Green Tea Phenol Soothing Facial Mask from Timeless Truth..

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We all know that drinking Green Tea is good  for us when it comes to its anti-ageing properties, and cooled green tea bags placed over the eyes help with reducing fine lines and puffiness. So when I saw that Timeless Truth have a Green Tea Soothing Mask I just had to give it a try.


Using the patented Timeless Truth Functionality Cloth, it’s impregnated with Green Tea Extract, which is the green colour within the mask to prevent the early signs of ageing, and also refines the texture of the skin, helping to minimise enlarged pores, while it will also help to reduce Acne too. This mask is particularly beneficial to those prone to spots, Acne and oily skin. A great treatment to help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and improve skin tone and pigmentation. It also helps to regulate oil secretions and in turn makes the skin brighter and more radiant. There is also Chamomile within the mask, which is known to be very healing and soothing, helps to reduce puffiness and gives the pores a clean of impurities.


Although I don’t have an oily skin, I’ve just lately been getting a few spots on my chin and slight redness which I can only put down to hormone changes, this Green Tea Soothing Mask should help these issues. I took the mask out of the sachet and removed the backing, I could immediately smell the slight fragrance of green tea, which I love. It’s very cooling to the touch and full of beautiful serum. I placed the mask on my face darkest green side touching the skin. It feels so soothing, so enjoyable to wear, all the time I could get the green tea fragrance hitting me and it’s very calming, relaxing. After 20 minutes or so I removed the mask and the serum that was left on my face I just massaged in. I was surprised to find that my skin felt so soft and smooth and not at all dry or tight, like I was expecting it to be due to the mask being for an oily skin type. The spots on my chin looked less red as did the redness on my cheek. Pores look less huge, which I’ve actually found to be the case after every Timeless Truth Mask I’ve used, and my skin also looks less grey and tired too, in fact it’s considerably brighter. Another truly wonderful face mask.

Want to try Timeless Truth Facial Masks for yourself? just click HERE





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