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Mark has always been shower/bath – hair wash – shave a couple of days a week – deodorant, then a bit of aftershave if we go out kind of guy, he’s never really been into skin care at all. Then along came Deborah Mitchell and Heaven Skincare, and all that changed. Deborah very generously sent him a selection of her men’s grooming products to try. Here is one of his favourites, M4M Anti Ageing Moisturiser.


The packaging for all Heaven men’s grooming products is very nice, it’s sleek and masculine in black I think it’s very stylish looking. This moisturiser has a great pump-action delivery system, just press down the top and the correct amount of product is dispensed.

There are some gorgeous ingredients within M4M moisturiser, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Cedar Wood, Coconut oil and Organic Clary Sage. Clary Sage is in there to balance the production of natural oils in the skin, it also helps to reduce inflammation and rashes therefore making it ideal for use after shaving, particularly for those men who are prone to razor rash. The Cedar Wood will tone the skin. Vitamin A is for helping with those lines and wrinkles, Vitamin E is to help the skin repair itself and protect it from free radicals.

Mark is a big fan of moisturising his face now, he loves the way his skin feels after he’s shaved and applied this lovely moisturiser. It also smells gorgeous too! It’s a lovely fresh fragrance, he told me that the one pump’s worth is all he needs to moisturise his face and neck, he said it sinks in lovely, and it doesn’t make his face feel sticky or greasy. I have to say that the first time Mark used the moisturiser his skin did look and feel very soft. I’m so glad there’s more than one mirror in our house now Mark has taken an interest in skincare!

You can find Men’s Heaven M4M Anti Aging Moisturiser HERE





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