Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Mask…

It’s time for another Face Mask Friday on Elegant Ageless Beauty. If this is your first time here, Hi I’m Teresa and you are very welcome.

Oh look it’s another gorgeous fabric mask from the wonderful Timeless Truth! This is the Bio Cellulose  Apple Stem Cell Collagen  Mask. 


This is an award winning mask, having gained a silver in 2014 at the Pure Beauty awards. In 2015 Timeless Truth won gold with their Bee Venom mask at the same awards. I’ll leave the link to my review of the Bee Venom mask and others too at the end of this post.

“Bio Cellulose is a nano scoptic fibre that is highly compatible with the human body and can deeply penetrate through the outer layers of the skin whilst allowing the skin to breathe” Says Timeless Truth.

The Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Mask uses stem cells from Swiss Apple Uttuiler Spattauber so leaving the skin nourished. The apple stem cells also behave a bit like human cells, helping to repair tissue and help to slow down the visible signs of ageing. This mask is for ALL skin types and the benefits are Anti Ageing, repairs damaged tissue and will help to improve the elasticity of the skin. The mask also contains Marine Collagen, a water binding ingredient that helps the skin to retain hydration therefore making it plumper and smoother.


I decided to give my skin and hair a pamper today so I smothered my hair in a coconut and almond hair mask and wrapped it in a towel. I took the face mask out of the packet, and immediately I was hit by the wonderful fragrance of apple,it smells delicious! and as with all Timeless Truth masks its drenched in serum and encased in a gauze fabric which I removed. I placed the mask over my face and positioned it so each hole for eyes mouth and nose were correctly placed. There are “flaps” that you can place over the eyes too which I did (but I won’t do it again, it made me feel very claustrophobic) it is refreshing for the eyes though. The mask feels so cooling and refreshing on the skin, it actually made me catch my breath when I first applied it. I sat and relaxed for half an hour to let the gorgeous ingredients get to work on my skin. After removing the mask I massaged the excess serum into my face, and the gauze fabric which held the mask I wiped down my neck to get some serum working there too. By now my skin is feeling fabulous! It’s soft and smooth, it feels refreshed and clean. Looking closer, the number 11s between my eyes are plumped out, pores on my cheeks appear less noticeable. This is yet another wonder mask from Timeless Truth and if you think that it could be the one for you it’s £7.90 for a single mask or a box of 5 masks is £32.99 from HERE

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