A Heavenly Experience….Black Label Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex

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The best thing about being a Beauty Blogger is that I get to try all kinds of makeup and skincare products. I don’t get paid to run my blog, in fact it costs us (me and Mark) money, because some products I purchase myself, which is about 80% of the time and the other 20% is brands or PR companies send me them to review on Elegant Ageless Beauty. Just recently I have been enjoying a very luxurious and quite Heavenly range of skincare which was sent to me as a gift from the owner of Heaven Skincare, Deborah Mitchell. I have been blown away by the products, every single one of them! Although I have the world-famous Bee Venom Mask to share with you, I’ll leave that for a later post and start off with a product that I really have fallen in love with, let me introduce you too Black Label Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex!


An eye cream is an essential part of my skincare routine every morning, every night and I’ve about 5 of them from different brands, all them of give me the moisture I need, although sometimes I  can get puffy eyes from them too. I don’t have excessive wrinkles around my eyes for a nearly 56-year-old, obviously I have some lines but they aren’t deep at all, but I knew that Heaven Skincare would give me just what I want in an eye cream, and it did with more besides! 

I love the packaging and delivery system of this wonderful eye cream. Simply twist up the silver top and the pump dispenser appears, giving just the right amount of cream for both eyes. The cream is actually called a putty (??) but for me it’s definitely a beautiful rich cream, and a little really does go a long way. Just one pump from the bottle is enough for both eyes. The ingredients within the cream are fabulous too, with Organic Carrot Seed essential oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, to name just a few. 

So, after cleansing, toning and moisturising I applied one pump of my Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex to the back of my hand, and taking some cream with my ring finger I patted it firmly around my eyes, taking it upwards towards the brow bone. (Always press this wonderous cream into the skin as it activates the ingredients) I find that the one pump of the cream is more than enough for both my eyes, with some left over so I took it upon myself to press the rest of it onto my top lip. It doesn’t take long for my skin to be make up ready after application, it sinks right in, there is no stickiness like I’ve found with other eye creams, it also feels very cooling, and after a while there is absolutely no puffiness either! I’ve been using the Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex for a few weeks now and I have to admit that as soon as I started using it I noticed a difference almost right away! My under eyes look smooth and brighter and the best bit for me is that the “hood” appears tighter and lifted. Mark even said to me that my eyes looked wider! I am totally in love with this product, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone, male or female who has issues with dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex by Heaven Skincare is £19.00 for 15ml bottle. Click HERE to take you to the product. 

Thank you for reading today lovelies, please come back soon for more Heavenly skincare




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