testing Heaven Skincare Bee Peel…

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

A couple of weeks ago I had such a wonderful surprise, a very unexpected gift from Heaven Skincare! It’s their new treatment product, Bee Peel.


Please just take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the packaging, it’s a stunning silver apple. The “stalk” is actually a cute little spoon to scoop the product from the jar, it’s attached to the lid by a magnet. It’s surely the most beautiful looking skincare product in the world!

My lovelies, I’ve had one treatment already and I’m going to have another couple of treatments before coming back to give you my final thoughts, there is already quite a bit I have to tell you about Bee Peel from Heaven Skincare, it’s all good and I’m enjoying using it.

I am incredibly lucky to have been sent this amazing gift from Heaven Skincare and to be able to share it with readers of Elegant Ageless Beauty. Thank you Deborah, I am so grateful to you for all you have done, allowing me to use such wonderful skincare products.

I shall be back soon with with a full review, I hope you will come back for that.




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