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I just love the days when my post lady delivers me parcels of gorgeousness, and I was so excited a few days ago to open a lovely surprise parcel from my favourite makeup brand MUA Makeup Academy. They recently launched three new face products adding to their Skin Define range. I’m really excited about this new collection, it’s Matte Perfect! Although I have a dry skin, I do love a matte product, and then add the glow afterwards so I was looking forward to trying them. I’m starting off with the Matte Perfect Primer.


This is a primer with ingredients to look after the skin, containing Vitamin E and Jojoba. I found firstly that it’s best to give the tube a bit of a shake before dispensing, to amalgamate the product inside, it just seemed a bit “watery” I squeezed a pea sized amount of the clear gel onto the back of my hand, it’s a thicker consistency than I thought it would be, and that pea size amount was plenty to cover my big face! As I applied to my face I noticed the feel of it, it feels more like I’m applying  an oil based product than a primer. There is nothing silicon-y about this primer, although it does contain a silicon derived ingredient, it didn’t leave that dry feel to my skin like other primers have done, it didn’t make my pores feel “choked”. My skin looked smooth and the tone evened out with a mattified look to it. The Matte Perfect Primer is specifically for oily skin, to help eradicate that shine that can emerge during the day, but it wasn’t drying on my skin type. This is a lovely primer, and it works hand in hand with the other Matte Perfect products that I’ll be sharing with you soon. Does it work with other foundations? I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll come back to you with the answer soon. The Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer is available from Superdrug on the High Street and online HERE and also from MUA website HERE for just £5.00.

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4 comments on “MUA Makeup Academy Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer…

  1. This sounds great, I really like a matte primer, I have combination skin but I am more oily. This sounds great and I noticed this has £1 off at the moment. I am using one from Wilko which has nearly run out, this could be my next purchase! Great review xx

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