Fortune Favours the Brave Palette from Makeup Revolution and British Beauty Blogger….

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During the week I  took delivery of an early birthday present, Jackie from Makeup Revolution very kindly sent me their newest palette Fortune Favours The Brave, which was created for Makeup Revolution by Jane Cunningham aka British Beauty Blogger. This palette sold out FAST in the first few days of launch, it went mad!


The palette itself is different from other Makeup Revolution palettes, Jane decided to give us matte gold with a gorgeous logo that she designed herself, it’s just stunning to look at. It does come encased in a cardboard box which looks exactly like the palette. I loved the look of it just by seeing it in various photos.


When I opened my palette for the first time I literally went Wow! It looked stunning, the various shades and textures of each one of the 30 eye shadows within are quite amazing. There is something for every age of woman and girl, whether they have been using makeup for many years like this 56 (nearly) year old Granny, or the young girl who is just starting out using makeup like my two Granddaughters who are 13 and 11. There is a mixture of matte, metallic, shimmer and a couple of glitter eyeshadows, with baked and merged eye shadows in there too.The shades take you from the natural/nude to dark/smokey, making it such a versatile palette. I did swatch all the eye shadows on my arm, but due to bad weather and poor light we just couldn’t get decent photos for the blog, so if you don’t mind I’ll leave a link at the end to British Beauty Blogger, Jane’s own blog where she has some fabulous swatches. Also in this little beauty is a double ended brush, a flat brush for laying down the colour and then a fluffier brush for your blending, such a nice change from the usual double ended sponge applicator which never gets used.

While swatching I did have a bit of trouble getting good colour payoff with a few of the shades, mostly the matte shades, which does tend to happen with matte eye shadows no matter what brand you buy. Most of them though are amazing, they are soft and creamy and so pigmented, there’s a little fallout on some of them which doesn’t bother me at all, they are all super blendable and buildable to the intensity you want. This really is a palette for all ages, all seasons and it’s versatility will give many looks. You can find it on the Makeup Revolution/Tam Beauty website HERE

Click link for British Beauty Blogger HERE

Have you got the Fortune Favours the Brave pallet? I’d love to know what you think.




28 comments on “Fortune Favours the Brave Palette from Makeup Revolution and British Beauty Blogger….

  1. I love it, it’s a fantastic palette. Especially for someone like me that doesn’t usually wear eye colour as there is pale and nude tones but also the darker ones for when I get braver. It’s gorgeous! Xx

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