Freedom Makeup ProStudio Glycolic Glow Tonic…. Getting My Glow On!

Hi lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

Since I started using products from Freedom Makeup  (which is a little sister to Makeup Revolution fyi) I really am enjoying seeing what they have to offer. For the longest time I have wanted to use a Glycolic toner in my skincare regime but couldn’t afford the higher end one that all the beauty bloggers rave about. Then I discovered that Freedom Makeup have one, this is the ProStudio Glycolic Glow Tonic!


 A 200ml bottle of product for not a lot of pounds spent! It’s a plastic bottle with bright mirror effect labelling, it’s got a shaker type delivery system. Containing Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera and Ginseng it smells so fresh and clean, and when used twice a day is said to give you a brighter, smoother more radiant looking skin, so did it? Well yes of course it did, it’s an exfoliating toner and does exactly what exfoliating toners are meant to do, helps to rid the skin of dead cells. I LOVE IT! I’ve been using it for three weeks now and although the instructions say to use it morning and night, I tend to only use it three evenings a week as I also use Glycolic face masks a couple of nights a week too. I use the tonic after double cleansing at night, soaking a cotton pad in the product and swipe it across my face and neck. It feels a little tacky on the skin but once it’s dry my skin feels very soft and smooth. It doesn’t sting or leave me with a dry and tight feeling on my face. After applying the rest of my skin care for the night my skin looks glowing, radiant and so smooth. This really is a lovely exfoliating toner from Freedom Makeup, and it’s just £6.00 too! I purchased my Glycolic Glow Tonic from my local Superdrug, but you can also buy online at TAM Beauty, which is the one stop shop for all your Freedom Makeup, Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup products, it’s a super website take a look HERE.

See you next time lovelies.





5 comments on “Freedom Makeup ProStudio Glycolic Glow Tonic…. Getting My Glow On!

    • Thank you my lovely, I can’t take credit for the photo, Mark does all my photos for me he’s better at it than me and he’s got a better camera Lol xxx

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