Face Mask Friday! Timeless Travel Pack….

Welcome to another Face Mask Friday on Elegant Ageless Beauty.

With the Easter and Spring holiday just around the corner, some of us maybe travelling to a far and distant land, and if you are flying long haul you will know how dry the skin can become. The Timeless Travel Pack from Timeless Truth can help solve that for you. Of course you have to be prepared for the public to see you in all your sheet face mask glory, but for the sake of having beautifully hydrated and glowing skin when you arrive at your destination, let them have it! Sadly this is the last of the Timeless Truth facial masks reviews, but if you missed one I shall leave a link at the end of this post.


The Timeless Travel Pack is divided into 3 sections. Section 1 is an oil based makeup remover, there are two saturated sheets in here. Section 2 is water-based deep cleansing, two saturated sheets in here. The deep cleansing sheets have a hint of citrus fragrance, for a very refreshing cleanse. In the main part of the pack is the mask. It’s an express mask to hydrate and refresh the skin, the Hyaluronic Acid helps to retain water and plumps up the collagen which in turn plumps out fine lines and wrinkles.

Although I’m not travelling anywhere I did of course try out the travel pack at home. I used the two oil based makeup remover sheets to remove my eye makeup, with 2 coats of mascara. I used them as I would eye makeup remover on a cotton wool pad holding them on each eye for a couple of minutes then swiping gently away. They removed my eyeshadow immediately, but I needed a couple of goes to take off the mascara completely. I then took the water based deep cleansing sheets and wiped them over my face. They feel like a facial wipe, which I have always hated using on my face to cleanse with. I have only been wearing powder on my face today, I have worn serum and moisturiser all day too so I need to “take the day off” I wiped one cleansing sheet over my face, it felt pretty gentle and didn’t make my face sore, it removed some grime too, I then used the second sheet to complete the cleansing. On to the last step, the sheet mask. This is a smaller mask than other TT masks but it still covers the whole of my big old face. It is absolutely saturated with the wonderful serum that is going to add hydration to the skin. The sheet itself is very light and once on the skin it’s barely visible actually, so maybe you won’t scare your fellow travellers! I left the mask on for 20 minutes, removed it and massaged the serum into my skin. This little mask really does pack a hydration punch, my skin felt so soft and smooth to the touch. Under my eyes look smoother and feel more hydrated. This super Timeless Travel Pack is ideal to pop into your hand luggage, it’s just £8.90 HERE

In case you have missed other Timeless Truth reviews click the link below.

Timeless Truth Reviews

So that’s it, that’s the last of my Timeless Truth UK facial masks  that I can bring you. I hope you have enjoyed reading, I’ve really enjoyed sharing them with you, and I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Angela at Timeless Truth UK for sending me all the lovely face masks, my favourite is without a doubt the Bee Venom and Royal Jelly Miracle mask. If you try a TT mask, I’d love to know how you get on.




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