Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell…GOLD BEE VENOM MASK!

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I never thought in my 3 years of blogging that I would be writing this post, and I’m so excited to share it with you today. Regular readers of EAB will know that I am a huge fan of Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell. During August Heaven Skincare turned 21, and they were running competitions to win products across Twitter, Facebook and their website. I am so incredibly lucky to have won the GOLD prize! It is so so special to win this amazing product, its the ultimate in luxury skincare, this is the Gold Bee Venom Mask, the most potent of  the Bee Venom Masks from Heaven Skincare of which there are three, Silver Bee Venom Mask which I have reviewed HERE and then Black Bee Venom Mask is next, and then this golden beauty is the most precious of them all. It’s loved by celebrities and also members of our royal family, and no wonder, it’s beautiful!


What would I find when I opened this beautiful golden cube?


Nestling inside on a bed of rich black velvet with Deborah Mitchell’s name embossed to the back, is another cube of utter beauty!


 Please just take in the gorgeousness of this! A stunning  clear glass effect cube that feels so heavy, within that is a gold sphere containing the beautiful pale amber coloured cream. It is also a huge size too, 3 inches high and 2 and a bit inches wide with 60 ml of product within! I have honestly never seen such a beautiful looking skincare product, ever.

The ingredients are a bit special too. The base being Shea Butter, with Organic Rose Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, and the herb Marshmallow is in there too along with vitamins E and Beta-Carotene. Adding to that bee venom, Manuka honey and Deborah’s creation and patented ABEETOXIN, this is some serious skincare! ABEETOXIN is a powerful, natural alternative to Botox, no need for injectables here. The bee venom is helping to “control” the muscles of the face for tightening, lifting and firming effects, it is also helping to release and firm collagen. Gold Bee Venom Mask can also help with those frown lines, those “number 11s” we get between the brows, it is said to have “an instant anti ageing effect” You can use it after Heaven moisturisers and serum, you can use it alone as your daytime moisturiser under makeup, and you can of course use it as a mask by applying generously to the face and leaving on the skin for 10 minutes to all night.

So how did I use my Gold? Okay, I don’t have a Heaven Skincare cleanser so I used a high street hot cloth cleanser, which I double cleansed with. I was using my Gold at night as a mask so I always double cleanse at nighttime. I then applied a generous amount of product all across my face and up my neck. I massaged it upwards and outwards to help with the lifting of the process. Gold can be used around the eyes, so I gently applied it to right under my lower lash line and upwards and outwards across my hooded brow too. I have a couple of vertical lines between my brows, “number 11s” so I applied product there by patting it in with my ring finger. While I was using this pale amber cream I noticed the gorgeous subtle fragrance of Lavender and Rose, it’s a very fresh fragrance not heavy or heady. The cream itself is so rich but again it’s not heavy, and it sinks into my skin like a dream. After 15  minutes I checked my face in the mirror and I was so amazed at the way it looked! I have always been sceptical of products that claim to have “instant effects” but this really does! My number 11s were plumped out, almost non-existent, my under eyes are so smoothed out and the crows feet at the corners of my eyes almost gone. The skin on my face felt smoother, hydrated and looked more radiant, my pores were reduced considerably too, this makes me very happy. I kept the Bee Venom mask on my face overnight and the following morning I cleansed and moisturised  as usual and checked out my skin. I didn’t know if it was my imagination but my right eye was looking a lot less hooded than my left eye. When Mark came home for his lunch I asked him what he thought. He said that he could see more of my eyelid on my right eye than the left, my left eye was still quite hooded. All I can put it down to is, I didn’t put as much Bee Venom on my left eye as I did my right. I even lay on my right side when I’m in bed, but it still looked better than the side I don’t lay on!

I’ve been using my Gold Bee Venom Mask for about a month now, although not every day, and I’m loving the way my skin looks at the age of 56, I’ve evened out my hooded eyes now by the way, and because this is so precious I think I shall just use it a couple of times a month or as a special treatment the night before we go out. This amazing and uber luxurious Bee Venom mask is suitable for all skin types, blemished skin, Eczema, Rosacea, dry and sun damaged skin.

So why do I call my Gold precious? Because you can only ever purchase one of them. Even if you are a Duchess you can still only purchase one of them. It would take me far too long to explain to you the reason behind this, so pop over to Heaven Skincare where all can be explained HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.




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