Silk Skin Bee Bee Cream….The Makeup You Can Go To Bed In…..

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Yes you read the title right, today I’m sharing with you a glorious product that is skincare, but because it’s a tinted moisturiser you can use it as makeup. This is the Silk Skin BeeBee Cream from Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell.


Very shiny glamorous looking packaging! The top you simply twist up to reveal the pump-action dispenser which I love. The ingredients within the tinted moisturizer are all organic and natural and includes Deborah Mitchell’s patented ABEETOXIN (more about that in a future Face Mask Friday) the base of this lovely BeeBee Cream is organic Soya Bean, other ingredients include Vitamin E, Silk Protein, and Hyaluronic Acid, and there are minerals in there for the colour. A beautiful tinted moisturiser that hydrates the skin, minimises fine lines and wrinkles, its anti ageing and has an SPF 20

The first time I used the BeeBee Cream I did my usual skincare routine, with my Heaven cleanser, Hydrogel and Divine Cream. I applied the BeeBee cream with my fingers as instructed, it went on perfectly. It’s a tinted moisturiser so has a light coverage, but it covered everything I have an issue with apart from the inner corners of my eye where they are quite black at the moment. My skin looked glowing, enlarged pores appeared lessened and the tiny bit of redness on my chin didn’t look quite so “angry” This, quite obviously is skincare, a moisturiser and it’s a perfect one. My skin felt soft and moisturised all day long. You can use this BeeBee Cream around the eyes which I did, it kept my under eyes hydrated, fine lines are diminished and with it being a colour product too, it didn’t settle into those lines. I never added any make up to my face while I was trying this moisturiser, and throughout the day I kept an eye on how it was wearing and how my skin was feeling. This is a gorgeous tinted moisturiser for keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day, but the colour oxidized on my skin, my face after a few hours looked orange! I was so disappointed. I decided to give the BeeBee cream another go the following day but this time I didn’t use my Divine Cream moisturiser, I applied my tinted moisturiser on top of the Hydrogel only. This is much better! After a few hours wear the BeeBee Cream hadn’t oxidized on my skin, my face was still soft and smooth and hydrated as if I was wearing a moisturiser, and it looked like I had a really healthy glow to my skin, it’s beautiful.

I have also used my Silk Skin BeeBee Cream as a base for my usual makeup. I added my concealer and powder, blusher etc. It’s a lovely base too, I used it around my eyes and added concealer then set it with powder, there was no creasing at all. Powder goes on perfectly as does blusher. BUT, when you use it as a base for your makeup it STOPS being “The Makeup You Can Go To Bed In”

Silk Skin BeeBee Cream comes in 3 shades. English Rose, Honey and Caramel. HERE




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    When I explain how good the bee bee cream is , you could say well she made it so that’s why . But this blog is so thoughtfully written I wanted you to read what has been said from someone who did not make it.
    I would like to say she writes beautifully and I’m so grateful

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