Freedom Makeup ProStudio Strobe Cream; The Review.

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I’ve never really got this “strobing” malarky to be honest, isn’t it really just highlighting the points of our face where the light naturally hits? But, I had a Freedom Makeup ProStudio Strobe Cream in a goody bag I was sent in celebration of Makeup Revolution’s 2nd Birthday and decided to give it a go.


When I first squeezed some of the product onto the back of my hand I noticed the rather pleasant fragrance, it’s a fresh smell with a hint of vanilla, to me anyway. The cream is a thick creamy white colour, a lovely consistency. There are a few ways in which to use the strobe cream, one is to apply it after your moisturiser before your foundation, mix a little into your foundation then apply to the face. Both these methods will give a pretty all over glow, great if your skin needs a bit of pick me up. But I used it just on the areas of my face that I wanted to highlight, ie top of the cheeks, cupid’s bow and a little under my brows too.

I was very surprised when I used this strobe cream, my initial thought of the product was that I would look like I had very oily skin, but this gives a such a pretty and subtle glow, with no horrid glitter, like some highlighters give off. It’s very cooling on the skin when applied, nicely refreshing. I didn’t think I would like this strobe cream, I thought I’d never use it, I thought I would end up passing it onto my Granddaughters, but I think I shall be using it quite often!

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