Promensil Cooling Spray…

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As women this is going to come to us all, the Menopause, the change of life. Some are lucky enough to be able to sail through it without a care in the world. Then there are women like me, who are suffering. To be honest we shouldn’t moan about growing older, we are lucky to get wrinkles and have hot flushes, there are many who aren’t so lucky.

Speaking of hot flushes, I have been sent a product to try that’s going to help me with my hot flushes and night sweats.


This is Promensil. A cooling spray. To help me during those moments in my day and night when the dreaded hot flush happens. As soon as I feel one coming I get freezing cold feet but the rest of me is burning and I’m red from my chest upwards! Mark says I’m glowing! But this cooling spray has been amazing. It’s got Rapid Evaporation Technology, and how it works is that  it’s alcohol based and when sprayed onto the skin the alcohol evaporates from the heat of the skin and cooling down the body temperature. It contains Glycerin to help keep the skin smooth and hydrated, Menthol is in there adding to the cooling sensation, and it’s this that I found to be quite invigorating too. Peppermint Oil is also in the spray, another cooling ingredient.

As soon as a hot flush begins I have been spraying Promensil on my chest and neck, I spray the back of my neck too. I spray it lightly on my face, keeping eyes and mouth closed. The spray doesn’t soak and I wasn’t left dripping wet from the spritzing I gave myself. But wow, it’s so cooling and refreshing and it does dry very quickly on the skin. I did think I would end up smelling like a cough sweet from the Menthol and Peppermint Oil as the smell is quite strong, but once it’s on the skin doing it’s job it doesn’t smell at all. I can feel the spray working more when it’s on my neck and chest, a really nice cooling sensation it is too. I’ve used the spray more during the night in bed than I have daytime, I suffer more at night so I keep it on my bedside cabinet, if I can’t sleep because of night sweats I grab the spray have a quick spritz and I’m a lot more comfortable and relaxed.

Promensil have a range of food supplements available too, all containing Red Clover that contains isoflavones, which has been used in women’s health products for many years. Promensil products can be purchased at Boots and some online outlets and also from their own website HERE.



** This product was sent to me to use and review**



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