Lip Scrub from MUA Makeup Academy

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

When it comes to lip scrubs I’m not very consistent in using them. I have never purchased a lip scrub, but when I feel my lips need a bit of a scrub I’ve been making one in my kitchen from coconut oil and brown sugar, and very tasty it is too! And if there was any left over I would use it to massage my hands and nails!


So when MUA Makeup Academy sent me their new Lip Scrub in a lovely package of goodies for my birthday last month I was just a bit happy and couldn’t wait for Mark to do his magic with the camera so that I could start using it! This is a lip scrub in the form of a bullet just like your average lipstick, maybe a little bit chunkier than your average lipstick. It contains Vitamin E to add moisture.

 I’ve been using this every morning during my skincare routine, I use it after toning and before moisturiser, and that’s working for me. I then take the lip scrub and in circular motions I apply to the lips for a few moments, taking it over the lip line. It’s not too rough, and I’m not overly sure what the exfoliation ingredients are but I noticed some sort of shell powder is in there. It certainly does the job for me. After I wiped away the scrub with a dampened cotton pad, which I do with my homemade lip scrub, my lips felt just so smooth and ready for whichever lipstick, gloss or balm I choose. I don’t know if it was wishful thinking, but I’m sure my lips looked a bit plumper especially the top lip which has become thinner with age. I guess the exfoliation has caused the blood to circulate therefore making my lips appear plumper. I’ll take that thank you very much!

If you want to check out the MUA Makeup Academy Lip Scrub, you can find it HERE.

I hope you have a great week, lots of love.





10 comments on “Lip Scrub from MUA Makeup Academy

  1. This looks lovely and so inexpensive! I’m looking for a good lip scrub as I normally use the lush ones but find them so unhygienic and a little messy! Will definitely be checking this out 🙂 xxx

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