FACE MASK FRIDAY ! Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishment Mask….

Hello fellow beauty lovers!

I’m starting a new weekly series on Elegant Ageless Beauty called “FACEMASK FRIDAY”  I hope you will find it  both interesting, and helpful for when you are choosing your own face mask treatment. Today I’m starting with a cloth face mask from Timeless Truth. It’s the Orchid Extract Replenishment Mask from the luxury range which uses high quality materials such as elastic cotton, bio cellulose and silk fibres in their fabric face masks. Using these luxurious materials in the masks allows it to fit perfectly to the face whilst letting the beautiful ingredients in the serum within the mask get to work on the skin.


This lovely Orchid Extract Replenishment Mask is perfect for Dry and Mature skin types. I’m both of those so I thought this would be perfect. It’s both hydrating and replenishing, it will add moisture to the skin making it appear plumper, and more radiant. The skin should have a smoother and more even skin tone, making this mask ideal for dull, dry skin. So does it do what is says on the sachet? Well, let’s have a look at the ingredients first and see how they benefit the skin. Orchid Extract, is in there to help protect the skin from loss of moisture. It’s also providing calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium, all natural elements which are effective skin healers. m-Tranexamic acid is in there too, which is proven to work in reducing Melanin growth therefore reducing the look of age spots and dark pigmentation which occur with the ageing process. Lastly this mask contains beautiful Chamomile, known for treating a variety of skin conditions like Acne and sensitivity and is in there to help with the replenishment of skin cells. It’s great at helping to reduce puffiness of the skin and gives the pores a good old cleansing too! 

Okay, so here’s how I used the face mask. Firstly I cleansed my face with my favourite gel cleanser. I took the mask out of the sachet and I noticed that it’s loaded, I mean really loaded with beautiful serum, it feels cool and slippy. (You can if you wish, pop the unopened mask into warm water for a few minutes for a warming relaxing treatment) I like to use mine as it is.


The mask has 2 eye holes, nose hole and a hole for the mouth. There is also slits either sides of the mask to pop over the ears, and also at the bottom of the mask is a perforated piece of fabric  to put under the chin and again to hook over the ears. It’s really very easy and takes no time at all. I wasn’t too sure how far to stretch the mask over my face, parts of it appear to lift off from my skin. But after Mark had taken the photo I just kept pressing it onto my face so I could get the full treatment of the serum. I left the mask on for 20 minutes, I could feel how cooling the serum is on my skin, it doesn’t sting and because the mask is hooked over the ears it doesn’t slip, leaving you to do walk about if you need too. But who would actually walk about while having a delicious facial though? Not me. I took the mask off my face, there is no need to rinse the skin after removal, just massage the excess serum in. You will find there is a lot of serum left in your packet don’t throw it away, pop it in your fridge to use within 3 days and just massage all that goodness into your skin after cleansing.

My skin after the Orchid Extract Replenishment Mask is amazing. It’s soft and smooth its plumper, it also looks far less grey in appearance and the redness that I always have on one of my cheeks has faded. I get a vertical line above my left eyebrow and even that seems to have smoothed out and is less noticeable. This mask has really replenished my skin I’m so happy with the way it looks. You can purchase this mask from the Timeless Truth website HERE for the single price of £6.50 or a box of 5 for £31.00 

Have you tried a Timeless Truth masks? Which ones have you tried?



** This mask was sent to me to use and review here, all thoughts are honest and my own, I have not been paid to write this review**



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