Leonhardy VP Crystal Make up De Luxe Brushes..

Hello lovelies welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I am such a lucky blogger! I have been sent some seriously beautiful makeup brushes to try. Oh my gosh I have never seen such prettiness and sparkle in a makeup brush! I have been sent 4 brushes to use and review here on EAB, and they were sent to me from Germany by Total Partners, where they have been handmade by Leonhardy VP. and yes that really is Swarovski crystal in the handles! The hair is a very high quality synthetic, and yes they are cruelty free and also  vegan and vegetarian friendly too.


I’ve been sent a powder/blusher brush, eyebrow/lash brush, eyeshadow brush and lip brush. I’ll go through each one in turn and tell you how they worked for me and how they washed too.


This gorgeous powder brush is such a pleasure to use! I expected it to be quite a heavy brush with all that sparkly Swarovski crystal within the handle of the brush, but it’s not, it’s so lightweight and really ergonomically friendly. It’s 19cm long (approx 7 inches) from base of handle to tip of the bristles, so a really great size too. I used the powder brush for my loose powder and my blusher. With both it held onto the product until I applied to my face and blended out great. There was no shedding of the hair which can happen in brushes right across the price ranges. How did it wash? Perfectly. I used a solid brush cleaning soap, and warm water, but I was extra careful with all of the brushes when I washed them just because of the beautiful crystals within. This has dried beautifully, very soft and it didn’t shed any hair at all.


The flat eyeshadow brush is again very soft. It’s a great weight to use and really lovely to hold, 16cm (approx 6 inches) long. It held onto the product until I tapped off excess and applied to my eyes. It lays down colour and blends eyeshadow perfectly. It didn’t feel scratchy on my eyes and it didn’t shed any hair either. The eyeshadow brush washes perfectly and dries back to its original shape and softness.


This has got to be the best lip brush I have ever used! I have 3 lip brushes in my collection and they are rarely used because they are too small and they don’t flex on the lips when applying lipstick. This beauty is fabulous, the brush head itself is pretty big for a lip brush. It has a super point to the end to create a cupids bow, it flexes on the lips when applying lipstick, and it spreads the colour beautifully, I think I even used less product too! Again the brush cleans really well and without loss of any hair. It dries right back into shape.


The eyebrow/eyelash brush has a different look to the other three. Yes they are Swarovski crystals inserted into the handle! The eyebrow brush combs through my eyebrows perfectly distributing the eyebrow powder I had applied. I used the comb to go through my lashes after applying mascara to help separate them. I purposely used a mascara that goes clumpy on me to see how the comb worked. It was great, it got rid of the clumps and separated my lashes great. Washing and drying was easy, the clumps of mascara were easy to remove, and it dried very quickly.

The brushes with the Swarovski crystal filled handles can at the moment only be purchased from Swarovski flagship stores in Vienna, Innsbruck and Crystal World Austria. They do retail at between 59 – 79 Euro. A complete set of 6 brushes in a genuine leather case which retails at 189 Euro is available. The black  brushes with 3 crystals can be purchased from 10 – 15 Euro. All of the Brushes will be available from an online store in October this year and they will be in various Crystal Colours, hair type(Synthetic and Natural) and Brush head Styles, there will be 11 styles to choose from. For now if you aren’t in any of the countries I’ve mentioned and you wish to have these beauties in your life, you will find the Total Partners website HERE. where you can purchase from the online shop in October.

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16 comments on “Leonhardy VP Crystal Make up De Luxe Brushes..

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  2. They are very pretty. Pity about the leather case though. I bought a set of brushes last week in an effort to improve my make up. Love love the blog, all best wishes x

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