Heaven Skincare Afternoon Tea Gift Set…

Hello my lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I’ve another 2 beautiful Heaven Skincare products to share with you today, it’s a prize that I won on Heaven Skincare Twitter page. This is the Afternoon Tea Duo, a hand and body wash and hand cream.


This came as a gift set, presented in a beautiful box with black tissue paper,  although I believe you can buy them singly on Heaven’s website, I’ll leave links at the end of my review.

As with many of Heaven products these have the pump-action dispenser which gives the correct amount of product needed. Both of the bottles are beautiful and bright yellow in colour, the hand cream within is white and the wash is a clear luxurious gel like liquid.

 This duo really does have the most beautiful Summer fragrance, it’s unlike anything I have smelt before. It has Organic essential oils of Jasmine and Grapefruit, there’s a hint of limes and white tea, Rose essential oil, Orange flower and Sandalwood essential oils, there is also Vitamin E in there too. The Hand and Body wash is designed to break down enzymes that destroy odors on the skin. I was peeling onions for our dinner the other day, washed my hands with it afterwards, and yes it really destroyed that nasty lingering “niff” of said vegetable from my hands. Using the hand and body wash to cleanse myself is like having a luxurious spa treatment in my own bathroom. I squeezed a couple of pumps of the hand and body wash onto my bath scrunchie, immediately the fresh, citrus fragrance hit me and I was washing with super hydrating and luxurious foam. Afterwards, my skin felt clean and soft, it wasn’t dry and tight at all, and the fragrance left on my skin was awesome. Now, as a hand cream junkie I was excited to try the Afternoon Tea hand cream. It has all the same essential oils, and the fragrance is to die for, but this hand cream is also a body lotion too! It’s creamy and rich and smooths over the skin like a dream without any stickiness, and you can get dressed right after using it on the body. It’s gorgeous to use on my newly shaved legs, it doesn’t sting like my current body butter does, and I have a big scar from an old injury on my leg which is always dry and flaky, but with the Afternoon Tea smoothed over it looks a lot better, skin actually looks glowing, and the fragrance lasts all day.

Heaven Skincare Afternoon Tea hand/body wash and also the hand/body lotion can be found in some of the best hotels and restaurants right across the world, now you too can have a little piece of luxury in your own bathroom. Click HERE to take you to Heaven.




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