Heaven Skincare for Men: Sensitive Close Shave Cream…

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This is another fabulous product from Heaven Skincare, this time it’s from the men’s range and it’s one of Mark’s favourite products from the range. This is the Sensitive Close Shave Cream. I just also want to say that I am not just giving you only Mark’s thoughts of the shave cream, but I have used it too, I used it to shave my under arms!


Firstly the packaging is gorgeous sleek matte black, very masculine looking and with a pump-action delivery system. All ingredients in the shave cream are organic with Cocoa Butter, Sage Extract, Chamomile Extract, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood and Orange essential oil, all that gorgeous goodness makes for a very beautiful rich creamy consistency. It also smells amazing too! It’s a masculine fragrance, obviously. I took a pump of the shave cream to the back of my hand and the subtle smell of Sage was the first to hit my nose then along came Sandalwood (I love the smell of Sandalwood, it reminds me of my Dad) it was when I smoothed the shave cream over my hand that I could get the fragrance of the Eucalyptus, which also makes it feel very cooling on the skin.

This is how Mark used the Sensitive Close Shave Cream. He wet his face with warm water and applied a couple of pumps of shave cream to his face. He has been used to using a shaving gel from the supermarket, which turns to a creamy foam when applied to wet skin. The Close Shave Cream remains a cream on wet skin, it doesn’t lather up at all which he found strange at first but when he began shaving he absolutely loved it! His face was soft and smooth, it gave him a very close shave which he likes. He did say that he had to keep rinsing the razor a bit more. He rinsed his face thoroughly and dried. He said his skin felt very soft and it didn’t feel tight. Mark also said his skin felt like he had use a more expensive product to shave with too.

I used the same shave cream to shave my underarms. I don’t have to shave more than once a week these days now that I’m into my 50s, but I did leave my under arms a bit longer just so that I could test out this product, and I use a Gillette Vibrance razor. I applied the shave cream to wet skin and Mark is right it doesn’t lather up at all. I shaved away all unwanted hair, rinsed and dried my skin. It was so soft and smooth, it wasn’t sore and stingy and there was no stubble left behind. The fragrance left on my skin was very subtle and my under arms didn’t sting when I applied my deodorant. For Mark, yes he loves this shave cream, and for me? Yes I love it too, but would I use it again? Well yes, after all sharing is caring, right?

With Father’s Day upon us the Heaven Skincare Sensitive Close Shave Cream would make a lovely gift. See this and more wonderful Men’s products HERE.



** This product was gifted to Mark from Heaven Skincare**


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