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I’ve been watching a few You Tube videos, and “What I got for Christmas” seems to be popping into my feed quite a bit at the moment. Obviously I watch mostly female vloggers, mostly beauty related. Among the vloggers Christmas presents is of course perfume, be it a pure Parfum where the fragrance is 20%/30% concentration, Eau de Parfum which has 15%/20% concentration or Eau de Toilette which is 5%/15% perfume concentration. The cheaper Eau de Cologne has a higher ratio of alcohol to perfume concentrate as does the Eau Fraiche. Obviously the higher perfume concentrate the longer the fragrance will last on the skin. Which brings me to the reason why I’m writing this post. Do we wear our perfume correctly? Do we store our perfume in the correct way? 

A pure Parfum will almost always be in a bottle with a stopper which you dab onto the skin. Eau de Parfum is probably a spray or spritz application. The Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and Eau Fraiche can be in a spray application or the “splash it all over” application. 

Where do you keep all your fragrances? I bet they are all looking pretty on your dressing table or vanity unit. Will you allow me to advise you that it’s the worst thing you can do? Unless they are still in their box. Perfume of any kind will deteriorate in sunlight, it can go rancid. The way to store perfume is by keeping them away from sunlight, keep them in their boxes or in a drawer. 

Applying your fragrance is important too. Most of the vloggers I watched sprayed their perfume onto their wrist. Yes that’s a perfect place to apply it but it was applied with the bottle too close to the skin AND then the wrists rubbed together. Rubbing the wrists together “crushes” the fragrance meaning the scent won’t last as long as it should. A spray perfume should be applied at a distance of 6/8 inches on each wrist. Applying your fragrance to all the pulse points too, behind the ears, behind the knees, the crook of the elbows, and you can always spray the fragrance into the air and “walk” through it too, and if you are lucky enough to have a few bottles to choose from, remember when you opened them, an opened bottle of perfume will last a maximum of 5 years. 

I have just 2 different fragrances on the go at the moment. I have Calvin Klein “Euphoria” and a Binky Felstead ( from Made in Chelsea tv programme) perfume set in the fragrance “Wild” and I treat them both in exactly the same way. They are in their original box protecting them from the light. 

Do you look after your fragrance properly? What are you loving at the moment?  Thank you for reading today.



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